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Electric Mooring Winch

Electric mooring winch is a reliable and safe winch equipment in marine to berth boats and ships as well as stabilize the berth. It is generally fixed on the shore. This marine winch can also be installed on the boat for mooring purposes.

  • The capacity of mooring winch is in a range of 5t to 50 tons, and the working speed is generally 10m/min.
  • According to the drum configurations, our electric mooring winches can be divided into single drum winch, double drum winch and three drum winch.
  • According to the structure, the winches can be classified into left-hand type and right-hand type.
  • Single Drum Electric Mooring Winch

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Customer Cases

5T marine electric mooring winches to UAE

Two 5-ton electric mooring winches and a capstan will be shipped to UAE. Below are the specifications of electric winch UAE for your reference:

  • Rated load: 50KN (1st layer)
  • Nominal speed: 9m/min (1st layer)
  • Drum capacity: 18mm×300m (7 layers)
  • Holding load: 150KN (1st layer, static)
  • Jaw clutch: manual operated
  • Brake: manual operated
5 Ton Electric Mooring Winches to UAE
5 Ton Electric Mooring Winches to UAE
Mooring Winch For Sale UAE
Mooring Winch UAE
Mooring Winch For Sale UAE
Mooring Winch For Sale UAE

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Delivery of 50 ton electric mooring winches to the Philippines

Two 50-ton electric mooring winches are on their way to the Philippines. These electric winches Philippines are of simple structure, quick and easy installation, low operation and maintenance costs, making them cost-effective choices for customers.

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Single drum mooring winch in Indonesia

The single drum mooring winch Indonesia is installed on the customer’s boat for mooring purpose. The mooring winch is provided with rope guider for better spooling of rope on the drum.

Single Drum Mooring Winch On Ship

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Two Types of Electric Mooring Winches For Sale

We supply a wide variety of electric mooring winches to suit varied needs of customers. According to the winch drum configuration, there are two main types: single drum and double drum.

Single Drum Mooring Winch

Single Drum Electric Mooring Winch For Sale
Single Drum Electric Mooring Winch
Model Single drum mooring winch
Load capacity 1~100 ton
Rope capacity 200~600m
Working speed ≤15m/min
Drum single
Protection level IP 56

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Double Drum Mooring Winch

Double Drum Electric Mooring Winch For Sale
Double Drum Electric Mooring Winch
Waterfall Type Mooring Winch for Sale
Waterfall Type Mooring Winch
Model Double drum mooring winch
Load capacity 20~100 ton
Rope capacity 200~1000m
Working speed ≤15m/min
Drum Double
Protection level IP 56

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In addition, according to the working speed, there are single speed, two speed and three speed winches. And according to the structure, we offer coaxial winch and waterfall winch to match your performance and operating conditions. The mooring winch for ships can also be right-hand and left-hand based on user’s preference.

How to Select The Right Mooring Winch?

In order to select a proper electric mooring winch machine, there are a few main specifications you need to specify:

  • The working load of winch drum
  • Holding load
  • Rope diameter
  • Nominal speed
  • Rope capacity
  • Operating voltage and structural requirements
  • Do you require a rope guide?
  • Do you need an automatic mooring winch?
  • How is the working condition?
  • Do you need a warping end?
  • Do you need a classification society certification?

These questions are very useful for deciding the most suitable winch system for your particular applications. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your specifications with our winch experts.

Marine Mooring Winch for Sale
Marine Mooring Winch Price
Single Drum Mooring Winch
Electric Mooring Winch for Sale

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Features of Electric Mooring Winch

  • Reliable and durable performance

    Our mooring winches are made of high-quality steel materials, which can extend their service life. Gears with precision machined teeth ensure smooth operation.

  • Easy operation and excellent safety

    The electric driven mooring winch is easy to operate and has high safety and reliability.

  • Easy installation and minimal maintenance

    Due to its simple structure, the electric mooring winch can be easily installed and maintained. All vulnerable parts can be easily removed and replaced, reducing downtime.

  • Simple structure and reasonable cost

    Compared with hydraulic winches, electric winches have simple structure, low cost and easy maintenance. The later use cost is also low.

  • Custom design

    Our winches can be custom designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

Custom Electric Mooring Winch For Sale
Custom Electric Mooring Winch

Electric Mooring Winch Design to Your Specs!

Electric power mooring winch is a simple piece of marine machine incorporating a winch onto which the rope is wound. Through spur gear transmission system, the motor drive is connected to the winch drum and warping end. The transmission system can also be fitted with a clutch and a band brake. The warping end functions as a locking device as it can prevent the rope from sliding off the drum when it is pulled excessively.

Backed by professional technical team, the mooring winch supplied by our company can be designed into any capacity and size to match your business demands, such as 5 ton mooring winch, 10 ton mooring winch, 15 ton mooring winch, 20 ton mooring winch and 50 ton mooring winch. Besides, it can be custom designed and constructed to meet your special requirements.

