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Anchor Winch

Aicrane anchor winch and windlass are reliable choices for all kinds of anchoring operations. We provide a variety of standard and customized anchor winches and windlasses to meet all your needs. All delivered equipment is durable and efficient, winning the trust of the majority of our customers.

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Features of Aicrane Anchor Winch And Windlass

  • Hydraulic drive or electric drive
  • Single, double or multiple speed
  • Variable constant tension option
  • Optional separate drum
  • Optional warping head
  • Local or remote control

What Are The Types of Anchor Winches?

Aicrane boat anchor winch has two main types according to power source: electric and hydraulic winch.

Electric Anchor Winch


Mainly used by small and medium-sized ships, suitable for anchor chains with a diameter of 16mm-93mm.

Working principle

When the clutch is disengaged, the main shaft and drum rotate but the sprocket does not rotate, which is used for lowering the anchor.

When the clutch is closed, the drum and the sprocket rotate at the same time, which is used for raising the anchor or delivering the anchor in deep water.

The drum brake is used to brake the sprocket to control the speed of the anchor chain.

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78mm Windlass Electric Anchor Winch
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Double Gypsy Electric Anchor Windlass

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Hydraulic Anchor Winch


Widely used by modern large and medium-sized ships, suitable for anchor chains  with a diameter of 16mm-120mm.

Working principle

The main oil pump is driven by the electric motor to produce high-pressure oil, which is delivered to the oil motor through the high-pressure oil pipe and various function control valves and drives it to rotate, and at the same time drives the load shaft fixedly connected to it to rotate synchronously.

When the clutch is disengaged, the sprocket does not move. At this time, the windlass can be used for line handling or anchor lowering.

When the clutch is closed, the sprocket rotates, which is used for raising the anchor or delivering the anchor in deep water.

Hydraulic Drum Anchor Winch
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Hydraulic Windlass Anchor Winch
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Hydraulic Windlass

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How Do I Choose An Anchor Winch?

When choosing a windlass anchor winch, you need to know the following information:

  • Gypsy wheel or wire rope drum anchor winch?
  • Load capacity or anchor weight
  • The length and diameter of the anchor chain or the wire rope
  • Are there any special requirements for speed? Generally the speed is 10m/min.
  • Do you need a small warping head?
  • Electric or hydraulic?

You can discuss these information with our winch experts so that they can help you choose the best anchor winch for your boat.

Aicrane Service

Aicrane provides comprehensive support and services for anchor winch system.

  • A wide range of anchor winch products
  • Technical support
  • Fast delivery
  • Full range of after-sales service


1. What Are The Different Ship Anchoring Methods?

The way of anchoring varies with different waters, weather conditions and ship anchoring equipment.

Bow anchoring – Since the wind and current forces are the smallest when anchoring at the bow, bow anchoring is the main form of ship anchoring, and it is also the reason why the main anchor of the ship is arranged at the bow.

Boardside anchoring – Boardside anchoring is to make the water flow or wind direction and the center line of the ship be vertical or have a certain angle to facilitate ventilation and disinfection or enable the ship to load and unload cargo or perform other operations on the leeward side.

Stern anchoring – Stern anchoring is mostly used for inland watercraft. When the ship sails down the water, it can prevent the vessel from turning around due to breakdown.

Bow and stern anchoring – It is used when the vessels are subjected to the effects of rising and falling cycles, and the active waters are restricted.

Multi-point anchoring – For certain marine floating structures, such as drilling ships, drilling platforms, oil production platforms and navigation mark ships, salvage and rescue boats, etc. which have certain restrictions on the displacement according to the operation requirements, multi-point anchoring and positioning are adopted.

Anchor Rope Winch For Sale
Anchor Rope Winch

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2. What Are The Functions of Winch Anchor?

  • Anchoring
  • Brake
  • Control the heading of the ship
  • When the ship is out of control in strong winds and waves, use towed anchors or tow chains to drift and stagnate to gain time to improve the situation.
  • Use anchors to fix the hull of the stranded ship torefloat the grounded boat.
  • When the landing craft is landing, the tail anchor is dropped in advance, and after the landing is completed, the tail anchor is tightened toleave the beach.

3. How Do You Use An Anchor Winch?

Lowering anchor

  • Anchor preparation: power supply, prepare the anchor ball, observe whether there is a boat approaching, remove the cover → brake firmly → disengage the clutch → lubricate, test run → close the clutch → open the chain brake → release the brake → use the ship anchor winch to deliver the anchor to the surface → apply the brake firmly → disengage the clutch → report that the anchor is ready.
  • Lower anchor: get anchoring order → the chief mate immediately instructs the carpenter to release the brake → for general water depth, the first time release one section into the water, up to two sections → after anchoring at the bottom, brake the anchor chain, and display the anchor signal → Repeatedly loosen the chain when it is tightly tensioned, about half a section each time, until to the required chain length → After properly anchored, close the chain brake and cut off the power supply.

Note: When the water depth exceeds 25m, the marine anchor windlass must deliver the anchor to about 10m from the seabed and then drop it freely. When the water depth is greater than 40m, directly send the anchor to the seabed, and then slowly loosen the chain with the brake.

Raising anchor

  • Preparation: power supply, water supply for the anchor chain, activating the boat windlass → close the clutch → open the chain brake, release the brake band → report.
  • Raise anchor: receiving the order → report the direction of the anchor chain so that the windlass and rudder can cooperate → when the anchor is off the seabed, lower the anchor ball or turn off the anchor light → slowly twist in → close the chain brake, tighten the brake → disengage the clutch → turn off the water of the anchor chain, close the cover, and turn off the power.

4. What Type of Chain Is Used for Anchors?

Chain Types:

According to the manufacturing method: cast steel anchor chains, welded anchor chains, and forged anchor chains.

According to the structure of the chain link: gear chain and gearless chain.

According to the steel grade: marine chains are divided into AM1, AM2, and AM3, with strength AM1<AM2<AM3.

For more information, please feel free to contact us!

16mm Anchor Chain
16mm Anchor Chain

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