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Over the years, Aicrane has shot and produced many useful videos to help our users better understand what kinds of winches we can offer, how our products work, what their structure is, and case studies around the world. Follow us into the world of winches!

What Types of Winches Does Aicrane Have? – Watch Videos!

According to the purpose, our winches are mainly divided into two types: construction winches and marine winches.

Construction Winch Video

The construction winches we provide are mainly various types of electric winches, including: AQ-JM slow speed winches, AQ-JK fast speed winches, AQ-JKL piling winches, AQ-JKD planetary winches, AQ-JMM friction winches, and they can also be customized into hydraulic winches and diesel winches. Construction winches are mainly used in various engineering projects on land and along the coast to lift or pull heavy objects.

This video is about an electric winch made for our client who will be using it to pull heavy loads on his project.

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Marine Winch Video

The marine winches we provide include anchor winches, windlasses, mooring winches, anchor mooring winches, towing winches, positioning winches, capstans, etc. Marine winches are mainly used on ships, docks or shores for anchoring, mooring and towing, as well as lifting and hauling heavy objects on board.

This video is about the various types of marine winches displayed in our factory.

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Winch 3D Videos

We also made a lot of 3D videos of winches to help our customers have a better understanding of the winch structure.

3D Video of Electric Construction Winch

3D Video of Hydraulic Double Drum Mooring Winch

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Delivery Videos

During the delivery stage, we will also shoot videos for customers and update the delivery information with customers in time.

Delivery Video of 50 Ton Mooring Winches

30 Ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches to Vietnam

Winch Test Run Videos

All our winches are well assembled and tested before leaving our factory to ensure that our customers can install and use the equipment quickly and smoothly.

Below are the test videos we shot for our customers:

Test Run of AQ-JM 30 Ton Winch

Test Run Video of Electric Anchor Windlass

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Case Studies

We also have a lot of customer feedback videos showing us how the winch is installed and commissioned in the field.

Video of 60 Ton Slipway Winch In Indonesia

This video is customer feedback on installing a 60 ton slipway winch. The equipment has been tested under light load and operated normally, and then it will be tested with a heavy load. The 60 ton slipway winch Indonesia is used for pulling large boats out of the water.

Installation Video of 12 Ton Waterfall Winch in the Philippines

This video is about the installation and commissioning of a 12 ton waterfall hydraulic winch in the Philippines. The 12-ton hydraulic winch Philippines is installed on the boat for positioning.

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