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10 Ton Winch

10 ton winch is a popular lifting and pulling device with the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, excellent safety and reliability. The winch 10 ton comes in large varieties to meet your specifications: electric and hydraulic winches depending on the power source; single and double-drum winches depending on the drum configuration; slow and high-speed winches according to the working speed.

Electric Winch 10 Ton

Winch Machine 10 Ton

Different Types of 10 Ton Winch for Sale

Here you can get a brief overview of the two main types of Aicrane 10 ton winches: electric winches and hydraulic winches.

10 Tons Electric Winch for Sale

Electric Winch Machine 10 Ton
AQ-JM Winch Machine 10 Ton

AQ-JM slow speed electric winch is found in various construction sites and mining areas for accurate lifting and pulling of heavy objects. This electric winch is a sort of gear reducer drive winch with excellent safety feature.

Technical parameters:

Model AQ-JM
Load capacity 10 ton
Rope capacity 20~3600m
Working speed 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
AQ-JK 10 Tonne Winch For Sale
AQ-JK 10 Tonne Winch

AQ-JK fast speed electric winch is designed for increased efficiency and productivity. The high speed winch can be a special lifting device attached to derricks, gantry cranes and hoist trolleys to perform the main lifting function.

Technical parameters:

Model AQ-JK
Load capacity 10 ton
Rope capacity 20~500 m
Working speed 20~35 m/min; (single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
10 Ton Piling Winch Price
AQ-JKL 10 Ton Piling Winch

AQ-JKL fast speed electric piling winch, as the name suggests, is ideal for punching and piling operations in bridge, wharf and building construction projects.

Technical parameters:

Model AQ-JKL
Load capacity 10 ton
Rope capacity 20~500 m
Working speed 20~36 m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
AQ-JMM Electric Winch
AQ-JMM Winch

AQ-JMM friction winch uses the friction between the wire rope and the drum to generate tension. This electric winch has two major advantages:

First, it can reduce the wear and tear of the wire rope and increase the service life, because the position of the wire rope does not change, and the deflection angle of the wire rope will not be generated.

Second, the rope pulling force and speed of the friction winch are constant, so the whole machine runs stably and the impact force is small.

Technical parameters:

Model AQ-JMM
Load capacity 10 ton
Rope capacity 20~5000 m
Working speed 5~20 m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

Please feel free to contact us for pricing per 10 ton electric winch model. According to your lifting and pulling requirements, our winch experts can help you select the right equipment for your job and provide you with a quote..

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10 Ton Hydraulic Winch For Sale

The hydraulic winch 10 ton is ideal for marine applications. It can be used on ships for the purposes of anchoring, mooring or towing. The most commonly used types of marine hydraulic winches include: anchor winches, mooring winches, towing winches, anchor mooring winches, etc.

10 Ton Hydraulic Winch for Sale
10 Ton Hydraulic Winch
Hydraulic Pump Stations
Hydraulic Pump Stations

Features of hydraulic winches:

  • In terms of performance, hydraulic winch has the characteristics of good safety, high efficiency, large starting torque, good low speed stability, low noise and reliable operation.
  • The drum, support shaft and frame are designed according to the mechanical requirements, and the overall structure is compact and reasonable and has sufficient strength and rigidity.
  • The hydraulic motor has high mechanical efficiency, large starting torque, and can be equipped with different distributors according to working conditions.

If you are looking for reliable 10 ton hydraulic winch manufactures and suppliers, simply contact Aicrane. Our winch factory can provide you with a durable winch machine for your business.

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Export Cases

Our winches have been exported to many countries and regions, such as Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, Nigeria, Australia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, etc. Many customers are very satisfied with our products and services and maintain long-term cooperation. Here are some of our 10 tonne winch cases:

AQ-JM 8T and 10T Electric Winches Shipped to UAE

The AQ-JM 8 ton and 10 ton electric winches were shipped to UAE. Theses winches UAE are employed for pulling heavy loads at the customer’s construction site. By using electric winches, the work efficiency is greatly improved and manpower is saved.

