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Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch

Heavy duty hydraulic winch is intended for the most daunting jobs on land and sea. It is designed to be hydraulically driven, which is reliable and durable in performance and has high strength. This type of winch is specifically engineered for heavy duty applications and is capable of lifting up to 300 tons. We offer high quality and cost-effective winch machines to help you create maximum value for your business.

Different Types of Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winches for Sale

We supply a wide variety of winches that can be suited to multiple situations.

Various Drum Configurations

According to drum configurations, there are single drum winch, double drum winch and three drum winch for you to choose from. Single drum winch is a simple device that is used in multiple industries. Double drum winch is perfect for heavy duty jobs and it is available with coaxial and waterfall type.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch
Single Drum Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch
Double Drum Hydraulic Winch for Sale
Double Drum Hydraulic Winch

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Different Speeds to Meet Your Job Requirements

Depending on the working speed you require, we mainly offer slow speed and high speed winches. The slow speed operation is generally 0-20m/min so as to deliver more accurate positioning. This type of winch is ideal for short-distance lifting and pulling. The winch with high speed operation is suitable for long-distance lifting and pulling in order to improve working efficiency. Its working speed is 20-45m/min. The speed over 45m/min is also available.

Additional Options for Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch

Winch is a simple mechanical device that incorporates a drum to wind up a rope or cable. As a well-known and experienced winch manufacturer and supplier, we are able to offer both standard and custom design to suit varied needs of customers.

Our winch is designed and manufactured in line with industry standards to ensure reliability, safety and durability. We offer a range of options and accessories to ensure you end up with the perfect winch system, including:

  • Grooved drum – to facilitate even rope laying, which is very helpful for extending the rope life.
  • Rope guide – it guides the rope to spool properly on the drum.
  • Drum guard – it can protect the winch user and ensure a safe operation.
  • Load limiter – it prevents the winch from overloading.
  • Limit switches – it limits the upper and lower stroke.
  • Clutch – for pulling winches only
  • Band brake – a brake fitted on the drum
  • Emergency stop – to stop the winch in case of emergency

If the standard winch we offer cannot meet your required specifications, a custom design will be offered. For more details, get in touch with one of our professionals online.

Rope Spooling Device
Rope Spooling Device
Drum Disc Brake
Drum Disc Brake
Hydraulic Winch With Warping Head

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10 Ton Hydraulic Marine Winch Indonesia
10 Ton Hydraulic Winch for Sale Indonesia
10 Ton Hydraulic Winch to Indonesia
10 Ton Hydraulic Winches to Indonesia


Heavy Duty 30 Ton Hydraulic Winch to Vietnam

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Hydraulic Pump Station For Winch
Hydraulic Winch Pump Station

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Common Applications of Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winches

Designed for heavy industries, the hydraulic powered heavy duty winch can be used for different purposes, such as lifting and pulling heavy materials, mooring a ship, and towing a large boat. It is found in a multitude of applications, including but not limited to:

Construction application

The heavy duty hydraulic winch for construction is ideal for various projects to lift and pull heavy objects. For instance, it can be used in the installation and disassembly of medium and large-sized concrete, steel structures and heavy machinery.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch for Construction
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch for Construction

Mine application

The mining winch is commonly found inside or outside the mine to lift and pull various minerals. In the case of explosive atmosphere, we can design an explosion-proof mining winch machine for safe and reliable winching operations. You can contact our engineers for further information.

Mining Winch for Sale
Mining Winch

Marine or offshore application

The marine winch is engineered for onshore and offshore applications,  such as anchoring, mooring, towing, as well as lifting and hauling heavy objects on board. The winch for marine duty applications must be designed to be reliable and durable in order to stand harsh marine environments.

Hydraulic Marine Winch for Sale
Hydraulic Marine Winch

Due to the versatility and strength of hydraulic winch, it allows for multiple uses and trouble-free operations. With our experienced technical team, we are able to design a proper and economical lifting solution for your unique applications.

