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Construction Winch

Construction winch mainly refers to various electric winches used in a number of different construction engineering projects on land as well as in the coastal areas. It is also available with hydraulic winches and diesel winches. The construction winch machine is primarily designed for lifting, pulling or dragging heavy materials, significantly improving the workflow and working efficiency.

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Customer Cases

Our winch products have been exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, UAE, Australia, Nigeria and other countries. According to the actual use of the winch, we will provide customers with the best possible solutions.

To Indonesia

JM 5 ton electric winches Indonesia

5 Ton Electric Winch For Sale Indonesia
5 Ton Electric Winch For Sale Indonesia
JM 5 Ton Winches to Indonesia
JM 5 Ton Winches to Indonesia

To Malaysia

JM 30 ton electric winch shipped to Malaysia

This 30-ton capacity electric winch was ordered by our Malaysian customer. The winch is ruggedly constructed and has reliable performance, ideally suited to lifting heavy loads.

JM 30 Ton Winch for Sale
JM 30 Ton Winch
JM Winch Machine Manufacturer
JM Winch Machine

To Turkey

16 sets of JM 30 ton winches to Turkey

The Turkish customer trusts Aicrane’s products and services very much and places such a big order. We will always return the trust of customers with high-quality products and services.

30 Ton Winches to Turkey
30 Ton Winches to Turkey

To Pakistan

JM 20 ton electric winch to Pakistan




JM 8 ton and 10 ton electric winches to UAE


To Australia

5 ton electric winch for sale Australia

5 Ton Electric winch to Australia
5 Ton Electric winch to Australia

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Different Models of Construction Winch for Sale

We offer a variety of construction winch systems to meet your business’s lifting and pulling requirements, mainly including AQ-JM slow speed winch, AQ-JK high speed winch, AQ-JKL electric piling winch, AQ-JKD planetary winch and AQ-JMM friction winch. Each of these construction electric winches has its particular uses and unique features.

JM Winch

AQ-JM Winch

Construction Winch for Sale
AQ-JM Electric Winch For Construction

AQ-JM slow speed electric winch is a kind of gear reducer driven winch mainly used in the installation and disassembly of medium to large-sized concrete, steel structures and heavy machinery.

This type of winch can also be used on boats and ships for anchoring, mooring and towing purposes. In the case of marine applications, the winch will be fitted with IP56 marine duty motors and IP65 aluminum can brake. The electric control box will be designed with higher waterproof level.

Technical parameters:

Model AQ-JM
Load capacity 0.5~200 t
Rope capacity 20~3600m
Working speed 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

JK Winch

AQ-JK Winch

High Speed Winch In Construction
AQ-JK High Speed Winch Construction

AQ-JK fast speed electric winch is suitable for lifting and pulling materials in civil engineering construction projects as well as in the installation of small equipment. Besides, it can be a special hoist winch for derricks and cranes.

Technical parameters:

Model AQ-JK
Load capacity 0.5~60 t
Rope capacity 20~500 m
Working speed 20~35 m/min; (single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

JKL Winch

AQ-JKL Winch


AQ-JKL electric piling winch is specifically engineered for vertical lifting of heavy loads in various construction sites, factories and ports. One of the most distinct features is spindle rotation.

Technical parameters:

Model AQ-JKL
Load capacity 1~10t
Rope capacity 20~500 m
Working speed 20~36 m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

JKD Winch

AQ-JKD Winch

Small Constructon Winch
AQ-JKD Small Winch For Construction

AQ-JKD planetary winch is a sort of small winch with planetary transmission.

It is widely used in construction, metallurgy and other industries for lifting and installation work.

This new type of winch features compact structure, stable and easy operation, simple maintenance, low noise and long service life.

Technical parameters:

Model AQ-JKD
Load capacity 0.75-2 t
Rope capacity 20~200 m
Working speed 20~35 m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

JMM Winch

AQ-JMM Winch

Large Capacity Electric Winch
AQ-JMM Large Electric Winch For Construction

AQ-JMM type friction winch is a kind of large winch used for long-distance pulling and large-stroke lifting of large, extra-large concrete and steel structures. It delivers constant rope speed and stable lifting.

