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Towing Winch

Aicrane towing winch has been applied to various types of tugboats and offshore work vessels for rescue, salvage, towing and mooring purposes. The pulling force is generally 10 tons to 200 tons, and the speed is 10m/min. We provide two main types of marine towing winches: electric and hydraulic towing winches.

Two Main Types of Towing Winch For Sale

Electric towing winch

Electric Winches Features:

  • The electric tow winch is driven by a single-speed, two-speed high-efficiency electric motor or the variable frequency drive.
  • The local control panel is located near the winch.
  • Wired remote control or remote control in the cab can also be used as an option.

Various Electric Winches in Our Winch Factory:

Electric Towing Winch For Sale
Electric Towing Winch With Warping Head
Electric Towing Winches Price
Electric Towing Winches With Warping Head
Electric Towing Winch Supplier
Electric Towing Winch With Rope Guider
Waterfall Type Double Drum Towing Winch For Sale
Waterfall Type Double Drum Towing Winch

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Hydraulic towing winch

Hydraulic Winches Features:

  • Marine hydraulic towing winch is driven by the hydraulic pump station and the hydraulic motor
  • It can start smoothly and will not cause impact on the electric system.
  • The hydraulic winch can realize stepless speed change through hydraulic proportional valve.

Various Hydraulic Winches in Our Winch Factory:

Single Drum Hydraulic Towing Winch
Hydraulic Towing Winch With Rope Guider
Hydraulic Tow Winch For Sale
Hydraulic Tow Winch With Warping Head
Hydraulic Double Drum Winch For Sale
Hydraulic Double Drum Winch
Waterfall Type Double Drum Winch For Sale
Waterfall Type Double Drum Winch

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Features of Towing Winches

  • Hydraulic or electric drive
  • Single drum or double drum, linear or waterfall arrangement
  • Suitable for steel wire rope drum
  • Drum capacity according to customer requirements
  • Rope speed according to operation requirements
  • Hydraulic or manually controlled clutch
  • Hydraulic or manual control band brake
  • Local control or remote control
  • Applicable ship types: three-purpose work boats, port tugs, dock tugs, guard tugs, etc.
Tow Winch For Sale With Various Features

Optional Features

We provide a variety of winch options for you to choose!
  • Rope spooling device
  • Warping head
  • Pull force/rope speed/rope length display function
  • Constant tension control or automatic tension control
  • Emergency release function

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We Provide Towing Winch Solutions To Your Specs!

According to the customer’s ship type, the main working scope of the tug, the required rope length, the pulling force and other factors, we can provide customers with the best possible solutions!

All winches are designed by experienced engineers and have been tested under heavy working conditions and harsh environments to prove their superior quality and performance.

When talking to a towing winch manufacturer, please provide the following information in order to provide you with a suitable plan and quotation:

  • Load capacity: ton?
  • Drum capacity: m?
  • Speed: m/min?
  • Electric or hydraulic drive?
  • Do you need a rope spooling device?
  • Operating Voltage
  • Working environment
  • Other requirements
Heavy Duty Towing Winch For Sale
Heavy Duty Towing Winch Manufacturer

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Technical Requirements of Tug Towing Winch

1. Load Limiter
Tow winch should be equipped with a load limiter. The maximum setting value of the load limiting device is 50% of the breaking load of the wire rope.
2. Brake
The electric towing winch should be equipped with an automatic braking device. Regardless of whether there is tension on the winch, it will work when the controller is in the stop or brake position. The brake should be able to support 1.25 times the drum load, and should be able to stop the rotation of the drum at the highest speed without being damaged.

For winches of other drive types, the appropriate braking device should also be able to support 1.25 times the drum load.

All winches shall be equipped with drum brakes, and drum brakes shall have both normal braking and emergency braking functions.

3. Drum Design
Drum diameter – The diameter of the drum shall not be less than 16 times the diameter of the design reference wire rope.

Drum length – The drum should be designed to hold at least a 50m-long steel wire rope at the bottom layer. In this way, there is sufficient wire rope friction in the case of unintentional brake slip during towing operation, and a sufficient length of wire rope can be released.

Flange – The flange should be of sufficient height to wind a wire rope of appropriate length.

Clutch – The winch should be able to disengage from the drive device. The power-operated clutch can also be operated by hand.

4. Auxiliary Equipment
Rope spooling device – According to user needs, the drum can be equipped with an automatic or manual rope spooling device.

Warping head – The winch can be equipped with or without a warping head. If the warping head is set to manually handle the wire rope, the pulling force on the warping head shall not exceed 100kN.

Load measuring device – For new-built tugboats, the tugger winch should be equipped with a load measuring device. It can measure the load on the wire rope drawn from the drum when the rope is taken up, laid out or braked at any time. The load indicator should be installed on the winch control panel and in the cab.

5. Emergency Release
The marine towing winch should be designed so that the drum can be released in an emergency when the rope is taken up, put out or the drum is braked. The maximum allowable delay time from the start of the release action to the unwinding of the drum is 10s.

An emergency release drum device shall be provided in the cab. Other winch control panels can also be equipped with emergency release devices.

After the emergency release, the winch brake should be able to resume normal functions immediately. The winch prime mover should not run automatically after the emergency release.

The control handles and buttons for emergency release shall have protective devices to prevent misoperation.

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