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AQ-JM 5 Ton Winches Were Installed in Lebanon

Two AQ-JM 5 ton electric winches have been installed in our customer’s plant in Lebanon. These 5 ton winches work at the same time and are used to load containers in steel processing plant. Compared with other material handling equipment, the electric winch has simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, low operation and maintenance costs, so it is an economical choice for pulling various loads or materials.

Installation of 5 Ton Winches in Lebanon
Installation of 5-Ton Winches in The Steel Processing Plant in Lebanon

Customer Feedback of Lebanon 5 Ton Winches

After the installation of the winches was completed, we received feedback from the Lebanese customer that the winch was running well and all is good and powerful, and thanked us for kind cooperation.

Toufic - Lebanon

Hi we put the winch into operation and everything is good and powerful. Thank you for your kind cooperation. We would like to purchase more winches from your company.

How Are These 5 Ton Winches Installed in Lebanon?

The installation of the 5 ton electric winch is very simple and our Lebanese customers can install it themselves. All our winches have been assembled and debugged before leaving the factory, and customers only need to do the foundation according to the drawings provided by Aicrane. And after the equipment arrives at the site, wire the winch to the local power source.

If there are any problems during the installation process, our after-sales service engineers can guide the installation online and solve customer problems.

Installation of 5 Ton Electric Winches
Installation of 5 Ton Electric Winches
5 Ton Winch for Pulling Heavy Loads
5 Ton Winch for Pulling Heavy Loads

Different Types of Electric Winches for Sale Lebanon

For different application requirements and working environments, we provide customers with a variety of electric winches, including AQ-JM slow speed winch, AQ-JK fast speed winch, AQ-JKL electric piling winch, AQ-JMM friction winch, etc. In addition, we also provide hydraulic winches and diesel winches to meet customers’ lifting and pulling needs.

If your business requires a winch or mulitple winches for lifting or pulling loads, please feel free to contact us for your winch solutions. Our experienced engineers are here to help you select the right winch equipment for your application!

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