Delivery of 5 Ton Electric Winch to UAE Customer

5 ton electric winch specifications for UAE customer:

  • Rated load: 50KN (1st layer)
  • Nominal speed: 9m/min
  • Drum capacity: 18mm×300m (7 layers)
  • Jaw clutch: manual operated
  • Brake: manual operated

Our electric winches are very cost-effective and help you do the job quickly and economically. The winches have low operating costs, simple installation, easy operation and maintenance. We also offer a wide variety of options to make sure you end up with the right winch equipment for your application.

We offer a complete range of winch products for all kinds of lifting and pulling requirements. Contact us today to get the right winch system for your business!

5 Ton Winch Shipped To UAE

Electric Winch 5 Ton

5 Ton Electric Winch

Aicrane Winches

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