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Electric Anchor Winch

Electric anchor winch is specifically designed for anchoring ships, which is easy to operate, install and maintain. It is generally installed on the main deck of a ship. Our electric boat anchor winch comes in two types: anchor rope winch and anchor chain winch. The electric anchor handling winch is ideal for small to medium-sized boats. For heavy duty applications, you can select a hydraulic anchor winch. Our anchor winches for boats feature robust construction, reasonable cost and high efficiency. The manufacturing of winch is in line with national standard CB/T 4249-2013.

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Latest News

Our electric anchor winch products have been exported to many countries, such as UAE, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, etc. Learn about our latest news about the export of anchor winches.

5 Ton Electric Anchor Winch To Maldives

Specifications of 5 ton small electric anchor winch to Maldives: working load 50kN, nominal speed 6m/min, rope capacity ø16mm x 100m (4 layers).

5 Ton Electric Anchor Winch Manufacturer
5 Ton Anchor Winch for Sale
Electric Boat Anchor Winch for Sale
Electric Boat Anchor Winch to Maldives
16mm Anchor Chain
16mm Anchor Chain
100m Wire Ropes
100m Wire Ropes
Electric Control Box
Electric Control Box

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1.5T Single Gypsy Electric Anchor Windlass In The Philippines

The 1.5 ton electric windlass winches are installed on our customer’s boat in the Philippines. According to customer feedback, the winch works well and he is very satisfied with our products and service.

1.5 Ton Single Gypsy Electric Windlass
1.5 Ton Single Gypsy Electric Windlass
Electric Anchor Winch for Sale Philippines
Small Boat Electric Anchor Winch Philippines
1.5 Ton Anchor Winch for Sale Philippines
Anchor Winch for Sale Philippines

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97mm Electric Windlass to Philippines

The 97mm electric windlass anchor winch is well packaged and will be sent to the Philippines. Many of our winch products have been exported to the Philippines and won the trust of customers.

97mm Electric Windlass for Sale Philippines
97mm Electric Windlass Philippines
Electric Winch for Sale Philippines
Winch for Sale Philippines

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Electric Anchor Windlass to Australia

78mm electric anchor windlasses are shipped to Australia. We have cooperated with many Australian customers to provide the most economical and superior-quality winch equipment according to their actual needs.

Anchor Winch for Sale Australia
Anchor Winch Australia
Electric Boat Winch Supplier Australia
Electric Boat Winch Australia
78mm Anchor Winch for Sale Australia
78mm Anchor Winch for Sale Australia
Electric Boat Anchor Winch Price
Electric Boat Anchor Winch for Sale

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In addition, if you are also interested in buying hydraulic anchor winch, there are hydraulic anchor winch cases for your reference:

17.5mm Double Gypsy Hydraulic Anchor Windlass to Indonesia

According to the Indonesian customer requirements, we recommend a 17.5mm hydraulic windlass with double gypsy and double warping heads for his ship.

17.5mm Double Gypsy Anchor Windlass for Sale
17.5mm Double Gypsy Anchor Windlass
Hydraulic Anchor Winch for Sale Indonesia
Hydraulic Anchor Winch Indonesia

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Types of Electric Anchor Winch for Sale

The electric boat anchor winch mainly consists of electric motor, reducer, drive gear, clutch, chain wheel, brake control rod, rope drum and band brake. It comes in two main configurations: anchor rope winch and chain winch. Each form is designed with particular features and advantages.

Anchor Rope Winch

With rope attached to the anchor, the winch is capable of implementing anchoring operations. The rope winch features high efficiency, long service life and minimal maintenance.

Anchor Rope Winch
Anchor Rope Winch
Electric Drum Anchor Winch for Sale
Electric Drum Anchor Winch

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Anchor Chain Winch

This type of electric anchor windlass is built with anchor chain and chain wheel. According to manufacturing method, the anchor chain is available with cast steel, welded and forged type. According to the steel grade, it can be divided into AM1, AM2 and AM3. These types of anchor chain are designed for different uses and working conditions. We also offer single and double chain wheel to suit varied needs of customers.

