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Double Drum Winch

Double drum winch is designed for hoisting, general pulling, mooring and towing applications onshore and offshore. Depending on the motive power, it can be a hydraulic or electric winch. Depending on the drum arrangement, it can be coaxial or waterfall type. Compared to a single drum winch, the winch with double drum delivers greater strength and higher efficiency when carrying out tough tasks. Each of our drum winch can be custom designed and built to fit your particular applications.

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10 Ton Double Drum Electric Winch to Hong Kong

This 10t double drum winch machine is customized according to the customer requirements. The winch 10 ton is designed for marine use with variable frequency speed regulation.

10 Ton Double Drum Winch for Sale
10 Ton Electric Drum Winch
Dual Drum Winch for Sale Hong Kong
Dual Drum Winch to Hong Kong
Electrical Box
Electrical Box

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Waterfall Type Double Drum Hydraulic Winch in The Philippines

12 ton waterfall type hydraulic winch Philippines is installed on the boat for positioning. During installation, our experienced after-sales engineers went to to the site to guide the installation and commissioning of the winch, so that customers can quickly and smoothly install and put into use.

12 Ton Double Drum Winch for Sale Philippines
12 Ton Hydraulic Drum Winch in The Philippines
Waterfall Type 12 Ton Winch Price Philippines
Waterfall Type 12 Ton Winch Philippines
Hydraulic Pump Station
Hydraulic Pump Station

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Types of Double Drum Winch For Sale

Our dual drum winches come in various types and configurations to meet varied needs of customers, including electric winches, hydraulic winches, coaxial and waterfall winches. Each winch has its particular advantages and disadvantages. The selection of each type depends largely on your operating conditions, intended performance, working environment and financial consideration.

Double Drum Electric Winch

Drum Electric Winch
Drum Electric Winch

The electric drum winch is a popular form of winch product that delivers reliable and efficient operations. It is very easy to install and put into use. Besides, the electric power winch is less expensive than a hydraulic winch.

Model Double drum electric winch
Load capacity 20~100 t
Drum capacity 200~1000m
Working speed ≤15m/min
No. of drum double

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Double Drum Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic Double Drum Winch
Hydraulic Double Drum Winch

While the hydraulic drum winch requires additional components to be installed with it, thus it needs more maintenance care. Powered by hydraulic pump, this type of winch is ideal for heavy duty applications.

Model Double drum hydraulic winch
Load capacity 20~100 t
Drum capacity 100~1000m
Working speed ≤15m/min
No. of drum double
HPU provided as customized

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Coaxial And Waterfall Winches

Coaxial Double Drum Winch for Sale
Coaxial Double Drum Winch
Waterfall Winch Manufacturer
Waterfall Winch for Sale

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Wide Applications of Double Drum Winch Machine

The drum winches are often found on land and sea to perform lifting, pulling, mooring and towing operations. The common application include:

  • On land construction sites for lifting and pulling heavy loads
  • Installation and dismantling of heavy machinery
  • Mining areas for handling various minerals
  • Anchoring, mooring and towing systems for barges and other vessels
  • Offshore construction projects
  • Used as slipway winches

According to the functions and applications they perform, our drum winches come in various types, including lifting winch, pulling winch, mooring winch, anchor winch, capstan winch and towing winch.

Winch for construction and mine applications

The lifting winch is ideal for many construction and installation applications which require heavy lifting operations.

Pulling winch with double drum delivers large pulling force. It is extensively used in construction, mining and marine to pull or drag heavy loads.

Double drum scraper winch is specifically designed for underground mining and mineral processing. It can withstand rugged mining conditions.

JM 10 Ton Double Drum Winch For Sale
AQ-JM 10 Ton Drum Winch for Construction
Double Drum Electric Winch for Pulling
Double Drum Electric Winch for Pulling

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Winch for marine and offshore applications

Double drum mooring winch can be divided into parallel double drum and waterfall type double drum according to the drum distribution form. The winch is widely used to guide and support the maneuvering of vessels.

Double drum capstan winch is extensively used on boats to handle mooring lines. It is ideal for various large cable hauling projects. The capstan drum winch is available in electric, hydraulic and diesel.

Double drum towing winch is designed for tugboats, workboats and other vessels. It can be driven by electric or hydraulic.

Parallel Double Drum
Parallel Two Drum Winch for Mooring
Waterfall Type Double Drum
Waterfall Type Winch for Positioning

Whether you desire a marine winch, construction winch or mine winch, you can find the most suitable winch system at our company. For further information, get in touch with our sales manager online now!

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Learn About The Structure of Double Drum Winches

Double drum winch is a customized winch. It has has 2 drums, a single motor, a single reduction box, and double drum synchronous output. The two drums can be used alone or at the same time. When working, one drum is used to rise, one drum is used to descend, or one drum is used for installation and one drum is used for disassembly.

According to the different speeds required by users, high speed and slow speed double drum winches can be customized.

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Things to Consider for Double Drum Winch Design

As one of leading double drum winch manufacturers in China, we are able to design the perfect winch system to your requirements. When it comes to winch design, there are several elements you need to consider.

  • Rope

    The starting point for a winch design is the selection of rope. According to the type of load you intend to handle, you can choose rope or chain to be spooled on the drum.

  • Motive power

    If you do not have a specific power requirement for your winch, we always suggest you to try electric first for that the electric power winch has simple structure, low cost, easy installation and operation. And also, other types of power winches such as hydraulic winches and diesel engine winches can be designed according to your specific needs.

  • Transmission

    The selection of gearbox is largely determined by your required efficiency and the amount of torque to be transmitted. We supply a range of gearbox options for your choice, such as reduction gear, worm gearbox and planetary gearbox.

  • Ancillary equipment

    A wide range of ancillary equipment is available to optimize the winch function and make it suitable for your particular uses. The options include clutch, rope spooling device, band brake, rope length and tension measurement, etc.

Double Drum Winch With Clutch for Sale
Electric Winch With Clutch
Electric Winch With Rope Spooling Device
Winch With Rope Spooling Device
Double Brake With Drum Disc Brake
Double Brake With Drum Disc Brake

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How Does A Double Drum Winch Work?

The drum winch machine consists of a power drum and idler drum on which the cable or rope is spooled. When the drum is running, it winds cable in and out. The resulting tension will lift or pull a load. The two drum configuration requires a loop of cable. Since the cable does not accumulate on the drum, you can have an unlimited lifting or pulling distance. And also, the maximum force of winch is available for the entire length of lift or pull.

During winching operation, exceeding the winch capacity will cause the equipment to malfunction or the rope to break. Therefore, considering your desired winch uses could save you a lot of trouble. For instance, analyze and calculate how much weight you are intended to lift or pull. Besides, to ensure a safe operation, there are several safety precautions you need to know before operating a winch. First, check the rope condition to make sure they are not frayed or broken. Second, stand clear of wire rope and load during operation. Third, never use the winch to secure a load during transportation.

Why Choose Aicrane?

  • Dual drum winch supplied by our company is featured by superior quality, reasonable cost, stable performance and long working life.
  • The winch is available in various capacities, sizes and configurations to match your business demands. If you are purchasing a winch from us, you can benefit a lot from our rich project management experience.
  • We offer a one-stop solution that incorporates winch design, fabrication, delivery, installation, testing and maintenance.
  • With our professional technical team, we are able to custom design every aspect of drum winch machine to meet your specific requirement.
  • We also adhere to the principle of customer first, quality foremost in order to make our clients satisfied in the whole order process.

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