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Electric Mooring Winch

Aicrane electric mooring winch plays a crucial role in efficiently berthing boats and ships, providing much-needed stability to the berthing process. Based on the unique demands of our customers, we offer various configurations and custom design to ensure that our mooring winches seamlessly integrate into different marine setups and accommodate various operational needs.

Electric Mooring Winch for Sale

Tailored Electric Mooring Winch Solutions for Marine and Offshore Applications

Our electric mooring winches have been carefully developed to accommodate the distinct challenges faced by marine and offshore operations. Whether it’s a compact single point mooring setup or a more complex 4-point or 8-point mooring system, our solutions are adaptable and can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your specific project requirements.

Single Point Mooring Solutions

Our electric single point mooring winch solutions are meticulously engineered to provide exceptional stability and control during vessel offloading and loading operations. With the ability to anchor the vessel from a single point, our mooring winches ensure precise positioning and reduce downtime significantly.

Single Point Mooring Winch Solution

Single Point Electric Mooring Winch

Multi-Point Mooring Solutions

For more complex mooring and positioning requirements, such as 4-point and 8-point mooring systems, our electric winches offer unmatched versatility. With the ability to handle multiple anchor points, our winches distribute the load evenly, ensuring secure mooring even in adverse weather conditions.

Key Features of Multi-Point Mooring Winch Solutions:

  • Load Distribution: Our winches are designed to evenly distribute the load across multiple anchor points, providing enhanced stability and reducing stress on individual mooring lines.
  • Synchronized Control: The multi-point mooring winches can be synchronized to work in unison, ensuring coordinated mooring operations and minimizing the risk of vessel drift.
  • Configurable Options: We offer customizable power configurations, control systems, and line speeds, allowing clients to tailor the winches to match their specific operational requirements.

Multi-point Mooring Winch Solution

Two Types of Electric Mooring Winches for Sale

There are two main types of electric mooring winches based on the winch drum configuration: single drum and double drum. Each type is uniquely designed to excel in specific applications, providing reliable performance and efficiency.

Single Drum Electric Mooring Winches

Our single drum electric mooring winches are engineered to deliver exceptional versatility and efficiency across various marine and offshore operations. Featuring a single drum configuration, these winches are compact and ideal for installations with limited space.

Single Drum Mooring Winch

Single Drum Electric Mooring Winch

Double Drum Electric Mooring Winches

Our double drum mooring winches provide enhanced control and redundancy for critical marine and offshore applications. With two independent drums, these winches offer greater flexibility and safety during mooring operations. The dual drum configuration can be coaxial or waterfall arrangement to meet varied needs of mooring operations.

Double Drum Electric Mooring Winch

Waterfall Type Mooring Winches

Cases of Aicrane Electric Mooring Winches

Delivery 50 Ton Electric Mooring Winch To Indonesia

A 50-ton electric mooring winch was delivered to Indonesia, which was specially customized to meet the precise mooring requirements of our valued client. This mooring winch in Indonesia is equipped with a hydraulic brake system, ensuring precise control and enhancing the safety of mooring operations. Additionally, a rope spooling device has been integrated, guaranteeing smooth and efficient winding of the rope, minimizing any risks of tangling or damage.

50 Ton Electric Mooring Winch

5 Ton Marine Electric Mooring Winches Shipped To UAE

We are excited to announce the dispatch of two robust 5-ton electric mooring winches, along with reliable capstans, to UAE. Designed with precision, these high-performance winches are tailored to meet the specific mooring requirements of our esteemed client in the region. Below are the specifications of the electric mooring winches in UAE for your reference:

Rated load 50KN (1st layer)
Nominal speed 9m/min (1st layer)
Drum capacity 18mm×300m (7 layers)
Holding load 150KN (1st layer, static)
Jaw clutch manual operated
Brake manual operated

5 Ton Electric Mooring Winches to UAE

5 Ton Mooring Winches

Mooring Winches And Capstans

How to Choose the Perfect Mooring Winch

Selecting the right electric mooring winch is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the efficiency and safety of marine and offshore operations. To ensure you make the best choice, there are several key specifications that need to be considered. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process and find the most suitable winch system for your specific applications.