Technical parameters:

Model AQ-JMM
Load capacity 0.5~100 t
Rope capacity 20~5000 m
Working speed 5~20 m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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Features And Advantages of Aicrane Construction Winch

  • Sturdy construction – Our engineering winches are built with high quality steel so that it has extended working life. All components used are purchased from reliable suppliers.
  • Smooth operation – It is ensured by gears that have precision machine cut teeth subjected to heat treatment.
  • High efficiency – Precision machining of the equipment can minimize the losses as well as improve working efficiency.
  • Energy efficient – The electric winch offered by our company has low energy consumption.
  • Easy installation and maintenance – Due to simple structure, the winch can be installed and maintained easily. All wearing parts can be removed and replaced easily, thus reducing down time.
  • Custom design – Our winch can be custom designed and constructed to meet your particular lifting and pulling needs.

What to Look for When Selecting A Construction Electric Winch

There are a few things you need to consider in order to choose a proper winch machine, including:

  1. Where is the winch used, on land or port?
  2. What is the specific use, horizontal pulling or vertical lifting?
  3. What is your required load capacity or pulling force?
  4. What is the required rope capacity?
  5. What is the required speed, slow speed, high speed, single speed or two speed?
  6. Do you require a rope guide for improved spooling?
  7. Do you need an electric, hydraulic or diesel winch?

These are basic questions to consider when buying a winch for construction, which are very useful for indentifying the right winch equipment for your particular needs. In case of doubt, contact us online and discuss your construction winch specifications with one of our experts.

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Why Choose Aicrane?

Rich experience: As an experienced winch manufacturer and supplier in China, we have always provided quality winch products for our customers and are capable of offering bespoke solutions to meet their individual needs.

Professional engineer team: The company has a complete sales team, technical team and after-sales service team, committed to providing customers with the best possible winch solutions and high-quality after-sales service.

Quality control: The company attaches great importance to customer experience, strictly controls product quality, and takes full customer satisfaction as its top priority.

After-sales service: We have established a perfect after-sales service network that aims to quickly respond and solve customer’s problems.

High-performance winches: Our quality winch machines are designed for the utmost efficiency, safety and reliability of your winching operations in construction, as well as for the maximum cost effectiveness.

Looking for affordable and durable winch machines? Simply contact Aicrane!

Aicrane Winch Machine
China Construction Winch Manufacturer

Welcome to visit Aicrane winch factory at any time!

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Structure of Construction Winch

The engineering winch is a simple lifting and pulling equipment that consists of electric motor, drum, rope or cable, transmission system, brake and control system. It is constructed with Q235B material, and the drum is made of Q345B steel coil.

Electric motor – Generally speaking, the winch in construction utilizes an electric type since it is extremely safe and reliable, and can be controlled remotely. Moreover, the electric construction winch has low operational cost. This winch is equipped with IP44 electric motor.

Winch rope – A variety of rope materials are suitable for use on construction winches, including wire rope, nylon, polypropylene, polyester and natural fibers. The rope capacity is determined by the length and diameter of the rope.

Drum – The winch drum is available with single drum and double drum to match varied uses, performance and operating conditions. The grooved drum is optional for better rope spooling on the drum.

Transmission system – There are different types of transmission system that can be fitted with your winch, such as reduction gear, spur gearbox and planetary gearbox. The selection of transmission is largely determined by the required efficiency and how much torque to be transmitted.

Brake – The winch construction comes standard with hydraulic block brake.

Winch control – The electric winch can be controlled in many different ways, mainly including push-button control box, pendant control and wireless remote control. The control used for the winch is determined by users’ preference, ease of use, and in addition price.


What Are The Specifications of Electric Construction Winch?


