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Mooring Winch

The mooring operation plays an important role in the operation of ships, and offshore operations need to be equipped with sturdy and reliable mooring winches. Mooring winch will work effectively when the ship is berthed or docked, and has many functions such as drift, support and positioning during loading and unloading, and at the same time, it can adjust and compensate for the deviation caused by vibration with a constant tension.

  • Single Drum Electric Mooring Winch

What Are The Two Types of Mooring Winches?

Aicrane mooring winches can consist of up to three mooring drums with a nominal pulling force ranging from 5 tons to 100 tons. Depending on the power source, there are two main types of mooring equipment: electric and hydraulic winches.

Electric Mooring Winch for Sale

Compared with hydraulic winch, the electric mooring winch has the advantages of easy and quick installation, reliable operation, less maintenance, and lower risk of oil leakage or pollution. Therefore, it is a cost-effective choice for your ship.

Electric Mooring Winch For Sale
Electric Mooring Winches for Sale
Model Electric mooring winch
Load capacity 1~100 ton
Rope capacity 200~600m
Working speed ≤15m/min
Drum Single or double
Protection level IP 56

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According to the drum configuration, there are single drum, double drum and triple drum winches for you to choose. The electric motor of the single-drum electric winch drives the drum through the reducer, and a brake is installed between the electric motor and the input shaft of the reducer. In order to meet the needs of traction and rotation, there are double drum and triple drum winches.

In addition, the electric mooring winch machine can be equipped with frequency conversion control. The frequency conversion controlled electric winch is driven by a single-speed electric motor, which is controlled by a frequency converter. It can realize stepless speed change and torque control, with smooth start and stop. Contact us now to get the right electric mooring winch for your boat!

Single Drum Electric Mooring Winch For Sale
Single Drum Electric Mooring Winch on Ship
Single Drum Mooring Winch With Rope Guider
Single Drum Mooring Winches With Rope Guider
Double Drum Electric Mooring Winch For Sale
Double Drum Electric Mooring Winch in Ship

Hydraulic Mooring Winch for Sale

Hydraulic mooring winch is suitable for larger rated loads. Its structure is mainly composed of hydraulic motor (low-speed or high-speed motor), hydraulic normally closed multi-disc brake, planetary gear box, clutch (optional), drum, support shaft, frame, rope press (optional), etc.

The hydraulic winch has the characteristics of compactness, small size, light weight and beautiful appearance in structure. In terms of performance, it has the characteristics of good safety, high efficiency, large starting torque, good low-speed stability, low noise, and reliable operation.

Hydraulic Mooring Winch For Sale
Hydraulic Mooring Winch for Ship
Model Hydraulic mooring winch
Load capacity 10 ton – 50 ton
Drum capacity 100m- 1000m
Working speed ≤15m/min
No. of drum Single or double
HPU Provided as customized

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According to the drum configuration, the hydraulic mooring winches can be single drum, coaxial double drum, waterfall double drum, etc.

Double Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winch For Sale
Double Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winch
Waterfall Type Hydraulic Mooring Equipment
Waterfall Type Hydraulic Mooring Equipment
Single Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winch For Sale
Single Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winches

Other Mooring Winch Types

Windlass mooring winch

The anchor mooring winch is a combined winch equipment, which plays the role of anchoring and mooring.

The main advantage of the mooring winch and windlass is that it not only saves manufacturing and installation costs, but also saves a lot of deck space. Therefore, in the case of limited deck size, the windlass and mooring winch is a great choice.

Anchor Mooring Winch for Sale
Anchor Mooring Winch
Windlass Mooring Winch Manufacturer
Windlass Mooring Winch

Mooring winch with warping head

The winch can be provided with one or two warping heads on the end of the winch shaft for handling line. The warping head is optional according to your requirements.

Winch With Warping Head for Sale
Winch With Warping Head
Mooring Winch With Warping End
Mooring Winches With Warping End

Self Tension Mooring Winch

The marine mooring winch can be equipped with self-tensioning, constant tensioning system, which can adjust the retracting and unwinding of the winch drum in time according to the change of the rope tension, so that the tension can be kept at an ideal value. The control of the automatic tension mooring winch is all completed by the automatic system, which not only saves manpower, but also has high reliability.

Self Tensioning Mooring Winches
Self Tensioning Winches

In addition, we also provide explosion proof mooring winch, automatic tension mooring winch, aft mooring winch, etc. for customers to choose. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

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Mooring Winch Cases

30 Ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches Shipped to Vietnam

Six 30-ton hydraulic mooring winches are shipped to Vietnam. These hydraulic winches for ships are equipped with rope spooling device, warping head, local and remote control, etc. Here are the specifications of the hydraulic mooring winch Vietnam for your reference:

