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30 Ton Winch

As a manufacturer of 30 ton winch, we are dedicated to providing efficient and versatile solutions for lifting and pulling heavy loads. Our winches are designed to meet a wide range of applications, including construction, mining, shipyards, marine and offshore operations. We offer electric, hydraulic, and diesel-powered options to suit your specific requirements.

30 Ton Winch Solution

Efficient 30 Ton Winch Solutions for Diverse Applications

When it comes to demanding tasks that require substantial pulling power, 30-ton winches prove to be invaluable tools. In addition to construction, mining and industrial applications, these powerful machines find extensive use in marine and offshore environments, as well as in shipyards for ship launching and hauling operations. Here are some typical applications and remarkable instances that highlight the versatility and reliability of our 30-ton winch solutions:

Winch Solutions for Shipyard Operations

When a vessel needs to be hauled out of the water for inspection, repair, or maintenance, 30 ton slipway winches play a crucial role. They provide the necessary pulling force to pull the vessel onto the slipway, ensuring safe and controlled movement. They are also employed to control the speed and movement of ships as they are launched into the water.

Winch Solution for Shipyard Operations

Case: 30 Ton Slipway Winches for Ship Maintenance in Nigeria

At a naval base in Nigeria, the installation of Aicrane AQ-JM 30 ton electric slipway winches greatly improved ship maintenance operations. They can efficiently and effortlessly pull ships out of the water for repair or maintenance. The winches boast impressive specifications, including a model AQ-JM 30 ton with a workload of 300KN. The winches operate at a rated speed of 9 m/min, possess a drum capacity of 400m. Meeting specific requirements, the winches feature galvanized steel wire ropes with a diameter of 42mm. Furthermore, they are coated with epoxy paint, ensuring a paint film thickness of 200um.

30 Ton Slipway Winches in Nigeria

Winch Solutions for Maritime and Offshore Operations

The maritime industry heavily relies on marine winches for various tasks on ships, docks and offshore platforms. The applications of 30-ton marine winches in this sector include:

  • Anchor Handling: These 30 ton anchor winches are used for anchor handling operations on ships and offshore rigs. They provide the necessary pulling force to deploy, retrieve, and secure anchors, ensuring the stability and positioning of vessels.
  • Mooring Operations: 30 ton mooring winches play a vital role in mooring vessels, both in ports and offshore. They enable controlled and precise positioning of ships during loading, unloading, and docking operations.
  • Towing Operations: 30 ton towing winches are crucial for towing operations, whether it’s towing disabled vessels, barges, or floating structures. They provide the required power and control to safely maneuver and tow heavy loads over water.

Winch for Maritime and Offshore Operations

Case: 30-Ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches Shipped To Vietnam

Aicrane six 30-ton hydraulic winches were shipped to Vietnam. These winches are installed on boats for mooring. According to customer requirements, these 30t hydraulic mooring winches in Vietnam are equipped with rope spooling device, warping head, local and remote control, etc. Below is the 30 ton hydraulic mooring winch specification for your reference:

Working load 30T (1st layer)
Nominal speed 12m/min(1st layer)
Drum capacity 38mm×1000m (totally 10 layers)
Jaw clutch hydraulic operated
Brake hydraulic operated
Diameter of warping head 400mm

30-Ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches for Vietnam

Winch Solutions for Construction and Mining

In the construction and mining sectors, 30 ton construction winch machines play a crucial role in lifting and pulling heavy materials and equipment. For example, they can be used in construction sites and mines to lift and pull materials such as steel beams, concrete blocks, and machinery components.

Case: AQ-JM 30 Ton Electric Winches For Industrial Needs in Turkey

For a client’s project in Turkey, we delivered 16 units of AQ-JM 30-ton electric winches, showcasing our commitment to meeting diverse industrial needs. These electric winches are used to tow heavy objects on the project site. Thanks to our streamlined processes, upon arrival at the customer’s site, the winches can be swiftly installed and deployed to accelerate the project’s progress.

30 Ton Electric Winches for Industrial Application

Introducing Two Main Types of 30 Ton Winch for Sale At Aicrane

When it comes to 30t winches that can be adapted to a wide range of applications, we offer two main types: electric winches and hydraulic winches. Let’s take a closer look at each type:

30 Ton Electric Winch For Sale

The 30-ton electric winch is a popular choice in various industries and sectors such as construction, mining, factories, shipyards, marine and offshore applications. They are powered by electricity and are widely used due to their versatility, ease of use, and reliability.

