Mine Winch

Mine winch is specifically designed for mining operations. It is mainly used to lift or haul coal, copper, silver, iron, zinc and other minerals. The mining winch supplied by our company can be designed with a range of capacities, usually going up to 40 tons. The rope capacity is in a range of 50 to 1500m. This machine can be installed in or outside the mine to perform winching operations. The equipment can also be custom designed and built to meet your diverse needs.

Electric Mining Winch
Electric Mining Winch
Model Custom Mine Winch
Load capacity 1~40 t
Rope capacity 50~1500 m
Working speed 10~200 m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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Features of Electric Mine Winch System

High Performance

It has reliable and stable performance. It delivers accurate operation, long lasting service and precise spotting control.

Excellent Safety

We offer a variety of safety devices to protect the operator, such as drum and control guard. The remote control is supplied for a safe operation.


All of our products are made of high quality materials to achieve maximum in durability. Durable paint finish is also utilized for longer working life.

Electric Winch Mining
Winch Mining

Options And Accessories

Designed for vertical lifting or horizontal traction, this particular machine comes in a variety of options and accessories to ensure you end up with the perfect system, including but not limited to:

  • Single or double drum
  • Grooved drum for improved rope spooling
  • Drum guard to protect the user
  • Pressure roller for better rope winding on the drum
  • Limit switch to limit upper and lower stroke
  • Load limiter
  • Band brake fitted on the drum
  • Emergency crank
  • Clutch for pulling winches
  • Control box, pendant control or wireless remote control
  • Special coating system for hazardous working environment

Mine Single Drum Winch

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Mine Double Drum Winch

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What Does A Mine Winch Do?

This equipment plays a pivotal role in various mines and mining projects as it delivers efficient and safe lifting or pulling operations. It can be used for many different purposes. Typical examples are material handling when mined material needs to be brought out; for service purposes when replacement material needs to be brought in. The mine mainly includes coal and metal mine (copper, iron, zinc, silver, etc.)

Such winches are specifically fabricated for the needs of each site and operating conditions. They are essential in deep mining and hydro-power industry for efficient and productive operations. According to your purpose of operation and environmental condition, you can select a proper type at our company.

Electric Winch For Mining
Winch For Mining

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Winch Machine Design With Explosion Proof Feature

If your application has flammable or explosive gasses, the design of a winch should take explosion proof feature into account. The explosion proof winch is available with several options and it can be fabricated according to your particular requirements.

  • Explosion proof motor

The explosion-proof motor rates at IP66 and F class insulation.

  • Controls

Our machines are available with a variety of control options to meet your specific need, including control box and remote control. The control box is designed with explosion-proof enclosures for indoor and outdoor uses in hazardous atmosphere.

  • Limit switch

Explosion proof limit switch is fitted for secure operation.

  • Durable paint finish

Special finishes are meant for better corrosion resistance and longer life.

Mine Winch Machine Supplier
Mine Winch Machine

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Selecting A Proper Size of Winch System

When choosing a winch, there are several factors you must to consider in order to properly size your winch.

  • Load capacity

The first thing to be determined is the load to be raised and lowered. The equipment can be custom designed and built to meet your heavier lifting needs.

  • Rope

Determine the size of rope, including length and diameter. The rope must be strong enough to bear the total load and its own weight.

  • Drum

Determine the size of drum. It is available with a variety of options, such as single drum winch and double drum winch. The larger the drum, the more strength will be delivered for useful work.

Mine Winches Manufacturer
Mine Winches For Sale

You can discuss your winch specifications with one of our experts to get the right winch system for your business.

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Tips For Safe Operation

In the mining industry, it is essential to ensure a safe winching operation since every situation has the risk of personal injury. Before using it, you should familiarize yourself with the operation and always keep safety in mind. There are several steps for safe operation.

Before operation

Inspect the equipment before operation. For instance, check the rope condition to make sure it is not frayed or broken. The rope should be properly wound around the drum.

During lifting and pulling operation

The operator should stand clear of the rope and load during operation. Keep others away. Never exceed the rated load capacity. Do not use it to move persons. Never leave the winch with less than 5 wraps of wire rope around the drum.

After lifting operation

Maintain your equipment on a regular basis to extend its working life. Keep the rope and drum clean.

Since each winching situation is different, a good judgment and consistent focus on safety are critical. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

High Quality Mine Winch for Sale

Looking for dependable winch suppliers? Go for Aicrane. We have over 10 years of experience in winch industry and are committed to supplying bespoke solutions to meet the most demanding applications. We never compromise on quality.

The product provided by our company is built with high quality components. We also utilize advanced processing facilities to ensure its quality. In addition, we provide our customers with quality assurance.

We offer a full range of after-sales service, including the equipment installation and commissioning, staff training service, 12-month warranty, etc.

We have a professional team to help your select the right solution for your application. If you are unsure as to which form is right for the job, contact us online and discuss your mine winch specification with our experts.

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