Different capacities of winches for sale

5 Ton Electric Mooring Winch
15 Ton Electric Mooring Winches For Sale
15 Ton Electric Mooring Winch
22 Ton Electric Mooring Winch
50 Ton Electric Mooring Winch

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Technical Requirements of Electric Mooring Winch

  • Rope drum

    Generally, the safety factor of the cable is 6~8. If no special requirements are specified, the safety factor will be 6. The rope is available in many different types, such as synthetic fiber and wire rope. When using the wire rope, the diameter of the drum is not less than 16 times the designed rope diameter.

  • Automatic control brake

    The electric mooring winch will be equipped with automatic control brake. When the handle is at the brake or the winch is unpowered, this device should automatically brake.

  • Drum brake

    Each winch should be equipped with drum brake for a safe winching operation.

  • Winch controls

    The direction of movement should be clearly marked on the control device.

  • Clutch

    For double drum mooring winch or winch with warping end, a clutch should be placed between the drive unit and the drum.

  • Warping end

    The warping end is optional for your mooring winch. Its shape should meet the standard of GB7390.

  • Rope guide

    According to the customer’s requirements, rope guide can be fitted on the electric marine winch.

Aicrane – Your Trusted Winch Manufacturer

Looking for a reliable and durable mooring winch machine? You can trust Aicrane!

  • We have a wealth of experience in winch design, fabrication, delivery, installation and maintenance.
  • Our winch products have been exported to many countries and regions in the world.
  • The mooring winch offered by our company is available with multiple types and configurations, mainly including electric, hydraulic winches. Each of them can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Our winches are meant for the utmost efficiency, safety, reliability and durability of mooring operations.
  • We have overseas offices in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and other countries to provide customers with fast services.
  • What’s more, we offer the most competitive winch price to our clients.

To receive an electric mooring winch quotation, please feel free to contact us!

Electric Mooring Winch Supplier
Electric Mooring Winch Manufacturer

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What Is the Purpose of Mooring Winch?

This type of winch can operate effectively when the ship is berthing. It has many other functions, such as drifting, supporting and positioning during loading and unloading. At the same time, by means of constant tension, it helps compensate for deviation caused the vibration.

The electric type mooring winch is very easy and safe to use as compared to a hydraulic mooring winch. It has simple structure and can be controlled remotely. Powered by electricity, this winch machine has low operating cost.

15 Ton Electric Mooring Winch For Sale
15 Ton Mooring Winch for Sale
How Do Electric Mooring Winches Work?

The working principle of an electric mooring winch is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy through a motor, that is, the rotor of the motor rotates and drives the drum to rotate after the V-belt, shaft and gear decelerate.

It uses an electric motor as power, drives the drum through an elastic coupling, a three-stage closed gear reducer, and a gear coupling, and uses an electromagnetic system.

What Are The Maintenance Done On The Mooring Winch?

A proper maintenance of mooring winch is indeed important for the overall safe mooring operations. Here are some maintenance tips for your reference:

  1. Check the critical components of winch machine prior mooring to make sure they are in good working conditions. For instance, check all controls, rope and drum.
  2. Conduct regular greasing of rotating parts of mooring winch, such as rollers, drum and fairleads.
  3. Conduct visual inspection periodically for damages.
  4. Clear walkway to ensure the deck is completely free of obstructions and oil residues.
  5. Maintain the wire rope regularly to improve its performance as well as extend its life.
  6. Mark and label the winch properly to ensure a safe and effective operation. Specifically speaking, the rotating direction of the drum should be clearly marked; the fairleads and rollers should be marked with their safe working limits; braking capacity shall be marked.
What Is A Warping Drum Used For?
For normal mooring, the rope on the mooring winch drum is sufficient. However, sometimes the ship needs to use an additional mooring rope when docking or passing through the ship lock. At this time, a secondary drum, that is, a warping drum is required to retract the rope.
What Are The 3 Methods of Mooring?

Single-buoy or single-point mooring system:

Generally, larger vessels that cannot approach ports and wharves are moored at port boundaries or shelters, and cargo transshipment is carried out through single-point or single-buoy mooring.

The basic principle of the buoy is to keep the position of the ship stable relative to the buoy, while allowing the ship to swing in the wind.

Conventional buoy or multi-buoy mooring:

In this method, the bow of the ship is fixed with two anchors, while the stern is fixed on the buoy.

Mediterranean mooring:

For this type of mooring, engine motion is used to determine and approximate a pre-calculated position. The bow was initially tilted towards the berth, and the starboard anchor was released at this position.

After that, the engine runs backwards and releases the port anchor at the designated location. The boat leaned back and swung to starboard. Therefore, the ship is secured by two anchors when approaching the dock. Then pass the stern line, keeping the mooring tight by using anchor cables.

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