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Marine Winch

As a leading marine winch manufacturer, we specialize in designing and manufacturing a wide range of winches tailored specifically for anchoring, mooring, towing, and heavy load lifting and pulling applications on ships. Our comprehensive product lineup includes marine electric winches, hydraulic winches, diesel winches, and more, each engineered to meet the diverse power requirements of marine operations. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we deliver reliable and efficient winching solutions to enhance the performance and safety of marine operations worldwide.

Marine Winches for Sale
Aicrane Marine Winches for Sale

The Versatility of Marine Winches in Maritime Operations

Marine winches have emerged as indispensable tools in the maritime industry, enabling a wide range of critical operations. With their robust construction and advanced functionality, these powerful devices find extensive applications in anchoring, mooring and positioning, and towing operations. As one of leading marine winch manufacturers in China, we recognize the significance of these applications and continually strive to provide innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and reliability for our customers.

Marine Winches for Mooring and Positioning

One of the fundamental applications of marine winches lies in mooring and positioning vessels. Whether it’s a small fishing boat or a large offshore platform, ensuring precise positioning is crucial for the safety and stability of marine structures.

Our cutting-edge marine drum winches offer advanced features such as dynamic positioning systems that enable vessels to maintain a fixed position even in adverse weather conditions or challenging environments. These mooring winches provide exceptional control, allowing operators to adjust the tension and positioning of the anchor or mooring lines accurately. By relying on our marine mooring and positioning winches, operators can enhance safety and efficiency, maximizing the productivity of maritime activities.

Marine Winches for Mooring and Positioning

Marine Winches for Towing Operations

Another essential application of marine winches is in towing operations. From assisting disabled vessels to towing floating structures, marine towing winches provide the necessary pulling power and control required to execute towing operations effectively. Our winches are specifically engineered to handle heavy loads and withstand the harsh marine environment, making them ideal for a wide range of towing scenarios.

Marine Winches For Towing Operations

Equipped with advanced control systems, our winches ensure safe and secure towing, contributing to the success of salvage operations, assisting disabled vessels, and facilitating the transportation of barges. With our state-of-the-art marine towing winches, towing operations are performed with increased efficiency, reducing downtime and minimizing risks associated with maritime incidents.

Boat Towing Winch

Marine Towing Winch

Marine Winches for Anchoring Operation

Our marine anchor winches are built to withstand the demanding nature of this crucial operation. With powerful motors and robust construction, our winches enable vessels to deploy and retrieve anchors and anchor chains efficiently. Installed on the fore and stern sections of the ship, our anchor winches deliver the necessary strength and control to handle heavy loads, ensuring secure anchoring even in challenging weather conditions. By relying on our winches for anchoring, vessels can enjoy enhanced stability and safety, providing peace of mind to captains and crew members alike.

Marine Winches for Anchoring Operation

Marine Winches for Offshore and Subsea Operations

Marine winches also play a vital role in various offshore and subsea applications, including pipeline installation, subsea equipment deployment, and underwater maintenance operations. These demanding tasks often require precise control and substantial pulling power, which offshore winches offer with their robust designs and advanced features.

Our specialized offshore and subsea winches are engineered to withstand the extreme conditions encountered in deep-sea environments. These winches are often equipped with sophisticated control systems, depth sensors, and underwater cameras, enabling operators to accurately monitor and control operations from the surface. Furthermore, the integration of advanced hydraulic or electric drive systems ensures optimal performance, reliability, and efficiency in challenging offshore and subsea environments.

Winches For Offshore And Subsea Operations

Cases of Aicrane Marine Winches

The Various Drum Configurations in Marine Winch

Among the key components of marine winches, the drum configuration plays a pivotal role in line management and operational efficiency. We understand the diverse needs of our customers, so we offer a variety of drum configurations tailored to specific applications.

Marine Winch Single Drum Configuration:

The single drum configuration represents the most common and widely used design in marine drum winches. It features a single cylindrical drum around which the wire rope or cable is wound. This configuration is ideal for applications that require the management of a single line, such as anchoring, mooring, and positioning operations. Single drum marine winches offer simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and efficient line management capabilities, making them suitable for a wide range of marine tasks.

Single Drum Marine Winches
Single Drum Marine Winches for Sale
Single Drum Winch Machine
Single Drum Winch

Marine Winch Double Drum Configuration:

The double drum configuration in marine winches can be classified into two distinct types: coaxial drum and waterfall drum.

  • Coaxial Drum Configuration: The coaxial drum configuration consists of two drums positioned coaxially, meaning they are aligned along the same axis. This design allows for simultaneous winding and unwinding of two separate lines or cables. Each drum can be operated independently, providing flexibility and efficiency in managing multiple lines. Coaxial drum winches are commonly used in applications such as towing, where different cables or ropes need to be handled simultaneously. The coaxial drum configuration offers synchronized control and optimal line management capabilities.
  • Waterfall Drum Configuration: The waterfall drum configuration, also known as parallel drum or side-by-side drum, features two drums mounted side by side horizontally. Each drum can hold a separate line or cable, enabling independent operation. The waterfall winch is particularly useful in applications where simultaneous handling of multiple lines is required, such as anchor handling or offshore construction operations. With the waterfall drum configuration, operators can effectively manage different lines or cables, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency.
Double Drum Marine Winch Supplier
Double Drum Marine Winch
Waterfall Marine Winch
Waterfall Type Marine Winch

Marine Hydraulic Winch vs. Electric Winch: Choosing the Right Winch for Your Needs

Choosing the right winch marine for your vessel can significantly impact its performance, efficiency, and safety. Two popular options at Aicrane are the hydraulic marine winch and the electric marine winch. Here we will explore the features, advantages, and considerations of each type to help you make an informed decision when selecting the most suitable winch for your marine needs.

