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Pulling Winch

Pulling winch is designed to pull heavy loads horizontally. It can be electric or hydraulic in terms of power source. The winch pulling system is a relatively simple but useful device to perform pulling operation. It is widely applied in construction, mining, factories, power plants and marine. Specialized in the winch industry for over 10 years, we can offer our customers the most reliable and durable winch products at competitive prices!

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Different Types of Pulling Winch For Sale

Electric Pulling Winch

Electric pulling winch is the most common form of winch system used in the vast majority of industries. Since electric winch has reasonable cost and is very easy to install and use, we always suggest you to try electric first in the selection of a pull winch.

Hot Models

Hot-selling models of electric winch for pulling:

JM Electric Winch For Pulling
AQ-JM Electric Winch
JK Electric Winch For Sale
AQ-JK Electric Winch
JMM Friction Type Electric Winch For Sale
AQ-JMM Friction Type Electric Winch
JKD Electric Planetary Winch
AQ-JKD Planetary Winch

Electric Winch Videos

Electric pulling winch videos:

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Customer Cases

Electric power pulling winches ordered by customers worldwide:

16 Units of AQ-JM 30 Ton Electric Winches to Turkey
AQ-JM 8 Ton And 10 Ton Winches to UAE
Electric Winches to UAE
30 Ton Electric Tug Winch to Nigeria

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Technical parameters of electric pulling winches:


Technical Parameters of AQ-JM Slow Speed Electric Winch
Model Rated
KN m/min m mm KW mm KG
AQ-JM1 10 15 100 9.3 Y112M-6 3 620x701x417 270
AQ-JM1.6 16 16 150 12.5 Y132M-6 5.5 945x996x570 500
AQ-JM2 20 16 150 13 Y160M-6 7.5 945x996x570 550
AQ-JM3.2 32 9.5 150 15.5 YZR160M-6 7.5 1430x1160x910 1100
AQ-JM3.2B 32 12 195 15.5 YZR160M-6 7.5 1082x1014x610 536
AQ-JM5 50 10 270 21.5 YZR160L-6 11 1235x1230x805 1560
AQ-JM5B 50 9.5 200 21.5 YZR160L-6 11 1620x1260x945 1800
AQ-JM5C 50 9.5 250 21.5 YZR160L-6 11 1235x1230x805 1800
AQ-JM5D 50 15 250 21.5 YZR180L-6 15 1235x1230x805 1850
AQ-JM5E 50 20 250 21.5 YZR200L-6 22 1235x1230x805 2000
AQ-JM6 60 9.5 270 24 YZR180L-6 15 1235x1509x805 1800
AQ-JM8 80 8 250 26 YZR180L-6 15 2090x1475x956 2900
AQ-JM8B 80 9.5 350 26 YZR180L-6 15 1075x1598x985 2650
AQ-JM10 100 8 170 30 YZR200L-6 22 2090x1475x956 3000
AQ-JM10B 100 9.5 250 30 YZR200L-6 22 1705x2200x985 3500
AQ-JM12.5 125 8 300 34 YZR225M-6 30 2880x2200x1550 5000
AQ-JM13.5 135 0-5 290 28 YZR225S-8 22 2990x2363x1650 6500
AQ-JM16 160 10 500 37 YZR250M2-8 37 3750x2400x1850 8800
AQ-JM20 200 10 600 43 YZR280S-8 45 3950x2560x1950 9900
AQ-JM25 225 9 700 48 YZR280M-8 55 4350x2800x2030 13500
AQ-JM32 320 9 700 56 YZR135S-8 75 4500x2850x2100 14800
AQ-JM50 500 9 800 65 YZR315M-8 90 4930x3050x2250 19500
AQ-JM65 650 10.5 3600 64 LA8315-8AB 160 5900x4680x3200 46000


Technical Parameters of AQ-JK High Speed Electric Winch
Model Rated
KN m/min m mm KW mm KG
AQ-JK0.5 5 22 190 7.7 Y100L-4 3 620x701x417 200
AQ-JK1 10 22 100 9.3 Y112M-4 4 620x701x417 300
AQ-JK1.6 16 24 150 12.5 Y132S-4 5.5 945x996x570 500
AQ-JK2 20 24 150 13 Y132M-4 7.5 945x996x570 550
AQ-JK3.2 32 25 290 15.5 YZR180L-6 15 1325x1335x840 1011
AQ-JK3.2B 32 30 250 15.5 YZR200L-6 22 1900x1738x985 1500
AQ-JK5 50 30 300 21.5 YZR225M-6 30 1900x1620x985 2050
AQ-JK5B 50 25 210 21.5 YZR225M-8 22 2250x2250x1300 2264
AQ-JK8 80 25 160 26 YZR280S-8 45 1533x1985x1045 3000
AQ-JK10 100 30 300 30 YZR315S-8 55 2250x2500x1300 5100