  • Working Load: Determining the working load of the winch is essential as it directly affects the winch’s capacity to handle the required loads during mooring operations.
  • Rope Diameter: Selecting the appropriate rope diameter is crucial for optimal performance and durability. The diameter should be chosen based on the winch’s design and the expected loads to ensure a secure and reliable mooring system.
  • Nominal Speed: The nominal speed determines how quickly the winch can deploy or retrieve the mooring lines. Consider the operational requirements and the desired mooring speed to choose a winch with an appropriate nominal speed.
  • Rope Capacity: The rope capacity of the winch drum should be sufficient to accommodate the length of the mooring lines required for your specific application. Ensure that the winch can store the necessary length of rope without any overloading issues.
  • Rope Guide Requirement: Depending on your specific application and rope type, you may require a rope guide to ensure smooth and precise spooling of the mooring lines. Evaluate the need for a rope guide to enhance the overall performance of the winch.
  • Automatic Tension Mooring Winch: For certain operations, an automatic tension mooring winch can offer significant advantages, including reduced manual intervention and enhanced safety. Assess your requirements to determine if an automatic tension winch is the right choice for your application.
  • Working Condition: Evaluate the specific working conditions in which the winch will operate, such as weather conditions, load frequency, and environmental challenges. Choose a winch that is designed to withstand and perform optimally under these conditions.
  • Classification Society Certification: For certain marine applications, such as in shipping and offshore industries, a marine winch with certification from a recognized classification society may be required. Verify the need for certification based on your project’s regulatory standards.

Selecting the right mooring winch is a critical step in ensuring the success and safety of your marine and offshore operations. Our team of winch experts is always ready to assist you in making this vital decision. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or requirements, and we’ll be delighted to guide you towards the optimal solution for your mooring needs.

Unique Features and Benefits of Electric Mooring Winch

Reliable and Durable Performance

  • Our electric mooring winches excel in providing reliable and long-lasting performance. Utilizing high-quality steel materials, these winches are crafted to endure, extending their service life significantly. With precision machined gears, the winches ensure a smooth operation that you can depend on.

Easy Operation and Excellent Safety

  • Operating our electric mooring winches is a breeze, and we prioritize safety and reliability above all else. The electric-driven system allows users to effortlessly control the winch, providing peace of mind regarding its dependable performance.

Easy Installation and Minimal Maintenance

  • Installing and maintaining our electric mooring winches is hassle-free, thanks to their simple structure. The straightforward installation process saves time and effort, while the clever design permits easy removal and replacement of vulnerable parts, reducing potential downtime.

Simple Structure and Reasonable Cost

  • Compared to hydraulic mooring winches, our electric winches boast a simpler structure, resulting in lower costs and easier maintenance. This makes them an economical choice for various mooring needs, with a low overall cost of ownership.

Custom Design

  • We take pride in offering flexibility with our electric mooring winches. They can be custom designed and manufactured according to customer requirements, ensuring they meet individual needs and preferences with maximum satisfaction.

Aicrane – Your Trusted Electric Mooring Winch Manufacturer for Reliable Mooring Solutions

When it comes to finding a reliable and durable electric mooring winch machine, look no further than Aicrane! With a wealth of experience in winch design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, and after-sales service, we have established ourselves as a reliable winch manufacturer, trusted by customers worldwide.

  • Global Presence and Export Excellence – Our commitment to quality and innovation has enabled us to export our winch products to numerous countries and regions across the globe. With each successful delivery, we have garnered trust and recognition from customers who rely on our winches for seamless mooring operations.
  • Versatile Mooring Winch Types and Configurations – At Aicrane, we understand that every mooring application is unique. Therefore, we offer a wide array of mooring winch types and configurations to cater to diverse needs. Our product range includes both electric and hydraulic winches, each designed to provide optimal efficiency, safety, reliability, and durability.
  • Customized Solutions for Precise Needs – We take pride in our ability to tailor winch solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Whether you need an electric mooring winch or a hydraulic variant, we work closely with you to understand your project needs and provide a customized solution that perfectly aligns with your operational demands.
  • Global Customer Support – Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Aicrane. To provide prompt and efficient services, we have established overseas offices in key locations, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, and other countries. This allows us to extend our reach and offer fast and reliable services to our valued customers.
  • Competitive Winch Price – At Aicrane, we understand the significance of cost-effectiveness. Therefore, we are committed to offering the most competitive electric mooring winch prices to our clients without compromising on quality. Our winches provide an exceptional return on investment, ensuring your mooring operations are carried out seamlessly and efficiently.

If you are in need of an electric mooring winch or any other type of winch solution, please feel free to contact us for a detailed quotation. Our team of experts is ready to assist you and provide personalized recommendations to ensure you get the perfect winch for your specific requirements.

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