30 Ton Electric Winch

Electric Winch 30 Ton

Here are some key features and benefits of electric winch 30 ton:

  • Power and Performance: With a 30-ton capacity, electric winches can effortlessly handle substantial loads.
  • Convenience and Control: Electric winches are relatively easy to install and operate. They also offer precise control over the pulling process, allowing operators to adjust speed and tension as needed.
  • Low Maintenance: Electric winches require minimal maintenance compared to their hydraulic counterparts. They don’t rely on hydraulic fluids or complex systems, resulting in reduced downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Quiet Operation: Electric powered winches operate quietly, making them ideal for environments where noise pollution is a concern.

30 Ton Hydraulic Winch For Sale

30t hydraulic winches utilize hydraulic power to generate pulling force, making them reliable and suitable for demanding tasks. In marine and offshore applications, the 30 ton hydraulic winch is commonly found. There are various types of hydraulic marine winches available based on their purpose, including anchor winches, mooring winches, combined anchor mooring winches, towing winches, and more.

30 Ton Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic Pump Station

The features and benefits of hydraulic driven winches include:

  • Exceptional Power: Hydraulic powered winches are known for their high pulling capacity and exceptional strength. They can effortlessly handle heavy loads and are often preferred for tasks that require sustained pulling power over long periods.
  • Durability and Endurance: Hydraulic winches are built to withstand rugged conditions and harsh environments. They are designed with robust components, making them highly durable and capable of withstanding heavy use.
  • Overload Protection: 30 ton hydraulic winches come equipped with overload protection systems, which prevent damage due to excessive loads.
  • Suitable for Continuous Operation: Hydraulic winches excel in continuous operation scenarios, making them ideal for applications that require extended pulling duration. They can handle constant loads without overheating, ensuring optimal performance.

At Aicrane, we understand the diverse needs of our customers and offer both electric and hydraulic winches for sale. Whether you require a dependable and cost-effective electric winch machine or a robust hydraulic winch system, we have the solutions to meet your requirements. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the right winch for your specific application, ensuring optimal performance and productivity. Choose Aicrane winches and experience the power and reliability needed to tackle your toughest lifting and pulling challenges.

Considerations When Selecting a 30 Ton Winch Machine

When it comes to choosing the perfect winch for your specific application, it is crucial to address several key questions during discussions with a 30 ton winch manufacturer. By considering the following factors, you can make an informed decision:

  • Purpose of the Winch: Clearly define the intended use of the winch. Is it for lifting heavy loads, pulling equipment, towing ships, mooring ships, or anchoring structures? Understanding the primary purpose will help determine the specifications of the lifting or pulling winch.
  • Operating Environment: Identify the specific working environment where the winch will be utilized. Is it a construction site, a mining operation, a shipyard, a port facility, a marine vessel, or any other location? This knowledge is essential as it affects the winch’s design and durability to withstand the environmental conditions.
  • Rope Capacity Requirements: Specify the necessary rope capacity by determining the required length and diameter. This information allows the winch manufacturer to select a winch with suitable drum dimensions and rope capacity to meet your needs effectively.
  • Working Speed Preference: Determine your desired working speed. Are you looking for a slow and controlled speed, high-speed operation, or a winch with variable speed options? Defining the required working speed ensures that the selected winch aligns with your operational demands.
  • Drum Type: Decide whether a single drum or double drum configuration suits your requirements better. Evaluate your needs and consult with the manufacturer for guidance on the most suitable drum arrangement.
  • Motive Power: Choose the appropriate power source for your winch. Electric, hydraulic, and diesel-powered winches are commonly available. Consider factors such as availability of power sources, operational efficiency, and specific requirements of your application when making this decision.
  • Rope Guider: Determine whether you need a rope guide for enhanced spooling on the drum. A rope guide assists in maintaining proper alignment and prevents rope tangling during winching operations.

By carefully considering these factors and addressing the relevant questions, you will be well-prepared to place an order for the ideal 30 tonne winch. Our team of winch experts and sales managers are also ready to assist you in selecting an affordable and powerful winch solution that precisely matches your business’s unique demands.

The Main Components Of a 30 Ton Drum Winch

A 30-ton drum winch is a powerful tool used in various industries, and its structure can vary depending on factors such as types, specifications and configurations. Let’s delve into the main components of this robust winch system.