Technical Parameter of AQ-JKL Electric Piling Winch
Model Rated
KN m/min m mm KW mm KG
AQ-JKL2 20 30 150 13 Y180L-6 15 1370x1650x1210 1200
AQ-JKL3 30 30 200 15 Y200L-6 22 1690x1740x1200 1800
AQ-JKL5 50 30 250 21 Y225S-6 37 2300x2100x1650 3000
AQ-JKL6 60 36 250 24 Y280S-6 45 2350x2100x1650 3200
AQ-JKL8 80 29 250 26 Y280M-6 55 2440x2500x1800 5500
AQ-JKL10 100 29 250 28 Y315S-6 75 2590x2540x1800 5800


Technical Parameter of AQ-JKD Electric Planetary Winch
Model Rated load Rope capacity Rope diameter Motor power Overall Dimensions Overall weight
KN m mm KW mm KG
AQ-JKD0.75 7.5 100 9.3 3 900x340x400 165
AQ-JKD1.25 12.5 120 11 7.5 1140x400x450 315
AQ-JKD1.60 16 160 12.5 7.5 1200x400x480 350
AQ-JKD2.0 20 190 13 13 1400x470x548 510


Technical Parameters of AQ-JMM Series Friction Winch
Model Rated
KN m/min m mm KW mm KG
AQ-JMM10 100 10 4800 30 YZR225M-6 30 1980x2650x850 6000
AQ-JMM16 160 11 1000 34.5 YZR225M-6 45 3350x1920x1320 9500
AQ-JMM20 200 11 3600 39 YZR280S-6 55 3500x1960x1320 10000
AQ-JMM32 320 10 3200 52 YZR280M-6 75 4330x2350x1760 16000
AQ-JMM55 550 5 2000 60 YZR280M-6 75 5000x2800x1900 22000

Hydraulic Pulling Winch

Hydraulic pulling winch is designed for heavy duty winching applications on land and sea. It offers the most versatility and reliability for pulling operations.

Applications: the hydraulic cable pulling winches are widely found in mining industry, construction sites, towing and recovery applications, oil & gas. They are meant to increase efficiency and productivity on the job.

Advantages: compact structure, ideal for heavy duty work, more accurate in control and movement, constant and durable performance throughout the job.

However, compared to electric powered winch, the hydraulic system requires additional equipment to be installed with, such as hydraulic pump, pipes and fittings. As a result, it needs more maintenance care.

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Hydraulic Winch For Horizontal Pulling
Hydraulic Winch For Pulling

Selection Guide of A Horizontal Pulling Winch Machine

With so many different types and models of winches out there, you need to consider a few things when buying a winch for pulling. Generally, the selection of a heavy pull winch is governed by several main parameters, including load capacity, drum capacity, power source, type of transmission and additional equipment.

1. Load capacity or pulling force

Factors such as flat pull, diagonal pull, with track, and different slope angles will affect the calculation of pull force.

If you don’t know how to calculate the winch pulling force, please feel free to consult Aicrane winch professionals!

2. Drum capacity

Since drum is the center part of the winch system, it is of great importance to determine a proper size and capacity for the drum.

The drum capacity can be governed by two dimensions, width and diameter.

If you require a certain drum capacity,  you can check if the type of winch selected can be used. If not, you can consider to lengthen its diameter or look at other models of winches.

3. Power source

Two main types of power source can be used with your winch: electric and hydraulic.

The selection of power can be determined by existing infrastructure or technical preference. Beside, the motive power can be selected according to its advantages and disadvantages.

4. Type of transmission

In the selection of transmission, the most importance issue you need to consider is how much torque has it to transmit.

The drum diameter will influence the gearbox selection. For example, if you need to lengthen the drum diameter, it may require a stronger gearbox.

As a professional manufacturer of winch, the transmission used in our winch machine is aimed to provide maximum in durability, reliability and suitability.

5. Additional equipment

You may need additional equipment to improve the winch performance. We offer a range of winch options to make sure you end up with the perfect pulling winch system:

  • Band brake – it is an extra brake fitted on the drum. The most common use of it is for marine winches, such as anchor winch and mooring winch.
  • Clutch – winch with clutch is usually used for pulling purposes. According to the size of winch, you can choose a claw or multi pin clutch.
  • Pressure roller – by pushing slack rope to drum, it helps to wind the rope better on the drum.
  • Grooved drum – it is designed to improve rope spooling on the drum.
  • Drum guard – it is used to protect the user.
  • Spooler – it guides the rope onto drum to improve spooling of the wire.
  • Emergency crank – in the event of power blackout, it allows for moving of the load.

Why Buy A Wire Pulling Winch From Aicrane?

As a reputable winch manufacturer and supplier in China, there are several reasons why you should choose us.

  • We can design and manufacture the winch product based on customer’s requirements.
  • Each of our rope pulling winch is built with high quality components.
  • Our pulling winch machine delivers long-lasting work and trouble-free operation.
  • Our winch can achieve maximum in performance, durability, efficiency and safety.
  • We can offer a quick response on customer’s inquiry as well as a highly competitive price.
  • We offer a short delivery time.
AQ-JM Pulling Winch for Sale
China Electric Pulling Winch for Sale

Looking for a reliable and affordable pulling winch? Contact Aicrane now!

