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30 Ton Tug Winch for Nigerian Client

The 30 ton tugger winch is specifically designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our Nigerian client. The machine will be shipped to the destination very quickly.

Our winch equipment is made of high quality steel and meets strict quality requirements. Each type can be custom designed and built to meet the specific requirements of customers. Looking for quality winches? Aicrane can be a great choice.

30 Ton Tug Winch
30 Ton Tug Winch

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    1.What will the winch be used for: ?
    2.Rated load(T) or pull force(KN): ?
    3.Drum capacity(mm x m): ?
    4.3 phase power supply(v/hz): ?
    5.Working speed(m/min): ?
    6.Your project introduction: project working site, project budget, etc.