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Gypsy Winch

Gypsy winch, also know as windlass, is a safe and efficient machine designed with interchangeable chain wheels. It is generally installed on deck of boat for anchoring operations. This equipment is also suitable for lifting and pulling applications. In terms of motive power, the winch machine is available in electric, hydraulic and diesel system, among which the hydraulic driven winch is generally designed for a range of applications. In additions, these winches can be configured with single or double gypsy wheels.

Electric Gypsy Winch For Sale
Electric Gypsy Winch
Hydraulic Gypsy Winch Supplier
Hydraulic Gypsy Winch
Single Gypsy Winch Price
Single Gypsy Winch
Double Gypsy Winch For Sale
Double Gypsy Winch
Double Gypsy Winch for Marine
Gypsy Winch With Warping Head
Single Gypsy Diesel Driven Winch
Gypsy Diesel Driven Winch

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Gypsy Winch Uses

The gypsy anchor winch or windlass is mainly used to let-out and heave-up anchor and anchor chains, thus it is generally installed on the main deck of the ship. This equipment comes in standard manual clutch to control the gypsy wheel rotation. It can also be designed with warping head for auxiliary purposes.

At present, the winch for gypsy is mainly powered by electric and hydraulic system:

  • The electric powered winch is usually suitable for small to medium-sized vessels, and the anchor chain diameter is in a range of 16 to 93mm.
  • While the hydraulic power winch, also known as electro-hydraulic windlass, is ideal for medium to large-sized ships since it delivers stable operation and durable performance. The windlass gypsy diameter ranges from 16 to 120mm. Besides, this type of winch requires higher manufacturing technology and more maintenance care.
Gypsy Anchor Winch
Gypsy Anchor Winch
Double Gypsy Electric Winch
Double Gypsy Electric Winch
Single Gypsy Anchor Windlass For Sale
Single Gypsy Anchor Windlass
Electric Anchor Windlass Manufacturer
Electric Anchor Windlass

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Technical Specifications

Gypsy Winch for Sale
Gypsy Winch for Sale

Electric gypsy winch for sale parameters:

  • Dia of anchor chain: ø12mm – ø128mm
  • Load capacity: 1- 100ton
  • No. of gypsy: single or double
  • Speed: 9-11 m/min
  • Certificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc

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Double Gypsy Hydraulic Power Winch
Hydraulic Power Gypsy Winch

Hydraulic gypsy winch parameters:

  • Dia of anchor chain: ø12mm – ø128mm
  • No. of gypsy: single or double
  • Speed: 9-11 m/min
  • Power mode: hydraulic
  • Certificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc

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Test Run Video of Single Gypsy Winch

78mm electric anchor windlass is tested in our winch factory. The windlass has ABS certification.

These anchor windlasses have been painted and will be shipped to our customer’s destination.

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Features of Offshore Gypsy Winch

  • Powerful winch system for excellent reliability and durability in harsh marine environments
  • Fitted with control panel on the winch
  • Constant tension control
  • Emergency stop for safe winching operation
  • Standard marine duty paint system for excellent corrosion resistance and longer life

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Gypsy Winch Manufacturer

Technical Requirements for Gypsy Windlass

  • This equipment is driven by a separate prime mover and motor. When the hydraulic pipeline of the hydraulic anchor windlass is connected to other deck machinery pipelines, it should be ensured that its normal operation is not affected.
  • When the average speed is not less than 9m/min, the winch should have the ability to work continuously for 30 minutes to pull an anchor from the water depth of 82.5m to a depth of 27.5m.
  • The winch should have the ability to work continuously for 2 minutes under overload conditions.
  • The equipment should be equipped with a reliable brake. When it is braked, it should be able to withstand the maximum static load on the chain.
  • The chain splicer shall be capable of withstanding the test load of anchor chain.
  • According to the diameter of anchor chain, there are several specifications to choose from, usually in a range of φ12-φ120mm.

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Winch Safety Systems for Marine Applications

Our winches are designed and built with due considerations to the harsh environments in marine and similar applications. There are a range of safety equipment for either preventing dangerous situations or minimizing the consequences of accidents, including:

  • Spindle limit witch
  • Load limiter
  • Over speed warning
  • Emergency stop or cut off valves

These extra safety equipment are fitted to improve work safety as well as increase the operational efficiency. What’s more, all of our winch products are ruggedly constructed by utilizing high quality steel. They are also designed with a superior paint system to extend the service life.

If you have any question, talk to one of our winch experts who will advise on the right equipment for your applications.

Getting to Know Your Gypsy Winch Price

The price of a gypsy winch can be influenced by several different factors. In order to know your winch price as well as the configurations precisely, you should first address the following information:

  1. The weight of anchor
  2. Length and diameter of anchor chain as well as its strength grade
  3. Anchoring depth
  4. Structural form (horizontal, vertical, left-hand, right-hand)
  5. Any special requirement for speed. Generally, the speed is about 10m/min. To meet your special requirements, we offer custom design.
  6. Do you require a small warping head?
  7. The required motive power (electric, hydraulic or diesel).
  8. Required operating voltage
  9. Where will you install the winch, on deck or under deck?
  10. Do you need anchors and anchor chains?
  11. How is the working condition?
  12. Do you need a classification society certification?
  13. In addition, if you require a double gypsy design, you need to specify the center distance of two gypsy wheels.

After considering these factors, you can place an order for the right winch. As a quality winch manufacturer and supplier, we provide customers with economical and reliable winch systems to help them maximize efficiency, safety and applicability.

To get the most suitable and affordable gypsy winch, please call us or send us an email immediately!

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What Is A Gypsy On A Windlass?

Gypsy is the chain handling wheel that provides for either chain or line to be engaged. It is the main component of the anchor windlass.

The meshing part of the gypsy wheel and the anchor chain – the chain ring socket, is composed of the bottom surface of the socket and the side surface of the gear tooth, which has to withstand torque, traction and impact from all directions, so the internal quality requirements are very strict.

Which Type of Anchor Rode Are You Using?

The anchor gypsy winch can weigh or lower an anchor using different types of anchor rode, including:

  • All-chain: all chain gypsies are self-tailing. It delivers superior abrasion resistance and great strength, and lies on the bottom in the majority of conditions. Many users favor all-chain gypsy winch. However, it is heavy, expensive and also collects mud.
  • Rope-chain: it uses a single gypsy with normal chain pockets on the perimeter and V-shaped grooves on the center to handle rope. The anchor rope is spliced directly to the last link of chain. To ensure a safe anchoring operation, the splice should be inspected regularly.

The windlass is designed not only to match your boat type, but the type and size of the chain. It comes with a wide selection of gypsies, thus it can be specifically designed and engineered to fit the existing anchor chain on your boat.

Do You Require A Remote Control?

It may be unsafe to operate the winch in harsh environments, thus the machine is usually equipped with an electric control box that is installed on the deck or in the control room. If you desire a remote control, a handheld remote (wired or wireless) is provided to ensure a safe operation.

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