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3 Ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches to Kenya

Delivery of 3 Ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches to Kenya

Aicrane 3 ton hydraulic mooring winches with hydraulic pump stations were delivered to Kenya. The client company, a Kenyan marine service company, required approximately eight 3-ton mooring winches to be installed on the vessels for mooring. Read on to learn more about these 3 ton hydraulic …

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20 Ton Single Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winch in Vietnam

20 Ton Single Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winch For Vietnamese Customer

We supplied a 20 ton single drum hydraulic mooring winch to a Vietnamese customerm, which will be installed on his barge for offshore operations. The mooring winch is equipped with a warping head for handling additional mooring lines. Hydraulic mooring winches are widely used on ships …

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30 Ton Electric Winch Nigeria

5 Ton And 30 Ton Electric Winches For Pulling Ships in Nigeria

Aicrane 5 ton and 30 ton electric winches were installed at a naval base in Nigeria to pull ships out of the water for maintenance. The ship weighs 250t, and the slope of the slipway is 7.2°. The boat pulling scheme we provided adopted one …

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20 Ton Electric Capstans to UAE

Aicrane 20 Ton Electric Capstans Delivered to UAE

Aicrane six 20-ton electric capstans were delivered to UAE. The electric capstans are used for anchoring and mooring of ships, which is more simple and cost-saving than the traditional mooring winch systems. Technical Parameters of The UAE 20 Ton Electric Capstan Common Applications of Electric …

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Vietnam Electric Mooring Winch 90 Ton

Aicrane 90 Ton Electric Mooring Winch Was Delivered to Vietnam

Congratulations to Aicrane 90 ton electric mooring winch delivered to Vietnam! This 90 ton electric mooring winch is hydraulically braked for superior performance, longevity and efficiency. The delivery time for this 90-ton electric mooring winch is 45 working days and will be shipped to Ho …

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AQ-JM 10 Ton Electric Winch In Indonesia

5 Ton And 10 Ton Electric Winches For Construction Project in Indonesia

A construction project in Jakarta, Indonesia required 5 ton and 10 ton electric winches to lift materials. The customer learned that we also have an agent in Jakarta, Indonesia, and that our Aicrane brand has a very good reputation, so they ordered two AQ-JM electric …

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3 Ton Industrial Electric Winch For Sale in Indonesia

3 Ton Electric Winch For Industrial Application In Indonesia

Aicrane AQ-JM 3 ton electric winch is designed and manufactured for industrial application in Indonesia. The electric winch will be used in an industrial plant to pull various loads horizontally. Aicrane AQ-JM winch is a sort of slow speed electric winch with a speed of …

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15 Ton Electric Mooring Winch to Singapore

15 Ton Electric Mooring Winches Were On The Way to Singapore

Aicrane 15 ton single drum electric mooring winches were on the way to Singapore. According to customer requirements, the electric mooring winches are fitted with PP rope, manually operated brake and clutch. Read on to learn more details of the Singapore 15 ton electric mooring …

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20T Hydraulic Positioning Winch to Australia

20 Ton Hydraulic Positioning Winches Delivered to Australia

Aicrane eight 20-ton hydraulic positioning winches were delivered to Australia. These winches will be used on marine work boats for boat positioning. Using wireless remote control, 8 sets of hydraulic positioning winches can be operated by one person at the same time. Configuration of The …

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30 Ton Winch Shipped to Vietnam

Delivery of 30 Ton Electric Winches to Vietnam

Aicrane AQ-JM 30 ton electric winches were delivered to Vietnam. These electric winches will be used for pulling loads in the customer’s plant. Our AQ-JM series winches are very popular in Vietnam. So far, our winch products have been sold to Ho Chi Minh City, …

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