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Drum Winch

Drum winch is designed and manufactured for efficient and effortless material handling. It is a simple winch machine that consists of a drum onto which rope winds. During winching operation, the drum will rotate to wind the rope in and out. The resulting tension will lift or pull a heavy load. The winch machine is commonly found in construction, mine, factories and marine. It is capable of handling 1 ton to over 300 tons load.

Drum Winch Design
Drum Winch Design

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Different Types of Drum Winches for Sale

We design and manufacture a variety of winches to suit the needs of every aspect of industries.

Electric Or Hydraulic Drum Winch?

Electrically driven winch

Electric winch is a popular choice for many engineering projects that require a cost-effective and efficient lifting or pulling of heavy loads and materials, such as to lift, pull or drag loads in the installation and dismantling of steel structures and heavy equipment. The electric powered winch delivers safe and reliable operation, easy load control, low operational cost and simple maintenance.

If you are looking for a reliable lifting and pulling winch, always try electric first.

Electric Winch With Rope Guide
AQ-JM Electric Winch With Rope Guide
Model AQ-JM
Load capacity 0.5~200 t
Rope capacity 20~3600m
Working speed 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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Drum Winch for Sale
AQ-JK Drum Winch for Sale
Model AQ-JK
Load capacity 0.5~60 t
Rope capacity 20~500 m
Working speed 20~35 m/min; (single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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Drum Winch Manufacturer
AQ-JKL Electric Drum Winch For Sale
Model AQ-JKL
Load capacity 1~10t
Rope capacity 20~500 m
Working speed 20~36 m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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Contact us for more electric drum winch models.

Hydraulically driven  winch

If the electric power is not available or hard to obtain in your working area, a hydraulic powered winch can be a better choice. What’s more, it can be built for the most demanding tasks, commonly found in marine and offshore applications.

The commonly used marine drum winches include drum anchor winch, boat drum winch, drum mooring winch, etc.

Hydraulic winch is more complex comparing to an electric winch equipment since a hydraulic pump is required to operate the winch. In addition, it is more expensive and requires more maintenance care.

Hydraulic Winch for Marine
Hydraulic Winch for Marine
Model Marine hydraulic winch
Load capacity 1~100 ton
Rope capacity 100~1500m
Working speed 5 ~ 15 m/min
Driven type hydraulic

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Single or Double Drum Winch?

Single drum winch

Single drum winch is a popular style of winch machine, which is more affordable for users. The winch is compact, suitable for lifting and pulling in various industries.

Single Drum Winch
Single Drum Winch

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Double drum winch

The dual drum winch comes in waterfall or linear arrangement based on your requirements. It is ideal for industrial and marine applications. The winch provides large pull force, high working speed and great efficiency.

Double Drum Winch With Double Brake
Double Drum Winch For Sale

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Advantages That Make A Difference to Your Business

  • Simplify the workflow
  • Improve efficiency and safety of load handling
  • High reliability and long service life
  • Smooth operation, minimal maintenance
  • Easy load control

Optional Components and Features:

  • 1 ton to over 300 tons capacity
  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • Single speed, two speed or variable speed
  • Single drum or double drum configuration
  • Grooved drum – to help rope winding on the drum
  • Clutch – available in claw clutch and friction clutch, only for pulling winches
  • Band brake – an additional brake on the drum, manually or hydraulically operated
  • Control panel with frequency inverter
  • Pendant control or wireless remote control – for a safer operation
  • Rope spooling device – for better rope spooling on the drum
  • Additional rope anchor
  • Drum guard – to protect the winch user
  • Limit switches – to limit the upper and lower stroke
  • Load limiter

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10T Winch With Double Brake for Mine
10T Winch With Double Brake

What Type of Drum Winch Do You Need?

20T Winch for Construction
20T Winch for Construction

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With different types of winches out there, you need to consider a few things in the selection of a winch in order to identify the right equipment for your application.

  • What will power the winch? electric or hydraulic?
  • What are the purposes of the winch? lifting or pulling?
  • Your desired winch specifications, such as rated load capacity or pulling force, length and diameter of the rope, line speed and three phase power supply (v/hz).
  • Single drum or double drum?
  • The environment that the winch will be operating in
  • Do you need a rope spooling device?
  • Other special requirements

You need to address the above information when talking to one of winch manufacturers. If you are unsure as to which type of winch is right for your job, please feel free to contact us by filling out the contact form or sending us an email. Our professional engineers and sales manager will assist you to select the most appropriate and cost effective winch equipment to your specific requirements.

Drum Winch Controls

The winch control is a critical ingredient for safe and efficient winching operation. It is determined by several factors, such as the motive power used, user’s demands and preference and the complexity of the equipment.

Electrical – for electrically driven winch, the controls can range from a simple control box that comprises up/down push buttons and emergency stop to a remote control that can be either a control pendant or a wireless remote control.

Electric Control Box
Electric Control Box

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Hydraulic – for hydraulic winch, a hydraulic pump is used to operate the equipment. The winch can be operated from the HPU, from a central control location by removing the control panels from the HPU or by wireless remote control.

Safety Equipment That You May Need

It is critical to fit extra safety equipment for improved work safety and operational efficiency. The winch equipment can be delivered with a variety of safety equipment that either prevent emergency situations or limit the damage.

Equipment like spindle limit switch, load limiter, drum guard and over speed warning is preventive safety equipment, which is intended to prevent dangerous situations by switching off the equipment.

Reactive safety equipment such as emergency stop or cut off valves is designed to minimize the consequences of dangerous situations.

If you have any question, you can talk with our professionals who can advise on which equipment is right or required for your applications.

Getting An Affordable Drum Winch From Aicrane

We provide winch design, manufacturing and service for our clients to help them get the job done in the most efficient and safest way. Let us know your technical requirements so that we can assist you in the process of purchasing the right equipment for the job at hand. With high quality products and competitive price, we can help increase your return on investment.

In addition, we provide a range of winch options and accessories to make sure you end up with a desired winch system. You can talk to one of our winch experts for detailed information.

More importantly, we offer the option of winch service such as the equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, staff training or instruction and free technical advice to make sure you get the best out of your winch. We have established 8 service networks with over 60 after-sales service engineers that are ready to serve your equipment.

Looking for an affordable drum winch? please contact us at any time.

  • 5 ton electric winch for Australian client

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