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Hydraulic Mooring Winch

As an experienced manufacturer, we understand that every maritime operation comes with its unique challenges and requirements. That’s why our team of skilled engineers and technicians is dedicated to tailoring hydraulic mooring winch to suit the specific needs of each client. With a focus on robust construction, high performance, and safety, our custom hydraulic mooring winches are designed to excel in a wide range of marine applications, ensuring efficient and reliable operations in various marine environments.

Aicrane Hydraulic Mooring Winches

Introducing Our Hydraulic Multi-Point Mooring and Positioning Systems

Multi-point mooring and positioning systems have emerged as a groundbreaking solution to enhance vessel stability, safety, and precision during mooring and positioning maneuvers. These multi-point mooring winch systems utilize multiple anchor points to secure a vessel or platform, ensuring it remains stationary or maintains a specific position, even in challenging environmental conditions.

  • 4-Point Mooring and Positioning System: The 4-point mooring system is a widely adopted configuration that uses four anchor lines, each connected to a separate hydraulic mooring winch. Two anchor lines are positioned at the bow and two at the stern of the vessel, providing stability and control during mooring and positioning. This four point mooring winch system is commonly used for drilling platforms, floating production vessels, and other offshore operations where maintaining a fixed position is crucial for safe and efficient operations.
  • 6-Point Mooring and Positioning System: The 6-point system builds on the stability of the 4-point system by adding two additional anchor lines at the sides of the vessel. This configuration enhances vessel positioning accuracy, especially in open water or turbulent sea conditions. The 6-point mooring system is frequently utilized for large vessels, floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, and other critical marine installations where precise positioning is paramount.
  • 8-Point Mooring and Positioning System: The 8-point mooring system takes the concept of redundancy and precision to new heights by incorporating four anchor lines at the corners of the vessel, in addition to the bow, stern, and sides. This configuration offers unparalleled stability and safety, making it an ideal choice for deepwater drilling rigs, floating wind turbines, and other complex offshore structures that require maximum positional control and redundancy.
  • Other Multi-Point Configurations: Beyond the 4-point, 6-point, and 8-point systems, multi-point mooring and positioning systems can be customized to meet specific operational needs. Depending on the vessel size, environmental conditions, and operational requirements, configurations with higher numbers of anchor points, such as 10-point or 12-point systems, can be engineered. These multi-point mooring winch systems cater to specialized applications like deep-sea exploration vessels, offshore construction projects, and floating storage facilities.
  • Hydraulic Multi-Point Mooring And Positioning Systems
    Hydraulic Multi-Point Mooring And Positioning Systems for Cargo Vessel

Aicrane Hydraulic Mooring Winches Cases Worldwide

Six 30-ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches Shipped to Vietnam

Aicrane recently shipped six units of 30-ton hydraulic mooring winches to a maritime operator in Vietnam. The client sought a reliable and heavy-duty solution to enhance their mooring capabilities at their busy port facility. Aicrane’s 30-ton hydraulic mooring winches were the perfect fit, offering the required load capacity, precision control, and durability to handle large vessels safely and efficiently.

30-ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches

Delivery of 10-ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches to Indonesia

In Indonesia, a leading marine services provider sought a versatile and compact solution for their mooring requirements. Aicrane delivered ten units of 10-ton hydraulic mooring winches, tailored to suit their specific needs. The compact design of these winches in Indonesia makes them ideal for installations where space is limited, without compromising on performance.

10 Ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches

12-ton Hydraulic Mooring Winch Installed in the Philippines

In the Philippines, a 12-ton hydraulic mooring winch was installed on a customer’s boat to facilitate mooring and positioning tasks. This hydraulic winch features a double drum waterfall design, ensuring efficiency and versatility in maritime operations. Its installation enhances the vessel’s capabilities, offering stability during mooring and precise positioning in various marine environments.

Aicrane Hydraulic Marine Mooring Winch: Versatile Features & Options

Aicrane marine hydraulic mooring winch encompasses an array of remarkable features and customizable options to meet the diverse demands of maritime mooring operations, enhancing operational efficiency, durability, and safety.

  • Versatile Control Options: The hydraulic driven mooring winch from Aicrane offers a range of control options such as local control and control console, ensuring precise maneuvers with utmost ease and efficiency.
  • Single or Double Drum Configuration: Tailored to suit diverse mooring applications, the winch offers the flexibility of single or double drum configurations. This feature allows customers to choose the optimal drum setup, depending on their specific operational needs, enhancing productivity and versatility.
  • Rope Spooling Device: Our hydraulic powered mooring winch can be equipped with rope spooling device, ensuring neat and organized spooling of ropes or cables. This feature not only optimizes rope management but also minimizes the risk of tangles and snags during operations.
  • Optional Warping Head: For added versatility, customers have the option to include a warping head in their winch configuration. This additional component facilitates intricate and controlled movements, making it an invaluable feature for complex mooring tasks.
  • Comprehensive Safety Equipment Options: Aicrane prioritizes safety above all else. As such, the hydraulic mooring winch can be equipped with various safety devices to ensure secure mooring operations. These options include fail-safe features, emergency stops, overload protection, and more, providing operators with peace of mind during their tasks.
  • Stringent Design Standards: Our mooring winch adheres to industry-leading design standards, such as BV (Bureau Veritas), ASB (American Bureau of Shipping), DNV (Det Norske Veritas), RMRS (Russian Maritime Register of Shipping), and more. This compliance ensures the winch’s adherence to the highest safety and performance standards in the maritime industry.