Single Gypsy Windlass Electric Anchor Winch For Sale
Single Gypsy Windlass Electric Anchor Winch
Double Gypsy Electric Anchor Windlass for Sale
Double Gypsy Anchor Chain Winch

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In addition, the winch can be divided into vertical anchor winch, horizontal anchor winch, left-hand anchor winch and right-hand anchor winch according to the machine structure. Generally speaking, the vertical windlass refers to a capstan, which is commonly found on small boats for anchoring and mooring purposes. While a horizontal windlass is widely used on larger boats. For example, commercial ships more often use horizontal anchor winch. For more information, please feel free to contact us!

Technical Parameters of Electric Anchor Winch

Model Electric Anchor Winch
Dia of anchor chain/rope ø12mm – ø128mm
No. of gypsy Single or double
Load capacity 1 ton- 100 ton
Speed 9-11 m/min
Certificate BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
5 Ton Electric Anchor Winch for Sale
5 Ton Electric Anchor Winch for Small Boats
10 Ton Electric Anchor Winch Manufacturer
10 Ton Electric Anchor Winch With Remote

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Electric Anchor Winch Videos

This video is about the test run of a 78mm electric anchor boat winch. All our anchor winches are assembled and debugged before leaving the factory to ensure the fast and smooth installation and operation of the anchor winches on the customer’s ship.

The following video is about various types of marine winches in our factory, including anchor winch, windlass, mooring winch, anchor and mooring winch, towing winch, etc.

You can click here to watch more winch videos.

Advantages of Electric Anchor Winch Over Hydraulic Winch

  • The winch equipment is available with many different types and sizes ranging from small anchor winch to large capacity heavy duty winch to meet a wide range of applications.
  • Constructed from high quality steel, the electric anchor windlass winch has prolonged working life.
  • Due to simple structure, the winch is very easy to manage.
  • The electric anchor winch cost is relatively lower than a hydraulic winch.
  • It has easy and quick installation, minimal maintenance and reduced downtime. Compared with hydraulic anchor winches, electric winches for boat anchor are easier to install and start.
  • The electric winch can be with AC motor 220V-480V, 50-60 Hz, 3 phases, and it can be started via a frequency converter.
  • In the fast-improving technology, the system and inverter are becoming more and more mature, and the user interface is more friendly.
  • Advantages of using frequency converter: multiple speed, soft start and stop and integrity ship control system.
  • Custom design is available to meet special requirements of customers.
Marine Electric Anchor Winch
Anchor Winch Electric
Double Gypsy Anchor Winch
Electric Anchor Winch Manufacturer

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How Do You Buy The Right Anchor Winch?

When buying a marine electric anchor winch, you need to consider a few things in order to select the right winch for your boat:

  • Do you need a gypsy wheel or wire rope drum winch?
  • Load capacity
  • The length and diameter of the anchor chain or the wire rope
  • Speed requirement
  • Do you need a warping head?
  • 3-phase voltage

In addition, you may also need to consider other issues including whether anchors and chains are required, what is the working environment, whether classification society certification is required, etc. You can consult our winch experts, and with their help and guidance, you can determine the appropriate winch size and type for your boat.

Aicrane is here to help you select the right anchor winch for boat!

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Why Choose Us?

  • As one of leading winch manufacturers in China, we always provide durable and reliable winch products to our clients.
  • Our power winch electric anchor winches are ruggedly constructed to ensure a longer life.
  • We also adopt durable paint systems with these marine winches.
  • The critical components of winch machine are all sourced from dependable suppliers home and abroad.
  • Additionally, backed by professional technical team, we are capable of offering a bespoke solution with high strength, durability, safety and suitability, and also at a reasonable price.
  • We provide a full range of after-sales services, including installation, commissioning, staff training, technical support, etc.


Can You Send Engineers Over to Install the Winch?

Yes, we can send our engineers to your site to guide the installation, but you need to pay salary, round-trip air tickets, visas, accommodation and other expenses.

How Do You Provide After-sales Service?

We provide 7*24 online services, and our engineers can provide remote guidance. If the problem cannot be solved, we can send an engineer to the site.

Can You Be Responsible for the Shipment?

We have a professional shipping department that can assist you in choosing the right shipping, as well as post customs clearance information.