Technical Parameters of AQ-JM Slow Speed Electric Winch
Model Rated
KN m/min m mm KW mm KG
AQ-JM1 10 15 100 9.3 Y112M-6 3 620x701x417 270
AQ-JM1.6 16 16 150 12.5 Y132M-6 5.5 945x996x570 500
AQ-JM2 20 16 150 13 Y160M-6 7.5 945x996x570 550
AQ-JM3.2 32 9.5 150 15.5 YZR160M-6 7.5 1430x1160x910 1100
AQ-JM3.2B 32 12 195 15.5 YZR160M-6 7.5 1082x1014x610 536
AQ-JM5 50 10 270 21.5 YZR160L-6 11 1235x1230x805 1560
AQ-JM5B 50 9.5 200 21.5 YZR160L-6 11 1620x1260x945 1800
AQ-JM5C 50 9.5 250 21.5 YZR160L-6 11 1235x1230x805 1800
AQ-JM5D 50 15 250 21.5 YZR180L-6 15 1235x1230x805 1850
AQ-JM5E 50 20 250 21.5 YZR200L-6 22 1235x1230x805 2000
AQ-JM6 60 9.5 270 24 YZR180L-6 15 1235x1509x805 1800
AQ-JM8 80 8 250 26 YZR180L-6 15 2090x1475x956 2900
AQ-JM8B 80 9.5 350 26 YZR180L-6 15 1075x1598x985 2650
AQ-JM10 100 8 170 30 YZR200L-6 22 2090x1475x956 3000
AQ-JM10B 100 9.5 250 30 YZR200L-6 22 1705x2200x985 3500
AQ-JM12.5 125 8 300 34 YZR225M-6 30 2880x2200x1550 5000
AQ-JM13.5 135 0-5 290 28 YZR225S-8 22 2990x2363x1650 6500
AQ-JM16 160 10 500 37 YZR250M2-8 37 3750x2400x1850 8800
AQ-JM20 200 10 600 43 YZR280S-8 45 3950x2560x1950 9900
AQ-JM25 225 9 700 48 YZR280M-8 55 4350x2800x2030 13500
AQ-JM32 320 9 700 56 YZR135S-8 75 4500x2850x2100 14800
AQ-JM50 500 9 800 65 YZR315M-8 90 4930x3050x2250 19500
AQ-JM65 650 10.5 3600 64 LA8315-8AB 160 5900x4680x3200 46000


Technical Parameters of AQ-JK High Speed Electric Winch
Model Rated
KN m/min m mm KW mm KG
AQ-JK0.5 5 22 190 7.7 Y100L-4 3 620x701x417 200
AQ-JK1 10 22 100 9.3 Y112M-4 4 620x701x417 300
AQ-JK1.6 16 24 150 12.5 Y132S-4 5.5 945x996x570 500
AQ-JK2 20 24 150 13 Y132M-4 7.5 945x996x570 550
AQ-JK3.2 32 25 290 15.5 YZR180L-6 15 1325x1335x840 1011
AQ-JK3.2B 32 30 250 15.5 YZR200L-6 22 1900x1738x985 1500
AQ-JK5 50 30 300 21.5 YZR225M-6 30 1900x1620x985 2050
AQ-JK5B 50 25 210 21.5 YZR225M-8 22 2250x2250x1300 2264
AQ-JK8 80 25 160 26 YZR280S-8 45 1533x1985x1045 3000
AQ-JK10 100 30 300 30 YZR315S-8 55 2250x2500x1300 5100


Technical Parameter of AQ-JKL Electric Piling Winch
Model Rated
KN m/min m mm KW mm KG
AQ-JKL2 20 30 150 13 Y180L-6 15 1370x1650x1210 1200
AQ-JKL3 30 30 200 15 Y200L-6 22 1690x1740x1200 1800
AQ-JKL5 50 30 250 21 Y225S-6 37 2300x2100x1650 3000
AQ-JKL6 60 36 250 24 Y280S-6 45 2350x2100x1650 3200
AQ-JKL8 80 29 250 26 Y280M-6 55 2440x2500x1800 5500
AQ-JKL10 100 29 250 28 Y315S-6 75 2590x2540x1800 5800