Understanding The Hydraulic Mooring Winch Parts

The hydraulic ship mooring winch is a robust and indispensable machine, comprising several key components that work in tandem to ensure smooth and secure mooring operations. Understanding these essential parts is vital to appreciating the winch’s efficiency and reliability.

  • Hydraulic Motor: At the heart of the hydraulic mooring winch lies the hydraulic motor, which serves as the powerhouse of the system. This motor efficiently converts hydraulic energy into mechanical power, driving the winching process with remarkable precision and control.
  • Drum: The winch drum plays a crucial role in the mooring process as it serves as the unit onto which the rope or cable is wound. It can be designed with ample capacity to accommodate various rope lengths, catering to different mooring needs.
  • Rope or Cable: The choice of rope or cable is essential for the winch’s performance and durability. Robust and high-quality ropes ensure reliable and safe mooring operations, providing the necessary strength and resilience to withstand the stresses of marine environments.
  • Clutch and Brake System: The clutch facilitates smooth engagement and disengagement of the drum, enabling precise control during operations. For hydraulic double drum mooring winches and warping winches, a clutch is typically fixed between the drive unit and the drum. Additionally, each winch is equipped with a reliable drum brake system to ensure swift and secure locking of the drum when needed.
  • Hydraulic Pump: The hydraulic pump serves as a vital component, responsible for supplying the necessary hydraulic fluid to power the hydraulic motor. It ensures a steady flow of hydraulic energy, enabling seamless winching operations.
  • Control System: A sophisticated control system governs the hydraulic mooring winch, providing operators with precise and intuitive control over the winching process. This system ensures efficient and safe operation, empowering users to handle various mooring tasks effectively.
  • Warping Head (Optional): Depending on specific mooring requirements, the winch can be designed with or without a warping head. The warping head facilitates more intricate and controlled movements, enhancing versatility during mooring operations. Its design conforms to the rigorous standards set by GB7390, ensuring compliance and safety.
  • Gypsy Wheel (For Combined Mooring Winch): In the case of a combined anchor mooring winch, a gypsy wheel is included. This component serves as an additional feature to manage anchor chains and ropes efficiently, further expanding the winch’s utility in diverse maritime applications.
  • Substantial Frame: All these critical components find support in a robust and substantial frame, providing structural integrity and stability to the hydraulic mooring winch. This well-engineered frame ensures smooth operation and enduring performance in challenging marine environments.

Aicrane Hydraulic Mooring Winch Installation and After-Sales Service

Aicrane Winch Installation

  • For hydraulic mooring winch installation, we have a team of skilled technicians possessing a wealth of experience and expertise, enabling us to provide expert installation services tailored to your specific needs. According to customer requirements, we can provide online or on-site installation guidance.
Winch Installation on-site
Aicrane Hydraulic Mooring Winch Installation On-site

Aicrane After-Sales Service for Winches

  • Beyond installation, our commitment to your success continues with our exceptional after-sales service. Our knowledgeable technical support team is always available to provide prompt assistance and troubleshooting guidance. Moreover, we offer comprehensive training for your crew, empowering them with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate our winches safely and efficiently. What’s more, our extensive inventory of genuine spare parts ensures swift repairs in the rare event of component malfunctions, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
Aicrane After-Sales Service
Aicrane After-Sales Service

When you choose Aicrane, you are choosing a trusted hydraulic mooring winch manufacturer dedicated to delivering high quality mooring winches and unwavering support. Our mission is to ensure that your mooring operations are smooth, efficient, and, above all, safe.

Contact Aicrane for Custom Winch Solutions

Looking for custom hydraulic mooring winch solutions? Look no further than Aicrane. Our extensive expertise allows us to tailor winch solutions that meet your needs, whether it’s a single unit or a large-scale solution, all while adhering to cost-effectiveness and uncompromising quality standards.

Benefit from our comprehensive service system, where we take care of every aspect of your winch requirements. From initial design to meticulous fabrication, swift delivery, precise installation, efficient commissioning, and ongoing maintenance, we are committed to providing a seamless and reliable experience. Contact us now to discuss your specific mooring requirements!

Aicrane winch engineers
Aicrane winch engineers are here to tailor winch solutions for customers.

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