8 Ton And 10 Ton Winches for Sale UAE
8 Ton And 10 Ton Winches UAE

Delivery of 10 Ton Hydraulic Winches to Indonesia

10 ton hydraulic winches were delivered to Indonesia. The winches Indonesia are used on boats for mooring. The customer said that the equipment is running well now and is very satisfied with the quality of our products.

10 Ton Hydraulic Winch for Sale Indonesia
10 Ton Hydraulic Winch Indonesia
Hydraulic Winch for Sale Indonesia
Hydraulic Winch for Sale Indonesia

10 Ton Double Drum Electric Winch to Hong Kong

A double drum 10 ton winch was shipped to Hong Kong. According to customer requirements, the 10-ton electric winch is equipped with variable speed control. We can customize winches to meet customer requirements.

10 Ton Electric Winch for Sale Hong Kong
10 Ton Electric Winch to Hong Kong
10 Ton Variable Speed Winch for Sale
10 Ton Variable Speed Winch
Variable Speed Electric Winch 10 Ton for Sale
Variable Speed Electric Winch 10 Ton
Packaging And Shipping
Packaging And Shipping
Electrical Box
Electrical Box

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Options For 10 Ton Winch

There are also options for customers to choose from to ensure customers get the right winch equipment from Aicrane:

Rope spooling device

Various control options

Rope Spooling Device
Rope Spooling Device

Band brake


Drum Disc Brake
Drum Disc Brake

Variable speed control

Load limiter

Overload Limiter And Height Limiter
Overload Limiter And Height Limiter

Rope length measurement

Pulling force display

Rope Length Measuring Device
Rope Length Measuring Device

Common Applications of 10 Ton Winches

The winches we provide have two major applications: one is used for lifting and pulling heavy objects in various engineering projects, namely construction winch, and the other is used on ships, docks or shores for anchoring, mooring, towing, as well as lifting and towing heavy objects on the ship, namely marine winch.

For Construction Applications

The construction winch has a wide range of applications, including civil construction and installation engineering for construction and installation companies, mining areas, factories, and road and bridge engineering equipment installation for road and bridge construction projects.

The AQ-JM electric winches shown in the picture below are installed in our customer’s workshop for pulling heavy loads:

Pulling Winch Used in Factory
Pulling Winch Used in Factory
Electric Winch for Pulling
Winch for Pulling
Winch In Factory
Winch In Factory

This AQ-JK variable speed winch ordered by a Zimbabwe customer is installed in the mine vent to lift underground materials:

Electric Winch Used in Mine
Winch Used in Mine
Electric Winch for Sale Zimbabwe
Winch for Sale Zimbabwe
Winch With Double Brake
Winch With Double Brake

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For Marine Applications

We provide various types of winches for your boat and marine applications, including anchor winch, mooring winch, anchor mooring winch, towing winch, capstan, positioning winch, boat slipway winch, etc.

Anchor Winch for Sale
Anchor Winch
Mooring Winch Supplier
Mooring Winch
Anchor Mooring Winch for Sale
Anchor Mooring Winch
Positioning Winch Manufacturer
Positioning Winch

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How to Select A Proper 10 Ton Winch?

In the selection of a 10 ton winch machine, there are several factors determining your choice, including speed, power source, drum capacity and configuration, drive type and other factors. You may need a 10 ton slow speed winch, high speed winch, variable speed winch, electric winch, hydraulic winch, single drum winch, double drum winch, etc. You need to consider it according to your actual application.

Working Speed: Slow Speed, Fast Speed or Variable Speed

Generally speaking, the slow speed electric winch 10 ton is ideal for various building installation projects since it requires a short-distance lifting and accurate positioning.

The high speed winch is more suitable for long-distance lifting or pulling objects for that it can improve productivity and reduce power consumption.

In addition, variable speed winch control is optional to simplify control and save energy.

The cost of the 10 ton winch is different depending on the speed selected.

