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Anchor Windlass

Aicrane supplies a wide range of anchor windlass and related components to meet all the needs of anchoring operations. Our safe and efficient anchor windlass winch is designed to ensure your successful operation.

Two Main Types of Anchor Windlass For Sale

Electric Anchor Windlass

Technical Parameters

Model Electric Windlass
Dia of anchor chain/rope ø12mm – ø128mm
No. of gypsy Single or double
Load capacity 1 ton- 100 ton
Speed 9-11 m/min
Certificate BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
Electric Electric Windlass For Sale
Single Gypsy Electric Electric Windlass for Sailboat
 Electric Windlass For Sale
Double Gypsy Electric Windlass For Sale

Advantages of Electric Windlass Winch

  • Simple structure
  • Convenient management
  • Low operating cost
  • Easy to install and maintain
Electric Boat Windlass Manufacturer
Electric Boat Windlass For Sale

Test Run Video of Electric Windlass

Working Principle

How Does An Electric Anchor Windlass Work?

The power source of the electric windlass is an electric motor, which drives the main shaft to rotate after the large and small gears in the reduction box achieve multi-stage deceleration. Due to the high reduction ratio requirements, the reduction mechanism is relatively large.

The electric windlass anchor winch is mainly used on small and medium-sized ships, and is generally suitable for anchor chains with a diameter of 16mm-93mm.

Small Boat Anchor Windlass For Sale
Small Boat Anchor Windlass

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Hydraulic Anchor Windlass

Technical Parameters

Model Hydraulic Windlass
Dia of anchor chain/rope ø12mm – ø128mm
Speed 9-11 m/min
Load capacity 1 ton- 100 ton
Certificate BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
Hydraulic Anchor Windlass For Sale
Hydraulic Anchor Windlass

Advantages of Hydraulic Anchor Windlass

Compared with the electric windlass, under the same power, the hydraulic windlass has the advantages of compact size, light weight, stable operation, and can realize stepless speed regulation and automatically prevent overload.

Working Principle

How Does A Hydraulic Windlass Work?

The Electro-hydraulic Windlass is driven by the electric motor to drive the hydraulic pump, and the generated oil pressure drives the oil motor, and then the windlass is operated through the reducer (or without the reducer).

The hydraulic windlass is widely used on modern large and medium-sized ships, and is suitable for anchor chains with a diameters of 16mm-120mm.

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Features And Options of Aicrane Anchor Windlass

  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • Single or double gypsy
  • Warping head
  • Manually or hydraulically operated clutch
  • Manually or hydraulically operated band brake
  • Local or remote control
  • Emergency release
Anchor Windlass Manufacturers
Anchor Windlass Manufacturer

What Is A Windlass Used For?

The windlass is used to retract and release anchors and anchor chains. It is usually installed on the main deck of the fore and stern part of the ship for anchoring and mooring of the ship. The warping head on both sides of the gypsy can be used for line handling.

Small Boat Anchor Windlass For Sale
Small Boat Anchor Windlass
Windlass Winch for Sale
1.5T Windlass Winch for Boat

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Information Required For Quotation

If you are interested in Aicrane boat windlass, please kindly provide the following information so that we can offer you an ideal anchor windlass:

  • Load capacity
  • The length and diameter of the anchor chain
  • Are there any special requirements for speed? Generally the windlass speed is 10m/min.
  • Do you need a small warping head?
  • Electric or hydraulicwindlass?
  • 3-phase voltage

You can send us your inquiry by filling in the contact form or sending an email to us. Our sales staff will get back to you soon after receiving your inquiry and provide you with a suitable quotation.

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More Information About Marine Anchor Windlass

1. Structure of Marine Anchor Windlass

At present, the anchor windlass on ship is mainly electric windlass and hydraulic windlass. The windlass system is mainly composed of base, support, anchor chain wheel, brake, gearbox, electronic control system, etc. The electric windlass for boats has an electric motor, and the hydraulic windlass has a hydraulic pump station.

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2. Main Technical Requirements of Marine Windlass

  • The windlass is driven by an independent prime mover or electric motor.If the hydraulic pipeline of the hydraulic windlass is connected with other deck machinery pipelines, it is to be ensured that the normal operation of the windlass is not affected.
  • The small boat windlass should have the ability to work continuously for 30 minutes when an anchor is pulled up from a depth of 82.5m to a depth of 27.5m at an average speed of not less than 9m/min.
  • The small anchor windlass should be able to work continuously for 2 minutes under the action of overload tension (no speed required). The overload tension should not be less than 1.5 times the working load.
  • The gypsy of the windlass boat anchor winch should be equipped with a reliable brake. After the brake is applied, it shall be able to withstand the static tension of 45% of the breaking load of the anchor chain or steel cable, or withstand the maximum static load on the anchor chain.
  • The chain brake should be able to withstand the test load equivalent to the anchor chain, and its stress should not be greater than 90% of the yield point of its material.
  • Installing a windlass on a boat should ensure that the chain cylinder, chain brake, and chain wheel are in a line when the anchor chain is drawn out.

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3. Different Anchoring Methods Using A Boat Anchor Windlass

Ship anchoring is a common method of berthing. According to different waters, meteorological conditions and operational requirements, the anchoring methods are different. The commonly used methods are bow anchoring, stern anchoring, and bow and stern anchoring:

  • Bow anchoring

    Since the wind and current on the hull are the smallest when anchoring at the bow, bow anchoring is the most common way for ships to anchor. Single anchor at the bow is suitable for good weather conditions and short berthing time, while the double anchor at the bow is suitable for situations where activities are restricted or the waters are affected by large wind waves and rapids.

  • Stern anchoring

    It is mostly used for inland watercrafts. When the ship sails along the water, it can avoid the vessel turning around due to anchoring.

  • Bow and stern anchoring

    It is used when vessels are subjected to the effects of rising and falling cycles, and the active waters are restricted.

The anchoring process of a ship is as follows:

The anchor chain or cable-linked anchor on the ship is thrown into the water to land on the ground and bite into the soil. The holding force generated by the anchor is consolidated with the bottom of the water, thus the ship is firmly anchored in the predetermined position.

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4. Classification of Anchor Chains

According to the manufacturing method, the anchor chains can be classified into cast steel anchor chains, welded anchor chains, and forged anchor chains.

According to the structure of the chain link, the anchor chains can be divided into gear chains and gearless chains. The strength of a gear chain is about 20% greater than that of a gearless chain.

According to the purpose: marine anchor chain and marine mooring chain.

Divided by the steel grade, the boat anchor chains can be AM1, AM2, and AM3, with strength AM1<AM2<AM3. AM1 is not suitable for high-holding anchors, and AM3 is only suitable for chain diameters above 20.5mm.

To learn more about anchor windlass and related anchor equipment, please feel free to contact us!

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