Technical Parameter of AQ-JKD Electric Planetary Winch
Model Rated load Rope capacity Rope diameter Motor power Overall Dimensions Overall weight
KN m mm KW mm KG
AQ-JKD0.75 7.5 100 9.3 3 900x340x400 165
AQ-JKD1.25 12.5 120 11 7.5 1140x400x450 315
AQ-JKD1.60 16 160 12.5 7.5 1200x400x480 350
AQ-JKD2.0 20 190 13 13 1400x470x548 510


Technical Parameters of AQ-JMM Series Friction Winch
Model Rated
KN m/min m mm KW mm KG
AQ-JMM10 100 10 4800 30 YZR225M-6 30 1980x2650x850 6000
AQ-JMM16 160 11 1000 34.5 YZR225M-6 45 3350x1920x1320 9500
AQ-JMM20 200 11 3600 39 YZR280S-6 55 3500x1960x1320 10000
AQ-JMM32 320 10 3200 52 YZR280M-6 75 4330x2350x1760 16000
AQ-JMM55 550 5 2000 60 YZR280M-6 75 5000x2800x1900 22000
What Is a Construction Winch Used For?

Construction winch is widely used for vertical lifting or horizontal pulling of heavy loads or materials in construction, water conservancy projects, forestry, mines, wharfs, etc., and can also be used as supporting equipment for modern electronic control automatic operation lines.For example, Aicrane AQ-JM series electric construction winches are suitable for civil construction and installation projects, and AQ-JMM winches are commonly used for the installation and disassembly of various large and medium-sized concrete, steel structures and mechanical equipment.According to your specific application, our professional engineers will recommend suitable winch equipment to you.

How Much Does A Construction Winch Cost?

The cost of a construction winch depends on many factors: load capacity, drum capacity, speed, additional features and functions, etc.

For example, a standard 10 ton winch may only cost a few thousand dollars, but if you require additional features and functions, such as rope spooling device, rope length and pulling force display, etc., the price may exceed 10,000 dollars.

AQ-JM 10 Ton Winch for Sale
AQ-JM 10 Ton Winch Price

Therefore, if you want to know the price of a construction winch, please contact our sales staff by email or phone and let them know your winch requirements. They will offer you a specific quote.

How Does A Construction Winch Work?

The motor drives the wire rope drum through the reducer, retracts and releases the wire rope, and changes the direction through different pulleys.

The process requirements are mainly the drum speed or the speed of the wire rope movement, and the safety and reliability of the braking system.

Is It Worth Getting A Winch?

Construction winch is a simple and efficient winch device that helps you lift and pull heavy loads safely and quickly.

Using a winch can save your labor cost, increase work efficiency and safely, so it is worth getting a winch.

Should Winch Pull From Top Or Bottom?

The wire rope should always pull from the bottom of the drum, which can reduce the height of the wire rope and save space. In addition, since the wire rope is close to the ground, it can reduce the chance of accidents.

5 Ton Winch for Construction
5 Ton Winch for Construction
What Happens If You Overload A Winch?
If exceeding its pulling force, the construction winch usually cannot pull. If it exceeds its pulling force, it should not break. It may break, but it shouldn’t. Pulling capacity depends on the power of the winch.
How Do You Install A Winch?
Fixing methods of winch
The winch must be fixed with ground anchors to prevent slippage or overturning during work. According to the magnitude of the force, there are four fixing methods:

  • Bolt anchoring method
  • Horizontal anchoring
  • Pile anchoring
  • Weight anchoring

Precautions for installation of winch

  • The location of the winch installation must have unobstructed drainage and a work shed should be set up.
  • The installation position of the winch should enable the operator to see clearly the commander and the objects being lifted or dragged.
  • A guide block should be installed directly in front of the winch. The distance between the guide block and the axis of the drum should be no less than 15 times the width of the grooved drums, and 20 times the width of the non-slotted drums to avoid excessive wear of the wire rope and the groove edge of the guide pulley.
  • The direction in which the wire rope is wound into the drum should be perpendicular to the axis of the drum, and the allowable deviation of the verticality is 6°. In this way, the steel wire ropes can be arranged neatly, and will not be slanted winding and overlapping each other.

