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Marine Capstan

Aicrane has a wide variety of marine capstans for you to choose from. We can design and manufacture a custom capstan windlass to your needs. The marine capstan is a small winch that is used on deck or shore to moor and anchor. The load capacity is usually 0.5-10t. The speed of the capstan can be single speed, double speed and three speed. Our capstans can be delivered with electric or hydraulic drives.

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5 ton marine capstan and electric winches to UAE

5 Ton Marine Capstan to UAE
5 Ton Marine Capstan to UAE

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Manufacturing of hydraulic vertical mooring capstan for Indonesian customer

Hydraulic Mooring Capstan Indonesia
Mooring Capstan Indonesia
Vertical Capstan for Mooring
Vertical Capstan for Mooring

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Features of Aicrane Marine Capstan

  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • Various control options
  • Safety brake system
  • Factory assembly and testing

Applications of Marine Capstan Winch

According to the purpose of capstans, there are two main types: anchor capstan and mooring capstan.

Anchor capstan

  • Anchor Capstans

We supply anchor capstan winches for a variety of anchor chain.

The chain wheel can be operated by a hand wheel installed on the top side of the capstan.

The anchor windlass capstan is equipped with a horizontal band brake, which is installed on the gearbox.

The capstan is driven by a motor with single speed, double speed or three speed. The larger electric capstan can choose frequency conversion motors, and the startup of frequency conversion motors will not cause impact on the power system.

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Mooring capstan

  • 1.5 Ton Mooring Capstan

Mooring capstan is an important deck machinery used to fasten the mooring line to the drum or chain wheel and keep the ship in position. It has the same function as a mooring winch.

Aicrane mooring capstan has compact structure. The electric capstan can be delivered wit single, double or three speed motor.

According to customer requirements, different designs can be provided to meet various deck layout requirements.

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The capstan winch is a customized product, so each capstan manufacturer has a different model. In order to provide you with a correct quotation, please kindly provide the following basic information:

– What is the purpose and working environment of the capstan marine? Is it used for mooring or anchoring? Will you use it on the deck or on the shore?

– Do you need a vertical capstan or horizontal capstan?

– Load capacity or pulling force

– Speed

– Are there any special requirements for the capstan size?

– Electric or hydraulic?

– 3-phase voltage?

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Marine Capstan Manufacturer
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Why Buy Marine Capstan From Aicrane?

  • Aicrane provides a wide variety of winches for boat and marine industry, integrating R&D, manufacturing and service.
  • The company relies on strong technical strength and excellent service to provide customers with reliable and value-added products and services.
  • Our marine winch products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the standards and specifications of relevant classification societies.

In a word, Aicrane adheres to the principles of superb technology, precise processing equipment, and precise quality control to provide our customers with first-class products and services. We sincerely hope to create a better future with you!

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Where is the marine capstan on a boat?

Capstan is a a vertical axis rotating machine used on boats to increase the seafarer’s pulling force when towing ropes and cables. The principle is similar to that of a windlass, which has a horizontal axis.

What is the difference between a windlass and a capstan?

Windlass is a sort of winch in which rope is wound around a drum. It is used to lift heavy objects.

Capstan is a vertical cleated drum, which rotates on a vertical spindle. It is widely used, especially on ships, to move or raise heavy weights or exert great power by rope traction.

What is a capstan winch used for?

Capstan winch is commonly found in marine, forestry, mining, construction and industrial industry, for use when moving heavy objects to increase the pulling force.

How does a capstan work?

To operate a capstan, the rope is pulled by hand and tied together, thereby creating friction between the rope itself and the winch drum. This in turn means that the pulling force of the engine is applied to the rope, making it easier for objects to be winched.

To learn more about marine capstan, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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