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After-sales Service

Aicrane after-sales service team with rich experience provides complete after-sales service for the winches we delivered to ensure the safe and reliable operation of each equipment.

  • We can send after-sales service engineers to the customer site to guide the installation and commissioning of equipment.
  • We provide users with operation and maintenance training.
  • Timely supply of spare parts.
  • Provide timely technical support and technical consultation service.
  • We provide life-long service support.
  • The company has also set up overseas offices in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and other countries to provide fast service.


What Is A Pulling Winch?

Pulling winch is a small and light winch device that uses a drum to wind steel wire rope to pull heavy objects. There are two types of pulling winches: electric and hydraulic power winch.

Electric Pulling Winch for Sale
Electric Pulling Winch for Sale
What Is A Pulling Winch Used For?

Pulling winch can be used to pull various loads horizontally and diagonally:

  • Pulling heavy materials during construction
  • Long-distance traction of concrete, steel structure, steel cable, etc.
  • Installation and disassembly of mechanical equipment
  • Pulling large ships out of the water
Does A Winch Have A Brake?
The winch must be equipped with at least one brake. The braking torque of the brake should be greater than 1.5 times the static torque at the rated tension of the wire rope. The brake controlled by power must be normally closed.
How Much Should A Winch Pull?

How do you calculate a winch line pull? Here is an example of a 10 ton winch:

According to the φ28 steel wire rope quality certificate: the total measured breaking force of a single-strand φ28 steel wire rope is 457.66 kN, the minimum breaking force is: 457.66÷9.8×0.82=38.29(t).

Lifting weight of a 10t winch: Q=148.2÷2+0.155+3=77.255t

Calculation coefficient of pulling force of pulley block wire rope running head: f0= fn-1(f-1)/( fn-1)

=1.0417-1(1.04-1)/( 1.0417-1)


The traction force of the winch wire rope is F=f0KQ



K is the dynamic coefficient

f is the drag coefficient of the pulley

When the stator rises to 9.5m, the angle between the traction wire rope and the pulley block wire rope is:


Then the safety factor of φ28 steel wire rope is: 457.66÷9.8÷(6.72÷cos22.60)=6.42

Load rate of 10t winch: 6.95÷cos22.60÷10=75.3%.

Pulling Winch vs. Lifting Winch, What’s The Difference?

The winch can either lift or pull a load by means of rope. Some winches can be designed to lift and pull heavy loads and some are designed just to perform pulling function.

  • The winch designed for pulling delivers horizontal load movement. In the design of such winch machine, you need to calculate the line pull. The winch for pulling can be fitted with clutch.
  • The lifting winches are meant for lifting vertically. They are commonly designed for on land uses.
AQ-JK High Speed Pulling Winch
Winch For Pulling
Electric Winch For Lifting
Winch For Lifting

The pulling or lifting winch is designed for different purposes. Therefore, when selecting a winch product, please consider the task at hand. For example, what is the winch used for? Where will the winch be used? Knowing the purpose of the winch will help you determine the equipment that is suitable for your application.

Should Winch Pull From Top or Bottom?

The direction of the winch wire rope is generally horizontal, and the rope is discharged from the bottom of the drum, so that a relatively small tipping moment can be generated.

However, the rope can also be taken out from other directions. At this time, when the wire rope is inclined, an upward component force will inevitably be generated, which will change the stress state of the anchor bolt. In this case, the specific data of anchor bolt anchoring should be given in the instructions for use.

How Do You Maintain A Winch?

Regular inspection – The inspection cycle should be determined according to the degree of heavy work of the winch and the harsh environment, but not less than once a month. The inspection includes the following items:

  • Any damage and destruction that can be observed during operation and may occur during the inspection period.
  • The working performance of the winch and whether the control mechanisms are in good working conditions.
  • Check all safety protection devices.
  • Check the wear and deformation of each part, especially pay attention to the wear of the wire rope and the fixing of the end.

Periodic inspection – The inspection period should be determined according to the heavy workload and harsh environment, but not less than once a year. Periodic inspections should be recorded and included in the equipment files. The inspection content includes the following items:

  • Wear, deformation, cracks, and corrosion of parts.
  • Connection of bolts and rivets.
  • Whether electrical equipment such as controllers, contactors, switches, buttons, etc. have pitting or abrasion.

Notes When Maintaining:

  • Before maintenance, cut off the main power supply and hang maintenance signs.
  • All joysticks should be set to the zero position before maintenance.
  • The wire rope pulling winch can only be used after all the guards are installed, the safety devices are back to work, and the maintenance equipment is removed.

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– Speed: m/min?

– Electric power supply: 3 phase 380V 50Hz? or hydraulic drive?

– Purpose and working environment of winch

– Other requirements such as rope guider, single or double drum, clutch, pulling force and speed measuring devices, etc.

Pull Winch With Rope Length And Pulling Force Measurement

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