Marine Hydraulic Winch

A hydraulic winch utilizes fluid power to generate the necessary force for lifting, towing, or anchoring operations. The marine hydraulic winch system typically includes a hydraulic motor, pump, and a spool for winding and unwinding the cable. It is powered by hydraulic pressure generated by the vessel’s hydraulic system or an independent power pack.

Marine Hydraulic Winch
Marine Hydraulic Winch for Sale
Hydraulic Pump Station
Hydraulic Pump Station


  • Power and Performance: Hydraulic winches are known for their exceptional power and performance, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications. They can handle substantial loads with ease, providing a reliable solution for large vessels and heavy cargo.
  • Constant Force: Hydraulic systems maintain a constant force regardless of the load, ensuring smooth and controlled operation even under varying conditions.
  • Overload Protection: Hydraulic winches often come equipped with overload protection systems, preventing damage to the winch and the load in case of excessive weight or strain.
  • Durability: Hydraulic winches are built to withstand harsh marine environments and are less susceptible to corrosion and wear. Their robust construction ensures a longer lifespan with proper maintenance.


  • Installation Complexity: Installing a hydraulic marine winch can be more complicated compared to an electric winch, as it requires hydraulic lines and connections to the vessel’s hydraulic system.
  • Maintenance: Hydraulic powered winches require regular maintenance of hydraulic components, which may involve more specialized knowledge and skills.

Marine Electric Winch

Electric marine winches rely on an electric motor to generate power and are widely used in various marine applications. They consist of an electric motor, a gear train, and a spool for winding and unwinding the cable.

Electric Winches
Marine Electric Winches for Sale
Aicrane Electric Marine Winch
Electric Marine Winch


  • Simplicity: Electric winches are relatively simple to install and operate, making them a popular choice for smaller vessels and recreational boats.
  • Convenience: As most boats have an electrical system, connecting an electric winch machine is often straightforward, requiring minimal modifications.
  • Energy Efficiency: Modern electric winches are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing the overall power consumption of the vessel.


  • Load Limitations: Electric winches may have load limitations compared to hydraulic winches, which means they might not be the best choice for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Heat Generation: During prolonged or heavy use, marine electric winches can generate heat, potentially leading to motor overheating.

Choosing the Right Winch

Ultimately, the choice between a marine hydraulic winch and an electric winch depends on your specific marine needs and vessel requirements. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Load Capacity and Application: Determine the maximum load capacity you will need the winch to handle and the intended use of the winch.
  • Vessel Size and Type: The size and type of your vessel play a significant role in the winch selection.
  • Available Space and Installation: Evaluate the available space on your vessel to accommodate the winch.
  • Maintenance and Durability: Hydraulic winches generally require more maintenance due to their hydraulic components. Consider your maintenance capabilities and availability of hydraulic experts for servicing. Electric winches are typically low maintenance, but ensure you choose a high-quality winch with durable components to ensure longevity.
  • Environmental Conditions: Assess the marine environment in which your winch will operate. Consider factors like saltwater exposure, temperature variations, and potential corrosive elements.
  • Budget and Cost: Evaluate your budget and weigh the upfront cost and long-term expenses associated with each winch type.

If you are interested in purchasing marine winches, do not hesitate to reach out to Aicrane winch professionals to find the perfect winch solution that aligns with your specific marine requirements.

Aicrane engineers
Aicrane winch engineers are here to help you select the right winch.

Aicrane After-Sales Service for Marine Winches: Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Aicrane takes pride in its global presence, with overseas offices spanning across Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other locations. With a dedicated team of over 60 overseas after-sales service engineers, we are committed to delivering comprehensive and reliable after-sales support to every customer.

  • Skilled Engineers – Our team of engineers possesses exceptional technical expertise and skills, ensuring that they are fully qualified to meet all after-sales service requirements. From the installation and commissioning of equipment to regular maintenance checks, our engineers are equipped to handle it all.
  • Installation and Debugging – When you choose Aicrane, you can expect a seamless installation and debugging process, as our after-sales service engineers can be on-site to ensure the equipment operates safely and efficiently. Additionally, our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t end with the installation process. After the equipment is set up, we go the extra mile by conducting dedicated customer return visits to address any concerns and ensure optimal performance.
  • Documentation and Spare Parts – We understand the value of proper documentation and support. That’s why we provide our customers with essential documents such as product certificates, instruction manuals, and maintenance technical specifications. To further ensure uninterrupted operations, we also offer product spare parts.
  • User Training – Through comprehensive training sessions, we equip your operation and maintenance personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle the marine winch equipment with confidence. Our technical consulting services are readily available to provide expert guidance whenever you need it.
  • Lifetime Service Support – At Aicrane, we stand by our products, offering lifetime service support for all our winch equipment. You can trust that we will be there for you throughout the lifespan of your equipment, providing timely assistance and support as needed.

Aicrane After-Sales Service

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