Slow Speed Winch for Sale
Slow Speed Winch
Fast Speed Winch Price
Fast Speed Winch
Variable Speed Winch Price
Variable Speed Winch

Power Source: Electric, Hydraulic or Diesel

Electric winch is a popular and economical options for many construction and mining sites due to its safe and reliable performance, low operational cost and easy operation.

However, for some situations where the electric winch is not practical, such as demanding marine operations, hydraulic winch is a better option.

If you require diesel engines, we also provide diesel winches.

Electric Winch
Electric Winch
Hydraulic Winch Price
Hydraulic Winch
10 Ton Diesel Winch for Sale
10 Ton Diesel Winch

Rope Drum: Single Drum or Double Drum

You need to determine the drum capacity, that is, the length and diameter of the wire rope. The winch can be designed with single or double drum:

The single drum winch is applicable to general construction sites since it has simple structure, low cost and convenient operation.

In the event of pulling a trolley back and forth on double track, the double drum winch should be used to simplify the installation work, improve productivity and reduce labor forces.

Single Drum
10T Single Drum Winch
Double Drum
Double Drum 10 Ton Winch

Transmission system

Our electric winch can be driven by gear reducer, planetary reducer or three-in-one reducer: gear reducer drive winch is a common type employed in many engineering projects, while electric planetary winch is a new form of small winch product. It has unique features: small size, compact structure, light weight, flexible and simple operation.

External Gear Transmission
External Gear Transmission
Three-in-one Drive
Three-in-one Drive
Turbine Worm Drive

Additional Configuration and Functions

Some customers will require additional devices to achieve a more efficient and safe operation of the winch, such as rope spooling device, load limiter, pulling force measurement, etc. These will increase the cost of the winch.

The following is an electric winch ordered by an Australian customer. According to his requirements, the winch Australia is equipped with rope spooling device, overload limiter, pull force display, etc.

Electric Winch Australia
Electric Winch for Sale Australia

Other factors

For example, the explosion factor. Considering explosive environments such as mining sites, the explosion-proof winch is provided to ensure a safe operation.

If you don’t know some technical parameters or configuration, don’t worry. We have professional engineers to help you understand and select the most suitable equipment for your application.

AQ-JM Explosion Proof Electric Crane
AQ-JM Explosion Proof Crane
Customized Winch For Sale
Customized Winch

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What Is The Difference Between Electric Winch And Hydraulic Winch?

These two types of 10 ton winches are suitable for different operating conditions and are also recommended according to the customer’s budget.

Generally, the electric winch has simple structure, easy operation, low operating cost, relatively short delivery time, convenient installation and maintenance, which is suitable for lifting and pulling heavy objects in various engineering projects. An electric winch is your most affordable option.

Electric Power Winch for Sale
Electric Power Winch

The hydraulic winch is more often found on decks and docks for anchoring, mooring or towing. It is ideal for the most demanding jobs in marine. If you are not sure whether an electric winch or hydraulic winch is best for your application, please feel free to contact us for advice.

Hydraulic Power Winch Design
Hydraulic Power Winch

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How Much Is A 10 Ton Winch?

For some standard 10t winches, the price per unit may not exceed 10,000 U.S. dollars. In most cases, our customers require customized winches, which are more expensive, possibly tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore we need to know your winch requirements to make a quotation for you.

Generally, the price of a 10 ton winch is determined by several factors:

  • Product configuration and parameters: the winch price varies a lot if the configuration and parameters are different. For example, when using different motors, reducers and brakes, the  winch prices are quite different.
  • Brand: for similar products of different brands, prices may vary greatly. Brand is not only a name, but also a representative of product quality and user trust. There is no doubt that reputable suppliers are more likely to provide high-quality products and after-sales services. Aicrane has a professional team of engineers, and the solutions we provide are based on customer requirements, and fully consider factors such as transportation and installation, in order to save customers’ costs to the greatest extent and provide solutions that best meet their needs.
  • Transportation cost: with the increase in ocean freight, the cost of the 10-ton winch is also increased.