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Advantages of Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch

  • Compared with industrial electric winches, the heavy duty hydraulic winches have small size, light weight, stable movement and easy operation under the same power. They can realize stepless speed regulation and automatically prevent overloading.
  • The hydraulic system can work under great pressure, so the hydraulic transmission system can easily obtain a larger torque to meet the various needs of the industry.
  • The inertia of hydraulic components is small, and the oil is not compressible. Therefore, the hydraulic system is sensitive, responds and reverses quickly, and can adapt to the rapid changes in ocean conditions.
  • The hydraulic transmission device uses hydraulic oil as the working medium, and the oil itself has the ability to absorb vibration, so the operation is very smooth.
  • The hydraulic transmission device has various types of actuators, which can be directly connected to the working mechanism to complete various complex actions and simplify the mechanism.

Learn About The Structure of Hydraulic Power Winch

Hydraulic winch is mainly composed of hydraulic motor (low speed or high speed motor), hydraulic multi-disc brake, planetary gear box, clutch (optional), reel, support shaft, frame, rope spooling device (optional), etc.

We also offer hydraulic drives for your winch. The pumps can be driven by separate electric motors or by a diesel engine. Our winches equipment is available with complete drive and control specifications. It can be operated from central control location or by wireless remote control. This form of winch delivers extremely high forces and can afford more control and accuracy in movement.

For hydraulic driven winch, the filters, lines, pumps and oil should be regularly checked, cleaned, changed or replaced to make sure they are in good working conditions. Before operation, you should check for leakage to prevent safety and environmental hazards.

Depending on your requirements, we can design the system to meet your operating conditions. The main hydraulic components are sourced from well-known suppliers. We also offer on site installation, commissioning and maintenance on requests.

Heavy Duty 30 Ton Hydraulic Winch for Sale
Heavy Duty 30 Ton Hydraulic Winch
Hydraulic Pump Station
Hydraulic Pump Station
Pump Station Motor And Fan
Pump Station Motor And Fan
Rope Spooling Device
Rope Spooling Device
Hydraulic Motor
Hydraulic Motor
Hydraulic Valve
Hydraulic Valve
Hydraulic Hose
Hydraulic Hose
Local Control
Local Control
Remote Control
Remote Control
Electric Control Box
Electric Control Box
Electric Control Cabinet
Electric Control Cabinet

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How Does A Hydraulic Winch Work?

The hydraulic system uses oil as the working medium, transmits movement through the change of the seal volume, and transmits power through the pressure inside the oil.

1. Power part: it converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the oil (hydraulic energy), for example: hydraulic pump.

2. The executive part: it converts the oil pressure energy input by the hydraulic pump into mechanical energy that drives the working mechanism. For example: hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors.

3. Control part: it is used to control and adjust the pressure, flow and flow direction of the oil, such as: pressure control valve, flow control valve and direction control valve.

4. Auxiliary part: it connects the first three parts together to form a system, which plays the role of oil storage, filtration, measurement and sealing. For example: pipelines and joints, fuel tanks, filters, accumulators, seals and control instruments, etc.

How to Operate A Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch?

The hydraulic winch can be operated with local control or remote control.

How to Install A Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch?

Here we list several precautions for the installation of hydraulic winches:

  • Before installation, first confirm whether the motor of the heavy duty hydraulic winch is in good condition, and check whether the dimensions of each part of the hydraulic winch match.
  • Then, set the screw on the dust-proof hole on the outside of the hydraulic winch, adjust the clamping ring of the system so that the side hole is aligned with the dust-proof hole, and then insert the inner hexagon to tighten.
  • The next step is to connect the motor to the hydraulic winch. When connecting the hydraulic winch, ensure that the output shaft of the hydraulic winch is consistent with the input shaft of the motor. If the concentricity is inconsistent, it will cause the gears of the hydraulic winch to wear, thereby affecting the use of the winch.

In short, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the heavy duty hydraulic winch, it is necessary to find professional technicians to install the equipment.

Aicrane – Reliable Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch Manufacturer

Winch is one of our areas of expertise. In addition, we supply overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes and hoists to match various lifting demands. If you are buying a winch from us, you will benefit from our high quality products and optimal design. Our winch machines can offer maximum safety and load control. They are ruggedly constructed to ensure years of use and minimal maintenance. To resist tough conditions, all winches are coated with durable paint systems.

What’s more, at our company, you can enjoy a professional after-sales service since we have established a complete service system that comprises 8 service networks and over 60 after-sales service engineers in order to serve our clients globally. Looking for a dependable and durable heavy duty hydraulic winch? You can trust Aicrane!

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