How Long Is the Warranty Period?

The warranty period is one year. If there is a failure or component damage caused by quality problems within 1 year, our company is responsible for providing free replacement parts.

Do You Have An Agent Or Distributor in Our Country?

Currently we have overseas offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. We also seek partners and set up offices in other countries.

Can You Provide CLASS Certificate?

We can provide CLASS certificates. BV is required the most, so the time is short and the cost is low. Other certificates like DNV, GL, LR, ABS and RS can also be provided.

What Are the Optional Control Methods for Winches?

Our winches are provided with local control by default, and the control button is outside the electrical box.In addition, according to different customer needs, we also provide remote control, console operation, etc.

What Is The Voltage of The Winch?

The default voltage is 3phase, 380V, 50hz, but according to the requirements of different countries, 220V-480V, 50hz/60hz are available. Customers need to inform the applicable voltage when communicating with our sales manager.

What Is The Color of The Winch?

Our winch color is blue by default. If you have other requirements for the color or want to print the logo, you need to inform in advance and the service is provided free of charge.

How Do You Anchor A Boat With A Winch?

The method of ship anchoring varies with different waters, weather conditions, etc. There are usually the following five anchoring methods:

  • Bow anchoring
  • Side anchoring
  • Stern anchoring
  • Bow and stern anchoring
  • Multi-point anchoring
What Is The Function of Anchor Winch?

Anchor winch is used to drop and retract anchors, and is usually installed on the main deck of the fore and stern part of the ship.

What Is An Anchor Gypsy?

Anchor gypsy refers to the chain handling wheel. It is used to engage chains.

How Does An Electric Windlass Work?

At present, the anchor winches for seagoing vessels are mainly electric windlass and electro-hydraulic anchor winch (also known as hydraulic windlass).

The electric anchor winch for small boats utilizes electric motor which will drive the drum to rotate after multi-stage deceleration is achieved by large and small gears in the reduction gearbox. Due to a high requirement for reduction ratio, the speed reduction mechanism is relatively large.

The uses of a marine anchor winch typically fall in small to medium-sized boats and ships. The diameter is anchor chain is generally in a range of 16 to 93mm.

Working principle: when used for dropping or lowering an anchor, the clutch will be disengaged. The main shaft and drum rotate and the chain wheel doesn’t. However, when used to weigh anchor, the clutch will be closed. And the rope drum and chain wheel rotate simultaneously. The band brake is designed to brake the chain wheel in order to control the chain speed.

Note: if the water depth exceeds 25m, the anchor should be sent to about 10m from the seabed and then free falls. When the water depth is more than 40m, the anchor should be directly sent to the seabed, and then the chain will be slowly loosened with the brake.

How to Install Electric Boat Anchor Winch?

Our winches have been assembled and debugged before leaving the factory, so it is very easy and quick to install the winch.

The installation of the windlass electric anchor winch should ensure that the three points (chain cylinder, chain brake and chain wheel) drawn by the chain are in a line.

What Are The Types of Anchor Winches?

Aicrane supplies a variety of anchor winches for boats, including electric anchor winch, hydraulic anchor winch, diesel anchor winch, single gypsy anchor windlass, double gypsy anchor windlass, single drum anchor winch, double drum anchor winch, etc. In addition, the anchor winch machine can be provided with warping head for line handling.

To get the catalog and price of anchor winch, please feel free to contact us. We have professional sales team and engineers team to help you!

How to Ensure Safe Operation of Anchor Winches?

It is very important to properly and safely anchor your boat. The following tips will guide you to a safe anchoring operation.

  1. Before deciding the position where to anchor your boat, you should cruise around and check the boats that have been already at anchor to make sure you have enough room.
  2. Keep in mind that boats that are attached to rope swing around more than those to chain.
  3. As the boat stops completely, you can start to lower the anchor.
  4. After lowering the anchor, make sure it is holding firm.
  5. Do not switch off the engine until you can make sure the anchor is set.
  6. If your boat is close to shore, you can use prominent landmarks to check if you are holding your position. And conduct the check frequently.
  7. The boat should always be anchored via the bow.

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Electric Boat Anchor Winch
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