Working load 30T (1st layer)
Nominal speed 12m/min(1st layer)
Drum capacity 38mm×1000m (totally 10 layers)
Jaw clutch hydraulic operated
Brake hydraulic operated
Diameter of warping head 400mm
Delivery of Hydraulic Mooring Winch to Vietnam
Delivery of Hydraulic Mooring Winches to Vietnam
30 Ton Mooring Winch Price Vietnam
30 Ton Mooring Winch for Sale Vietnam
Hydraulic Pump Station
Hydraulic Pump Station
Steel Wire Ropes
Steel Wire Ropes
Remote Control
Remote Control

Delivery of 5 Ton Electric Mooring Winches to UAE

Two 5-ton mooring winches are delivered to UAE. Here are the specifications of the 5 ton electric winch UAE for your reference:

Rated load 50KN (1st layer)
Nominal speed 9m/min
Drum capacity 18mm×300m (7 layers)
Jaw clutch manual operated
Brake manual operated
Electric motor model YZ180L-4/16-H 11/3kW, 380V 50Hz
5 Ton Mooring Winches for Sale UAE
5 Ton Mooring Winches to UAE

The pictures below show the 5 ton electric winch being tested and debugged after being assembled in our factory. Therefore, the installation of the winch at the customer site is very fast and easy.

5 Ton Winch Test
Test of 5 Ton Electric Winch
Test of 5 Ton Electric Winch
Winch Test
Winch Test

If you want to buy a winch in UAE, simple contact us and let us know your specific requirements. Our experienced engineers will design the most suitable plan for your ship according to your needs and actual conditions.

10 Ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches Sent to Indonesia

Ten 10-ton hydraulic mooring winches were sent to Indonesia. The hydraulic winches Indonesia are equipped with warping head for line handling. If you are looking for a reliable mooring winch supplier Indonesia, you can trust Aicrane. The company focuses on the Indonesian market for many years and has set up an overseas office to provide local customers with high quality and convenient services!

10 Ton Hydraulic Winch for Sale Indonesia
10 Ton Hydraulic Winch Indonesia
Hydraulic Mooring Winches for Sale Indonesia
Hydraulic Winches for Sale Indonesia

Delivery of 15 Ton Electric Mooring Winches to Singapore

The following pictures are about the delivery of three 15-ton electric mooring winches to Singapore. The electric mooring winches for ships are quick and easy to install, simple to operate, and low in operation and maintenance costs. It is a cost-effective choice for mooring ships!

Electric Mooring Winches for Sale Singapore
Electric Winches for Sale Singapore
15 Ton Mooring Winch for Sale Singapore
Mooring Winches for Sale Singapore
Delivery of Mooring Winches to Singapore
Delivery of Mooring Winches to Singapore

32 Ton Electric Mooring Winch to The Philippines

32 ton electric ship mooring winch was shipped to Philippines. The electric winch Philippines is equipped with ABB frequency conversion motor and stainless steel control box according to the customer requirements. The winch has high performance, excellent safety and reliability.

If you want to buy a winch in the Philippines, please feel free to contact Aicrane! Our company has an overseas office in the Philippines, with professional sales team, engineer team and after-sales service team to provide faster and better services to Filipino customers.

Electric Mooring Winch for Sale Philippines
Electric Mooring Winch for Sale Philippines
32 Ton Electric Winch for Sale Philippines
Electric Winch for Sale Philippines
Stainless Steel Control Box
Stainless Steel Control Box
Control Box
Control Box

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Videos of Mooring Winches

30 Ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches to Vietnam

3D Video of Double Drum Mooring Winch

Watch More

Features And Options of Aicrane Ship Mooring Equipment

When buying a mooring winch machine, there are various components available as optional:

  • Electric and hydraulic drive
  • Manual or hydraulic clutch
  • Single drum and double drum
  • Band brake
  • Single, double or variable speed
  • Variable constant tension option
  • Warping head
  • Rope spooling device
  • Split mooring winch drum
  • Various control options
Rope Spooling Device
Rope Spooling Device
Warping Head
Warping Head
Local Control
Local Control
Remote Control
Remote Control

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Technical Requirements of Mooring Winch For Ships

Performance Requirement

Drum load – When running at the corresponding nominal speed, the load of the drum should not be greater than 33% of the designed rope breaking load.

Holding load – The supporting load should not be less than 80% of the design rope breaking load.

Recovery load – The recovery load should not be less than 50% of the drum load.

Release load – The release load should not be greater than 50% of the design rope breaking load.

Drum Design

Mooring Winch Design
Mooring Winch Design

1. Tensile strength of 1 520 N/mm and 1 667 N/mm round strand steel wire rope can be used when designing the drum. Synthetic fibers or other types of ropes can also be used.

2. The diameter of the drum shall meet the following requirements:

Use round stranded wire rope: the diameter of the drum should not be less than 16 times the designed rope diameter;

Use polycool or polyphthalamide rope: the diameter of the drumshould not be less than 6 times the designed rope diameter;

Use polypropylene rope: the diameter of the drum should not be less than 4 times the designed rope diameter.