Generally, the winch offered by our company is with factory price, which is very competitive compared to other winch providers. If you want to know the price of your 10 ton winch, call us immediately to discuss your winch requirements with our experts. We can offer the most affordable and efficient winch machine 10 ton for your needs.

10 Ton Winch Machine Price
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Installation And Layout of 10 Ton Winch

Fixing Methods For Winches

The winch must be fixed with ground anchors to prevent slipping or overturning during work. According to the amount of force, the methods of fixing the winch include: bolt anchoring, horizontal anchoring, pile anchoring and weight anchoring.

Fixing the base: place the winch on the concrete foundation, and then fix the base of the winch with anchor screws.

Ground anchor method: the ground anchor is used to fix the winch and transmit the force to the foundation through the ground anchor. This method is more commonly used on construction sites.

Balance weight method: fix the drum winch on a wooden mat, embed wooden piles in the front to prevent sliding, and press the back to prevent tipping.

Winch Fixing Methods
Winch Fixing Methods

Different Layout

1. Use with pulley block

2. Pull directly

3. Installed on the engineering gantry crane as a lifting mechanism

Winch Layout
Winch Layout

Points to Note in The Layout of The Winch

  • Drainage must be unblocked around the installation location of the winch and a work shed should be set up.
  • The installation position of the winch should enable the operator to see clearly the commander and the objects being lifted or pulled.
  • A guide block should be installed directly in front of the wire rope winch. The drum is aligned with the center of the guide pulley, and the distance from the drum to the first guide pulley is: for a grooved drum, it should be greater than 15 times the width of the drum, and for a non-slot drum, it should be greater than 20 times. This is to prevent the wire ropes from overlapping each other and the guide wheel flanges and wire ropes from wearing when the drum is running.
  • The direction in which the wire rope is wound into the drum should be perpendicular to the axis of the drum, and the allowable deviation of the verticality is 6°. In this way, the wire rope loops can be arranged neatly, without slanting winding, overlapping and squeezing.

Main Parts of Electric Winches

The main parts of the winch include drum, motor, coupling, brake, reducer, base and support. For the motor, reducer and brake, there are many brands to choose from. The components we use are all sourced from reliable brands with guaranteed quality.

In terms of electrical appliances, we generally choose brands such as Schneider, Siemens, ABB, etc., since the quality of these brands is guaranteed, and it is also easy to buy replacement parts locally.

You can watch the video below to learn about the winch structure:

Watch More

Why Choose Us?

Looking for 10 ton winch suppliers? Aicrane can be a trusted partner in many aspects:

  • Rich Experience

    We are experienced winch manufacturer and supplier and have been engaged in winch industry for over 10 years. We not only sell, design, manufacture but service winch on your requests. Our winch products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions, and we have maintained long-term cooperative relations with many customers.

  • Quality Assurance

    We never sacrifice quality for low prices:

    Our winches are built with high quality components for reliable performance and long lasting service.

    For electrical appliances, we generally choose brands such as Schneider, Siemens, ABB, etc., and the quality of these brands is guaranteed.

    We utilize superior paint finish to protect industrial winch in harsh environments.

    Each equipment we export has a factory inspection report.

    We always maintain high quality and stable production. That’s why we have been trusted and selected by thousands of customers among so many suppliers in China.

  • Customized Solution

    Our engineer team can provide custom winch solutions based on your site’s working conditions and budget.

  • Service

    Fast and high-quality service is our mission!

    We guarantee a fast delivery.

    We provide lifetime technical guidance and after-sales service.

    The warranty period for main parts is one year.

    Our engineers can provide remote guidance. If the problem cannot be solved, we can send an engineer to the site.

Aicrane Service
Aicrane Looks Forward to Cooperating With You!


How Do You Provide After-sales Service?

We provide 7*24 online services, and our engineers can remotely guide equipment installation, debugging and other issues. If the problem cannot be solved, we can send an engineer to the site.

How Long Is The Warranty Period of Your Products?

The warranty period is 1 year. If there is a failure or component damage caused by quality problems within 1 year, our company is responsible for providing free replacement parts.

