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Uruguay 25 Ton Winch

AQ-JM 25 Ton Electric Winch Exported to Uruguay

We recently exported a 25-ton electric winch, AQ-JM model, to a valued client in Uruguay. It offers a practical and cost-effective solution to improve lifting processes in their plant. Read on to learn about our 25 ton winch machine. Key Features of AQ-JM 25 Ton Electric …

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20 Ton Electric Winches to Angola

Positive Feedback from Angola on 20-Ton Electric Winches

Recently we successfully delivered two 20-ton electric winches with a drum capacity of 180 meters to an Angola client. These winches are mainly used in the client’s plant to pull heavy loads. Following the delivery, we received valuable feedback from our client, expressing satisfaction with …

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3 Ton Mine Winch for Sale

Test Run of a 3 Ton Mining Winch for a Colombian Customer

Recently, a 3 ton mining winch for a Colombian customer underwent rigorous testing to ensure its functionality and reliability after completing the manufacturing and assembly. This mining winch has a drum capacity of 400m and is used in mining operations to facilitate the lifting, lowering, and …

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10 Ton Electric Winch in Indonesia

10 Ton Electric Winch in Chemical Factory Demolition in Indonesia

We recently had the opportunity to supply a 10 ton electric winch to one of our valued customers in Indonesia. This winch played a pivotal role in assisting our client with their chemical factory demolition project. Overveiw of the Project in Indonesia The Challenge – Our …

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10 Ton Electric Winch in Singapore

Aicrane 10 Ton Electric Winch Delivered to Singapore

Aicrane, a renowned manufacturer of winch equipment, recently delivered a 10-ton electric winch to a customer in Singapore. The customer, an industrial plant, required a reliable and efficient winch for their material pulling needs. Read on to learn more about the 10 ton winch we …

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12.5 Ton Slipway Winch in Maldives

Slipway Winch for Ship Repair Operations at Maldives Shipyard

Aicrane, a leading manufacturer of slipway winches, has successfully implemented a reliable and durable solution at a ship repair yard in the Maldives. The Aicrane 12.5-ton single drum slipway winch is designed specifically for hauling yachts and other vessels out of the water for repair …

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4 Ton Electric Winches for Singapore

4 Ton Electric Winches Shipped to Singapore

Aicrane AQ-JM 4 ton electric winches were shipped to Singapore. These electric winches will be used in our customer’s plant to pull various loads and materials. The drum capacity is 30m, and the rated speed is 10m/min. Features And Advantages of the AQ-JM 4 Ton …

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5 Ton Electric Winch For An Industrial Company in Saudi Arabia

An industrial company in Saudi Arabia required a winch that could pull heavy machinery and steel structures weighing up to 5 tons. They required a winch that was durable, reliable, cost-effective and also could withstand the harsh industrial environment. After careful consideration, they decided to …

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10 Ton Electric Winch for Industrial Lifting Application

In this case, Aicrane AQ-JM 10 ton electric winch will be used in an industrial plant to lift heavy loads. The 10t winch is designed to be easy to operate, with simple controls that allow the operator to lift and lower the load with ease. It …

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30 Ton Hydraulic Anchor Winches to Nigeria

Delivery of 30 Ton Hydraulic Anchor Winches to Nigeria

Warm congratulations to Aicrane for delivering 30 ton hydraulic anchor winches to Nigeria. We provided these hydraulic anchor winches for our customer’s cargo ships for anchoring using wire ropes. The 30 ton drum anchor winches are also designed with rope spooling devices to better wind …

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