3. The length of the drum shall meet the following requirements:

The length of the drum of normal capacity should be able to wrap the full length of the designed rope and not exceed 5 layers;

The length of the large-capacitydrum should be able to wrap the full length of the designed rope and not exceed 8 layers;

In order to prolong the service life of the rope, heavy load should not be applied when the rope wound on the drumexceeds 4 layers. It is recommended to use a double drum, and the number of rope layers in a drum for storing the rope can be increased.

Mooring Winch Manufacturers
Mooring Winch Manufacturer

4. The height of the flange of the drum shall meet the following requirements:

When all the ropes are wound on adrum of normal capacity, the height of the flange beyond the outer rope should not be less than 1.5 times the rope diameter;

The large-capacity drum should be designed so that the outer rope cannot exceed the height of the flange when all the ropes are stored on the drum. The ropes of each layer should be stacked on top of each other, and no rope diameter should be offset between two adjacent layers.

5. Control braking device

The electric mooring winches must be equipped with an automatic control braking device. When the joystick or handwheel is moved to the stop or braking position or the winch is without power, the control braking device should automatically brake.

The braking device must be able to withstand 1.5 times the load of the drum, and be able to stop the rotation of the drum at the maximum speed without failure.

For winches of other drive types, they can adopt a suitable braking device, which should also be able to withstand 1.5 times the drum load.

6. Drum brake

Each winch needs to be equipped with a drum brake device.

7. Clutch

For winches with warping heads or double drum mooring winches, a clutch should be set between the driving device and the drum.

8. Warping head

The winches can be equipped with or without a warping head, and the shape of the warping head should meet the requirements of GB 7390.

9. Rope spooling device

If the customer proposes, an automatic rope spooling device can be installed on the winch.

Winch Delivery And Installation

Delivery of Mooring Winches

The winch products are generally packaged with plastic film to protect them from rain. Electrical and other smaller parts are packed in standard export-use non-fumigation wooden boxes or plywood boxes, and are reinforced with steel plates to prevent damage.

Winch Delivery

Delivery of Mooring Winch

Mooring Winch Delivery

Installation of Mooring Winches

Our company has its own installation and after-sales team, which can provide customers with after-sales service in time. If the customer requires, we can send 1-2 engineers to the site for installation instructions. The customer is responsible for the specific expenses, including round-trip air tickets, visa fees, local accommodation and transportation, and daily service fees.

Aicrane Installation Service


What Is The Purpose Of Mooring Winch?

The winch has the function of retracting, holding and storing the rope on the drum, and this kind of ship mooring equipment can also be used to winch the rope.

What Is The Function of Mooring Winch System?

When the ship is mooring, fix the mooring line at the end of the ship.

The mooring winch system adjusts the length of the mooring rope to suit the mooring mode of each port and compensate for changes in draft and tide.

The winch keeps the position of the vessel free from the influence of the environment or inertial forces.

Store mooring lines when not in use.

The main brake slips when the rope is under high load to protect the mooring rope, winch, device and structure from overload and damage.

What Are Common Mooring Methods Used For Ships?

Wharf mooring

Ship to ship mooring

Single point mooring

Multi-buoy mooring

Do You Have Mooring Winches in Stock?

The winch is a customized product designed according to the different requirements of customers, so there is generally no inventory.

What Is The Voltage of Mooring Winches?

The default voltage is 3phase 380V 50hz, but according to the requirements of different countries, 220V-480V, 50hz/60hz can be customized. Customers only need to inform the applicable voltage in advance.

Do You Have An Agent or Distributor in Our Country?

Currently we have overseas offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. We also seek agents in other countries.

What Are Your Payment Methods?

The payment methods we can accept are T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc. We also accept credit card payment, and our Paypal account supports credit card payment.

How Long Is Your Warranty Period?

The warranty period is 1 year. If there is a failure or component damage caused by quality problems within 1 year, our company is responsible for providing free replacement parts. However, damage caused by man-made or force majeure is not covered by our warranty.

How to Install A Mooring Winch?

We can send 1 or 2 engineers to the site to guide the installation, but you need to pay salary, round-trip air tickets, visas, accommodation and other expenses.

How Do You Provide After-sales Service?

We can provide 7*24 online service, and our engineers can provide remote guidance. If the problem cannot be solved, we can send an engineer to the site.

Do You Provide Classification Society Certification?

For offshore deck equipment, we can provide classification society certification. BV is required the most, so the time is short and the cost is low. Other certificates like DNV, GL, LR, ABS, RS, etc. can also be provided.

Contact Us For A Quote!

Are you interested in our mooring winches, and would you like to get a quote? Please provide the following information so that we can quote you:

– Rated load: ton?

– Drum capacity: m?

– Speed: m/min?

– Electric or hydraulic?

– Single drum or double drum?

– Do you need a rope spooling device?

– Other requirements

You can inform us of your requirements by filling in the contact form below or sending us an email. Once receiving your inquiry, we will immediately forward it to our sales manager and engineer, and they will work together to select the most cost-effective winch equipment for your ship. Contact us today to get the latest mooring winch price!

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