Is the 10 Ton Winch Easy to Install?

All of our winches have been assembled and debugged before leaving the factory. Customers only need to make the foundation according to the drawings we provide. And after the equipment arrives on site, connect the electric rope winch to the local power supply.

What Brand Do You Choose for The Electrical Appliances?

For exported winch products, we generally choose Schneider, Siemens, ABB, etc., because the quality of these brands is guaranteed, it is easy to find an after-sales service center in the local area, and replacement parts are also easy to buy.

Is The Color of The Winch Equipment Customizable?

The default color of the winch is blue. But if you have other color requirements or need to print your logo, you need to inform in advance and the service is provided free of charge.

What Are the Optional Control Methods for 10 Ton Winches?

We provide local control by default, and the control button is outside the electrical box. In addition, according to different customer needs, we can also provide remote control, console operation, etc.

Is The Voltage of the Winch Customizable?

The voltage of our winch is 3phase, 380V, 50hz by default. But according to the requirements of different countries, 220V-480V, 50hz/60hz can be customized. Customers only need to inform the applicable voltage in advance.

In addition, the winch can be provided with single-phase power, but the production cycle is relatively long and the power supply is unstable. Therefore, we recommend you to use 3-phase power if possible.

Do You Have An Agent Or Distributor in Our Country?

Currently we have overseas offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. We also seek to set up offices in other countries in the near future.

Do You Provide Wearing Parts?

Yes, we provide free wearing parts for one-year use.

What Certifications Do You Have?

We have the ISO quality management system certificate, and our products have passed the CE certification and can enter the EU market; in addition, we can do third-party inspection or certification according to your requirements.

Marine winches can be certified by DNV, BV, ABS and other classification societies.

Do You Have Winches In Stock?

There will be a certain stock of some standard winches. For customized winch products, there is generally no stock. For details, you need to consult our sales manager.

Do you Have A Catalog or Price List?

Since winches are customized products, there is no fixed price list. You can fill in the contact form or send us an email to inform us of your specific requirements, and we will send you the product catalog and quotation.

How Does The Pulling Winch 10 Ton Work?

Pulling winch 10 ton is a simple lifting and pulling device that incorporates rope drum. The motor and reducer drive the drum to wind or unwind the rope, thus implementing lifting or pulling work.

Electric winch can be operated by a push button box or remote control. The push button box is typically installed on or near the pulling winch, and it incorporates up-down and emergency stop. Remote control connected to the push button box is a more flexible way to operate your winch since it allows the operator to stand remotely from the load for safety as well as better vision.

How to Ensure 10 Tonne Winch Safety?

Safety Features of Winches:

Our winch is designed with excellent safety features. There are a number of options for you to choose from, including:

  1. Limit switches
  2. Load limit switch
  3. Push button box IP65 with emergency stop
  4. Pendant control or wireless remote control
  5. Pressure plate for better rope winding on the drum
  6. Emergency crank

Precautions for Safe Operation:

  1. Spool the wire rope on the drum neatly.
  2. Do not pull the rope by hand or foot during winch operation.
  3. Do not overload.
  4. The winch operator should maintain a good vision with the lifting object.
  5. Conduct regular inspection and maintenance to minimize wear to the winch and extend its working life.
  6. No one shall cross the wire rope during operation.

Contact Us For A 10 Ton Winch Price!

If you are looking to buy a 10 ton winch, please contact Aicrane for a quote or consultation! Our professional sales team and engineers are here to help you select the right winch equipment. Listed here are some basic information you need to provide so that we can quote you:

– What is the winch used for?

– Load capacity

– Drum capacity

– Speed

In addition, if you have other requirements, please let us know. Our sales manager will contact you to discuss the details and provide you with a suitable quotation.

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    1.What will the winch be used for: ?
    2.Rated load(T) or pull force(KN): ?
    3.Drum capacity(mm x m): ?
    4.3 phase power supply(v/hz): ?
    5.Working speed(m/min): ?
    6.Your project introduction: project working site, project budget, etc.