Friction Winch

Friction winch is designed with two friction drums along with a wire storage drum behind it. It is ideal for long-distance traction and large-stroke lifting of various large to extra large concrete structures, steel structures and steel cables. The winch has large load capacity, simple operation and reliable performance.

Friction Type Electric Winch
Friction Type Electric Winch
AQ-JMM Type Friction Winch
AQ-JMM Type Friction Winch
Model AQ-JMM
Load capacity 0.5~100 t
Rope capacity 20~5000 m
Working speed 5~20 m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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AQ-JMM Series Electric Friction Winch For Sale

AQ-JMM Type Electric Winch for Sale
AQ-JMM Type Electric Winch

Electrically driven friction winch provides constant line speed and stable operation. It is commonly used in road and bridge construction, large factories to lift and pull a heavy load efficiently and safely. The line speed ranges from 5m/min to 20m/min.

This type of winch is a cost-effective option for your lifting and pulling requirements. It requires lower operational cost as compared to a hydraulic winch. Remote control is available as optional for a much safer winching operation.

According to your work situation, we will help you choose the right equipment.

Features And Options of Aicrane Winches

  • 10 tons to over 55 tons capacity
  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • Constant pull speed
  • Various control options
  • Optional warping head
  • Band brake
  • Clutch
  • Rope guide
  • Drum guard
JMM winches in Aicrane winch factory
AQ-JMM Type Winch for Sale
AQ-JMM Type Winch for Sale
AQ-JMM Type 20 Ton Electric Winch
AQ-JMM Type 20 Ton Electric Winch

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Friction Type Winch Design

Our winches can be designed for a specific load capacity with various options and additional features to make sure you end up with a perfect winch system.

Tailor-made winch products

Winches are tailor made products that can suit each and every lifting or pulling requirement of the customers. We can help you in the entire selection process of the winch and offer you the most appropriate proposal.

80 Ton Winch Design
80 Ton Winch
JMM Winch 80 Ton

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Factors to consider in winch design

  • W.L.L (working load limit)

The maximum load capacity or pulling force occurs on the first layer of the rope, and it will decrease for each additional rope layer. It is critical to determine the working length of the rope on the drum. 3 safety windings which always remain on the drum should be added to ensure a safe winching operation.

  • Motive power

The winch can be designed to be electrically or hydraulically driven. Each type has its own pros and cons. The selection of motive power depends on the available power supply, user’s preference and financial reasons.

  • Winch drum

This type of winch consists of two friction drums and a rope storage drum behind it. The drum size is largely determined by the designed winch capacity.

  • Line speed

The speed can vary widely which is determined by the purpose of your winch. The equipment can be designed with single speed or two speed motor. Sometimes it may be more useful to equip it with a variable speed by using an electric frequency inverter (for electric winches) or a proportional control valve (for hydraulic winches).

Winch System

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  • Braking system

The winch can be designed with motor brake, transmission brake and band brake for a safe operation. Each lifting winch is configured with a fail-safe braking system. For accurate positioning and safe lifting, a motor brake is advised. Band brake is an extra brake fitted on the drum. It can be operated manually or hydraulically depending on your requirements.

  • Winch controls

Local control and remote control are available for you to choose from. For electric winch, a pushbutton control box fixed on or near the winch is used to control the drum rotation. Another popular addition is remote control which can be either a control pendant or wireless remote control to keep the operator safe. For hydraulic winch, hydraulic power units (HPU) is required to operate the winch. It is provided as customized.

  • Winch options

There are a range of options and accessories available to make the winching operation efficient and safe, such as pressure roller, spindle limit switch, drum guard, rope guide, band brake, clutch, additional rope anchor and manual emergency crank.

Working of Friction Brake Winch

The winch machine consists of two grooved drums that are arranged in line to run the line using friction and a larger drum that is used to reel in the rope for storage. Unlike conventional winch which deforms wire beneath, this type of winch allows the crushing pressure of the running rope under tension is taken by the grooved drums directly.

JMM 60 Ton Winch At Our Customer Site
JMM 60 Ton Winch

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Information Required for Quotation

There are a few things you need to look for in the selection of a winch in order to indentify the most appropriate equipment for your application:

  • Electric or hydraulic drive?
  • Load capacity or pulling force?
  • What are the uses of the winch? lifting or pulling?
  • Environmental conditions
  • Drum: line type, length and diameter?
  • Line speed (m/min)?
  • Other special requirements

You can fill out the contact form or send us an email to tell us what you need. We are committed to the design and supply of the most appropriate and affordable winch system for your applications.

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Technical Parameters of Friction Winch

Technical Parameters of AQ-JMM Series Electric Winch
Model Rated
KN m/min m mm KW mm KG
AQ-JMM10 100 10 4800 30 YZR225M-6 30 1980x2650x850 6000
AQ-JMM16 160 11 1000 34.5 YZR225M-6 45 3350x1920x1320 9500
AQ-JMM20 200 11 3600 39 YZR280S-6 55 3500x1960x1320 10000
AQ-JMM32 320 10 3200 52 YZR280M-6 75 4330x2350x1760 16000
AQ-JMM55 550 5 2000 60 YZR280M-6 75 5000x2800x1900 22000

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