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Positioning Winch

Positioning Winch For Sale
Positioning Winch

We offer quality positioning winch for marine work boats and offshore platforms.

According to the positioning requirements, it can be divided into four-point positioning, six-point positioning and eight-point positioning.

For high positioning requirements, the winch needs constant tension and centralized control, and can realize rope length display and tension display. The tension can be adjusted.

Our winches are available with a range of capacities and sizes to meet different job requirements. With flexible design solution, superior quality products and wide range of after-sales service, we aim to maximize your work efficiency and safety, and also create maximum value for your business.

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Details of Marine Positioning Winch

The positioning winch can be designed with single drum and double drum structure. Generally, double drum positioning winch has a waterfall structure. The driving mode can be electric or hydraulic. Electric positioning winch can use variable frequency motor to achieve stepless speed change. Both electric and hydraulic positioning winches can achieve remote centralized control.

Electric Positioning Winch For Sale
Electric Positioning Winch
Hydraulic Positioning Winch Design
Hydraulic Positioning Winch

We also supply a range of options to make sure you end up with a perfect winch system:

  • Rope spooling device
  • Drum guard
  • Load limiter
  • Limit switches
  • Remote control
  • Rope length display and tension display
Positioning Winch Manufacturer
Positioning Winch For Sale
Positioning Winch Price
Positioning Winch Manufacturer
Positioning Winch for Sale
Aicrane Boat Positioning Winch

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Customer Case

12 Ton Waterfall Type Hydraulic Positioning Winch In The Philippines

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Selecting The Right Winch For The Job

Selecting a winch with the right features and functions is critical to ensuring high work efficiency and safety. When choosing a winch for your application, you need to address the following basic information in order identify the right one for the job:

  • Rated load or pulling force
  • Drum capacity (length and diameter of the wire rope)
  • Line speed
  • Winch working environment
  • Electric or hydraulic drive?
  • Single or double drum?
  • Do you need a rope guider?
  • Other special requirements

Please fill out the contact form or send an email to us to let us know your requirements in detail. Our winch professionals are here to help you select the most suitable and economical winch system for your business.

Waterfall Type Double Drum Positioning Winch
Waterfall Type Double Drum Positioning Winch

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About Aicrane

Aicrane, a well-known brand of Aimix group, focuses on the design and manufacture of various winch products and non-standard large winches for construction, mine and marine applications. All winch machines are rugged, reliable and safe to use.

The company also has a complete after-sales service system to help customers solve after-sales problems, such as guiding customers through the entire equipment installation and commissioning process, providing staff training service, free technical advisory service and a 12-month warranty.

With comprehensive winch products and perfect services, Aicrane can be your trusted partner!

Precautions When Using The Winch

  • The steel wire ropes on the drum should be arranged neatly. If overlap and oblique winding are found, they should be stopped and re-arranged.
  • It is forbidden to pull on the wire rope with your hands during the rotation.
  • The wire rope must not be released completely, and it should be kept for at least three turns on the drum.
  • The wire rope should be replaced when the wire breaks within a pitch of more than 10%.
  • During the operation, no one is allowed to cross the wire rope. When the object is lifted, the operator shall not leave the machine.
  • During the operation, the driver and the signalman should cooperate closely and maintain good visibility with the suspended objects.
  • In case of power failure during operation, the power should be cut off and the lifted object should be lowered to the ground.
  • Overloading is strictly prohibited.
  • The steel wire rope should be checked frequently during use, and it should be scrapped immediately when it reaches the scrap standard.

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