Wire Rope Winch

Wire rope winch is a sort of drum winch onto which the rope winds. The drum is designed to release, retrieve and store the wire rope. During winching operation, the drum will rotate so as to wind the rope in and out. The resulting tension enables you to lift or pull a heavy load.

Our winches come in a range of designs from electric powered winch to hydraulically driven winch. We can also custom design and construct the winch to your specific lifting requirements.

Take A Closer Look At The Wire Rope Winch Structure

Electric Wire Rope Winch For Sale

Our electric winches come in a range of models to suit varied needs of clients, including:

JM Winch

AQ-JM slow speed winch

AQ-JM Electric Wire Rope Winch Machine Price
AQ-JM Electric Wire Rope Winch Machine

With slow speed operation, the JM winch can provide accurate positioning and precise control of the load.

It is used to lift, pull or drag heavy materials in various engineering projects, such as building construction, road construction and bridge construction.

Model AQ-JM
Load capacity 0.5~200 t
Rope capacity 20~3600m
Working speed 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

JK Winch

AQ-JK high speed winch

AQ-JK Electric Wire Rope Winch Manufacturer
AQ-JK Electric Wire Rope Winch

If you require a higher efficiency in the handling of goods, a JK high speed electric winch may be a perfect choice.

It can also be specially designed as a hoist winch used on cranes and derricks to replace a standard wire rope hoist.

Model AQ-JK
Load capacity 0.5~60 t
Rope capacity 20~500 m
Working speed 20~35 m/min; (single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

JKL Winch

AQ-JKL electric piling winch

Double Drum Piling Winch
Double Drum Piling Winch

This type of JKL winch is specifically engineered for various construction projects to serve vertical lifting purpose.

It is especially suitable for free fall punching and piling operations in bridge and building foundation engineering.

Model AQ-JK
Load capacity 0.5~60 t
Rope capacity 20~500 m
Working speed 20~35 m/min; (single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

JMM Winch

AQ-JMM friction winch

Friction Type Electric Rope Winch for Sale
AQ-JMM Friction Type Electric Rope Winch

With two friction drums, the JMM friction type winch is ideal for long-distance pulling or large-stroke lifting in various construction projects.

Line speed of the winch is constant for safety.

Model AQ-JMM
Load capacity 0.5~100 t
Rope capacity 20~5000 m
Working speed 5~20 m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

JKD Winch

AQ-JKD planetary winch

AQ-JKD Small Wire Rope Winch Supplier
AQ-JKD Small Wire Rope Winch

JKD winch is a kind of small winch machine that can lift or pull up to 2 tons.

The winch features compact size, smooth operation, low noise, long service life and easy maintenance.

Model AQ-JKD
Load capacity 0.75-2 t
Rope capacity 20~200 m
Working speed 20~35 m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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Hydraulic Wire Rope Winch for Sale

Hydraulic powered winch is commonly found in marine and offshore applications. With high strength and durability, it is ideal for extreme tasks. The hydraulic winches can vary widely in terms of designs and functions, such as lifting, pulling, towing, positioning, anchoring and mooring.

Hydraulic Rope Winch
Hydraulic Rope Winch
Model Hydraulic rope winch
Load capacity 5-300 t
Drum capacity 200~1500 m
Working speed 4.5~20 m/min
No. of drum Single or double
Certificate BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc.

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A hydraulic pump driven by separate electric motors or by a diesel motor is required to operate the winch. The installation of the hydraulic winch machine also requires additional equipment, such as pipes and fittings. Therefore, the equipment requires more maintenance care than an electric winch. Our winches are available with complete drive and control specifications to meet your specific operational requirements.

Hydraulic Wire Rope Winch Manufacturer
Hydraulic Wire Rope Winch
Hydraulic Pump Station
Hydraulic Pump Station

Features And Options

  • Capacity: 1 tons to 300 tons
  • Drive system: electric, hydraulic or diesel depending on your requirements
  • Winch control: push-button control box or remote control for electric winches, HPU from a local control or remote control for hydraulic winches
  • Emergency release
  • Grooved drum for improving rope winding on the drum
  • Manual or hydraulically operated band brake
  • Manual or hydraulically operate clutch
  • Rope spooling device
  • Load limiter
  • Limit switches
  • Emergency stop
Wire Rope Winch

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Applications of Wire Rope Winch Machine

The steel wire rope winch is commonly used in a multitude of applications, from lifting and pulling in various engineering projects to anchoring, mooring or towing in onshore and offshore applications.