30 Ton Drum Winch for Sale

Winch Drum

  • Generally, the winch machine in construction is made of Q235B material and the drum is Q345B steel coil. It is equipped with a common motor (IP44). While the offshore winch is usually constructed with Q345B material. It is fitted with a marine-duty motor (IP56). Besides, the structure of engineering winch and marine winch can be different. The former comes standard with a hydraulic block brake, and the latter comes with a standard manual clutch and manual band brake. Many offshore winches are also equipped with a secondary drum, called warping head.

Wire Rope

  • The wire rope is a high-tensile-strength cable that connects to the load being pulled or lifted. It is wound around the drum and extends out to the anchor point or attachment point. The rope is fixed to the side of the drum using a rope clamp. The safety factor for pulling a heavy object is generally 3-4. In the event of overload, it is usually 1.25 times the rated load capacity, and the overload time cannot exceed 2 minutes.


  • The motor is the power source of the drum winch and provides the energy needed to drive the drum’s rotation. In a 30-ton drum winch, a robust electric motor or hydraulic motor is typically used. The motor converts electrical or hydraulic energy into mechanical power, allowing the drum to rotate and the wire rope to be wound or unwound.


  • The gearbox is responsible for controlling the speed and torque of the drum’s rotation. It consists of a set of gears that transmit power from the motor to the drum. The gearbox allows for different speed ratios, enabling the winch to operate at varying speeds depending on the application’s demands. The gearbox is designed to handle the high loads and torque generated during winching operations.

Brake System

  • The brake system is a critical safety component in a winch 30 ton. It ensures that the drum remains stationary when not in use or during load holding. Depending on the 30 ton winch design, the brake system can be mechanical, hydraulic, or electrically operated.

30 Ton Winch Controls

  • The type of winch controls employed can vary depending on the power source and the complexity of the winch equipment. Electric winches with a 30-ton capacity are often controlled through a push-button control box and remote control (pendant control and wireless remote). Hydraulic-driven drum winches, on the other hand, can be controlled by a control valve, joystick control or control console.

30 Ton Winch Controls

Additional Features For Winch 30 Ton

  • We also offer a range of additional features to ensure the winch system meets your specific requirements. These can include a grooved drum, rope spooling device, drum guard, emergency crank, limit switches, load limiter, clutch, rope length display and tension display device, and more.

Understanding the main components of a 30 ton winch machine is crucial for selecting the right equipment for your industry-specific needs. Each of our winch machine can be tailored to meet your business’s lifting and pulling requirements. Backed by winch professionals in our company, we are capable of designing and manufacturing the equipment that delivers proper balance between efficiency, cost, durability and suitability.

Aicrane Service: Providing Comprehensive Solutions for Your Needs

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of 30 ton winches, Aicrane is committed to delivering a comprehensive service throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to post-sales support.

Project Consultation

Professional Consultation and Project Planning

Our team of experienced engineers and project consultants engages in thorough discussions with customers to understand their product requirements and project information. Based on this information, we will develop customized 30 ton winch solutions that best meet their needs. We leverage our expertise to provide the most suitable winch options.

customer service and support

Dedicated Customer Support

Our dedicated customer service representatives provide personalized attention to each order. They ensure seamless execution by closely monitoring the progress and regularly updating customers on the status of their orders. From arranging timely shipping to coordinating installations, our team takes care of all the logistical aspects to ensure that the equipment is produced and delivered to the customer’s site on schedule.

installation engineer

Professional Installation and Training

Our skilled engineers offer online or on-site guidance during the installation process to ensure the proper functioning of the winch equipment. We prioritize a smooth setup and provide comprehensive training to operators, covering essential aspects such as operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Our goal is to empower customers with the knowledge and skills necessary for efficient and safe operation of the winch equipment.

Ongoing Support And Maintenance

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Our dedicated after-sales representatives conduct regular follow-ups to monitor the performance of the equipment. We can arrange for periodic on-site visits by our engineers, who provide maintenance services and support to ensure optimal equipment performance and longevity.

At Aicrane, we believe in delivering holistic winch solutions that go beyond merely supplying winch equipment. Our comprehensive service package encompasses solution design, attentive customer support, professional installation guidance, operator training, and ongoing maintenance. We strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers by providing high-quality products and exceptional service at every step of the journey. Contact Aicrane today to discover how we can meet your winching needs with our top-notch service and industry expertise.

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