Do Winches Need Maintenance?
Yes. In construction projects, the winch machine for construction carries out a large number of material lifting tasks. Therefore, in order to ensure that the winch is always in good working condition, and to maximize work efficiency and safety, regular inspection and maintenance are essential.
How Often Should You Service A Winch?

According to the difference of use and maintenance time, the maintenance of the winch can be divided into every shift maintenance, primary maintenance and secondary maintenance.

Maintenance Every Shift

  • Clean the winch body and add the specified lubricating oil according to the requirements of the lubrication table.
  • Check the connecting bolts of all parts, and they should be intact and fastened firmly.
  • Check whether the wire rope is broken or deformed. The wire ropes should be neatly arranged and well lubricated.
  • Check the circuit and control equipment. All connectors should be connected reliably, and the fuse should comply with the regulations. Remove dust and dirt from switches, magnetic starters or cam controllers. The electrical equipment should be protected from rain and moisture and well grounded.
  • Check the brake and clutch. The position of the operating handle should be accurate, the tie rod pin should be firm, the split pins should not be damaged, and the brake band should be kept clean and oil-free.
  • Check the winch operation, and there should be no abnormal phenomena such as shock, vibration and excessive noise.

Primary Maintenance (every 300 working hours)

  • Carry out all maintenance tasks for each shift
  • Remove the dust on the slip ring of the motor and the carbon brush holder. The carbon brush holder should rotate flexibly, with uniform tension and good contact.
  • Check and adjust the brake and clutche, and remove oil stains. Adjust the gap between the brake shoe and the brake wheel. Adjust the clutch to ensure flexible and effective disengagement and engagement.
  • Check the open gear, there must be no damage or breakage.
  • Clean the oil tank of the reducer. Release dirty oil in the reducer and add an appropriate amount of diesel oil, run for 3-5 minutes to release it, and then add new lubricating oil to the specified liquid level after it is cleaned.

Secondary Maintenance (every 600 working hours)

  • Carry out all the work of primary maintenance.
  • Remove the dust and dirt of the cam controller and the contacts, and grind them smoothly to maintain the correct contact surface of the contacts. Check whether the circuit is in good condition, add lubricating oil to the rotating part, and keep the operation flexible.
  • Remove the ash and dirt on the stator windings, check whether there are friction between the stator and the rotor, clean the bearings, and add new lubricating oil.
  • Check the degree of wear of the brake and clutch. The contact area between the brake belt and the wheel should not be less than 80%, otherwise it should be adjusted or replaced.
  • Dismantling and inspecting open gears, the tooth thickness wear should not be greater than 20%-25%, the clearance between the shaft and the copper sleeve should not be greater than 0.4 mm, and the radial clearance of the rolling bearing should be 0.16-0.20 mm.
  • Check whether the gearbox is leaking. Clean the gears, bearings and oil passages of the reduction gearbox. After adding new lubricating oil, there should be no oil leakage at the oil seal.
  • Check whether the wire rope joints are firm. When the steel wire rope wears and reaches the scrap standard, it should be replaced.
  • Carry out full load and overload tests. All parts should meet the requirements and work reliably.

Click here to watch more winch videos.

How Do You Lubricate A Construction Winch?

Timely and adequate lubrication is a prerequisite for ensuring the safe operation of the winch and prolonging its service life. The following are precautions for winch lubrication:

  • The quality of the lubricant must meet the requirements and must not be mixed with impurities such as dust, dirt and water.
  • The sliding bearing at the bearing bracket end is lubricated with 30# oil.
  • The remaining transmission parts are lubricated with gear oil or No. 24 cylinder oil into the drum body.
  • When refueling, the dust and dirt in the oil hole must be carefully removed to prevent it from entering the inside of the component. After the oil is filled, the oil plug should be tightened.
  • For new or overhauled winches, after 8-10 days of operation, the lubricating oil must be replaced in order to remove the fine metal particles worn off during the transmission of the parts.
  • Under normal conditions, replace the oil every three months.
  • The temperature of lubricating oil during operation shall not exceed 80℃

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