Winch for construction applications

Wire rope lifting winch: used to lift materials vertically.

Wire rope pulling winch: for horizontally pulling goods and materials.

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Winch for marine and offshore applications

Wire rope anchor winch: commonly found on the deck of the boat for anchoring purposes.

Mooring winch: installed on the boat or on the shore to berth a ship or to support and position during loading and unloading.

Towing winch: widely used on tugboats to tow other large vessels.

Slipway winch: to move various vessels to and from the water by the slipway.

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Advantages of Utilizing Wire Rope Spooling Winch

  • The steel wire rope is extremely durable with excellent abrasion resistance, which is good for the most demanding lifting and pulling applications.
  • With rugged and heavy duty design, the winch provides high reliability and trouble-free operation.
  • The winch equipment can be adapted to almost all sorts of applications.
  • With various safety devices, the winch can ensure a much safer operation.
  • The winch is very easy to operate and convenient to transfer.
  • High versatility, compact structure and large load capacity.
Wire Rope Winch for Sale
Wire Rope Winch Price

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Selecting The Right Type of Wire Rope Winch

All our rope winches can be designed with their own unique features and specifications, thus you need to consider a few things in order to choose a suitable product for your application.

  • What are the uses of your winch?
  • The environmental conditions that the winch will be operating in
  • What will power the winch? Electric, hydraulic or diesel engine?
  • Your required winch specifications, such as rated load capacity or pulling force, rope capacity, line speed.
  • Structural form you require, such as single drum or double drum
  • Additional components and accessories you need, such as rope spooling device and safety devices.

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China Wire Rope Winch Manufacturer & Supplier – AICRANE

Wire Rope Winch Manufacturer Supplier
Wire Rope Winch Manufacturer

We offer:

A variety of winch machines – We provide a range of winch machines from construction winch, mine winch to marine winch to accommodate various applications. These winches are available with a multitude of configurations and specifications.

Design to your needs – We can design and fabricate the winch system to your specific needs.

Quality winch products – All the major components are sourced from renowned brands to ensure the product quality.

Custom design – Custom design is available to make sure you get the desired winch equipment.

Perfect after-sales service – After-sales service is available, such as the onsite installation, commissioning, maintenance and staff training.


1. How to Select The Right Size of Wire Rope for Winch?

Selecting the right size of wire rope is critical for efficient, reliable and safe winching operation. There are several things to consider in the selection of the winch line, such as how often the rope will be used and what is the pulling force. Two factors determine the rope capacity, including length and diameter.

Rope Winch Components
Rope Winch Components

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The maximum pulling power occurs on the first wrap of the drum, therefore, the pulling power will decrease with each additional drum wrap.


The diameter normally comes down to the strength of the wire rope. It is critical to choose the correct safety factor for safe winching. Typically, the rope for lifting winches is delivered with a five-fold safety factor. While a three-fold safety factor is applied to the wire rope for pulling winches.

The length and diameter of the rope are largely determined by the designed winch capacity. You can talk to one of our winch professionals for the right size of the rope.

In addition, depending on the purpose of the rope winch, the equipment can be delivered with single speed, two speed or a variable speed. Variable speed can be achieved using an electric frequency inverter in the control panel or a proportional control valve.

2. How Does A Wire Rope Winch Work?

The motor drives the wire rope drum through the reducer, retracting and unwinding the wire rope, and changes the direction through different pulleys.

The process requirements are mainly the drum speed, that is, the speed of the wire rope movement and the safety and reliability of the braking system.

3. What Is Winch Wire Rope?

The winch uses a drum to wind a steel wire rope to lift or tow heavy objects.

Features of Steel Wire Rope

  • High strength
  • Light weight
  • Long service life

Types of Steel Wire Rope

1. Hard wire rope – made of 6 steel wire strands twisted around a steel wire core without linseed core. It is the hardest wire rope with the highest strength.

2. Semi-rigid wire rope – made of 6 steel wire strands wound around a linseed core. It is softer than the hard steel wire and easier to operate.

3. Soft wire rope – basically the same as the semi-rigid steel wire rope, but there is a linseed core in each steel wire strand, so there are 7 linseed cores in total.

The Function of Linseed Core

  • It acts as a gasket and reduces internal friction.
  • Increase softness, easy to operate
  • Prevent internal corrosion
  • Lubrication

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