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Marine Drum Winch

Marine drum winch is a powerful piece of winch machine widely found on the ship, at the dock or on the shore to carry out different tasks. The most commonly used marine winches include anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch, anchor mooring winch and capstan winch. Each type of winch marine has its particular uses and features. In addition, we offer single and double drum marine winch according to the drum configuration.

Our winch machine features high stability, durable performance and excellent corrosion resistance. With a wealth of experience in winch design and fabrication, we can help you select the most suitable and affordable winch solution based on your specific needs.

  • Marine Drum Winch for Anchoring & Mooring

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Two Main Types of Marine Drum Winches for Sale

Drum marine winch is a kind of simple device incorporating drum, chain, wire rope, band brake, manual clutch, power system and control system. According to the motive power, the winch can be classified into electric, hydraulic, and diesel engine winch, among which the electric and hydraulic marine winches are the most commonly used products since they are very easy to install, operate and maintain, and also at reasonable price. The manufacturing of each marine drum winch is in line with industrial and national standards.

Generally speaking, the electric marine drum winch is specifically designed for small to medium-sized ships and boats, whereas the hydraulic marine winch is ideal for modern medium to large-sized ships.

Electric Marine Drum Winch

Electric Marine Drum Winch for Sale

  • The electric marine winch is easy to manage, install and maintain.
  • It adopts compact design.
  • The electric powered winch has low operating cost.
  • It delivers safe and reliable winching operation.

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Hydraulic Marine Drum Winch

Hydraulic Marine Drum Winch Supplier

  • The hydraulic system can work under great pressure, thus the hydraulic transmission is easy to get a large force or torque so as to meet varied needs of customers.
  • Hydraulic transmission can realize stepless speed regulation in a large range.
  • The system is very sensitive, fast in response and quick in reversing. It can adapt to rapid changes in marine conditions.
  • The hydraulic transmission delivers stable and smooth operation.
  • The hydraulic system has small size and light weight.

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Other Configurations for You to Choose

Single Drum Marine Winch
Single Drum Marine Winch
Hydraulic Marine Winch
Parallel Double Drum Winch
Marine Drum Winch
Waterfall Type Double Drum Winch

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Applications of Marine Drum Winches

For Anchoring

Marine drum anchor winch is usually installed on the main deck of a ship for anchoring. There are two types of winches to suit your needs, including anchor chain winch and anchor rope winch.

Single Gypsy Electric Anchor Windlass for Boat
Electric Anchor Windlass for Boat
Hydraulic Marine Drum Anchor Winch
Hydraulic Drum Anchor Winch

For Mooring

Mooring winch is used to moor a ship, thus it is generally fixed on the shore or installed on boats. The mooring winch has other functions such as supporting and positioning during loading and unloading.

Marine Mooring Winch for Sale
Marine Mooring Winch

For Anchoring & Mooring

Anchor mooring winch is the combination of an anchor windlass and a mooring winch for the purpose of anchoring and mooring.

Electric Windlass Mooring Winch for Sale
Electric Windlass Mooring Winch
Hydraulic Anchor Windlass Mooring Winch Price
Hydraulic Anchor Windlass Mooring Winch

For Positioning

Positioning winch can be four-point positioning, six-point positioning and eight-point positioning according to the positioning requirements.

Positioning Winch for Sale
Positioning Winch for Boat

For Towing

Towing winch is commonly seen on the aft deck of a ship for towing operations.

Marine Drum Towing Winch
Marine Drum Towing Winch
Single Drum Electric Marine Winch
Heavy Duty Marine Towing Winch
Quality Marine Drum Winch for Sale
Marine Drum Winch for Towing

Capstan Winch

Capstan winch is a sort of small winch machine used on a deck or on the shore for anchoring and mooring purposes.

Anchor Capstan Winch
Anchor Capstan
Mooring Capstan for Sale
Mooring Capstan

According to your specific applications, either anchoring, mooring or towing, you can specify a winch to do what you want. And also there are other considerations you need to take into account in selecting a winch. For additional information, contact us online now.

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Marine Boat Drum Winch Options

The drum winch in marine comes in a variety of options and accessories to make sure you end up with the perfect winch design.

  • Band brake – it is an additional brake fitted on the drum. It can be operated manually or automatically. An example of drum brake could be an anchor rope winch.
  • Clutch – there are two types: claw clutch and friction clutch. The claw clutch is always manually operated, and it cannot be operated under load. The friction clutch can be operated under load. The operation can be manual, hydraulic or pneumatic.
  • Spooling gear – the spooler is used to guide the rope on the drum. It helps improve the spooling.
  • Pressure roller – it pushes slack wire rope to drum in order to spool the rope better on the drum.
  • Drum guard – protect the winch user.
  • Limit switch – it limits the upper and lower stroke.
  • Grooved drum – the rope can be spooled better on the drum.
  • Manual emergency crank – in case of power blackout, it allows you to move the load.
  • Various control options – for electric control, there are push button control box, pendant control and wireless remote control for your choice. For hydraulic control, there are hydraulic, valve control and function valves to help you operate the winch easily.
Rope Spooling Device
Rope Spooling Device
Load Limiter And Pulling Force Display
Load Limiter And Pulling Force Display
Remote Control
Remote Control
Local Control
Local Control

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Safety Features of Marine Drum Winches

  • Since this heavy duty winch machine is specifically designed for marine applications, it has a robust construction in order to last longer in harsh conditions.
  • Marine-duty motors and gearboxes are also used along with the marine winches to ensure an excellent safety.
  • Furthermore, the marine drum winch utilizes a durable paint system to prevent it from corroding in salt-water environment.
  • To ensure a secure winching operation, we offer a variety of safety equipment, such as load limiter, limit switch, emergency stop and drum guard.

For further information, you can talk to one of our winch experts.

Aicrane – Your Reliable Marine Drum Winch Manufacturer

In the selection of a winch, it is of great importance to locate a reliable winch supplier. If you are looking for that right now, you can come to our company. We will surely not disappoint you.

We are well-experienced marine winch manufacturer and supplier in china, and have been engaged in the winch industry for many years. Based on your particular requirements, we can offer the perfect winch solution that delivers proper balance between efficiency, strength, cost and suitability.

And also, we provide the perfect service that incorporates pre-sale, sales tracking and after-sale service for our customers to ensure a satisfied customer experience.

Constructed from rugged steel, our winch machine has prolonged working life and better corrosion resistance in harsh marine environments, thus you can buy with confidence.

To get the price of marine drum winch, please feel free to contact us!

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