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Multi-point Mooring Winch

The offshore industry requires efficient, reliable and safe multi-point mooring winch systems. For some marine floating structures, such as drilling ships, drilling platforms, oil production platforms and buoy ships, salvage rescue boats, engineering ships, barges, FPSO, etc., when there is a certain limit on the displacement according to the operation requirements, multi-point mooring winch system will be used for positioning.

Multi-point Mooring Winch
Multi-point Mooring Winch System

4 | 6 | 8 | 12 Point Mooring Winch Systems For Offshore Vessels And Platforms

At Aicrane, we design and manufacture high quality multi-point mooring winch systems, with optimal mooring configurations to last in the toughest marine conditions. The Aicrane Multipoint Mooring System can consist of several mooring winches with a centralized control system, in addition to local control for each winch. According to the customer’s working conditions, the multi-point mooring winch system can be:

4-point mooring
6-point mooring
8-point mooring
12-point mooring

Multi-point Mooring Winch Arrangement

Our professional winch engineers can formulate the most stable and efficient arrangement schemes for various types of offshore vessels and platforms that require multi-point mooring winch.

For example, for the four-point mooring system, according to the requirements of different customers, the four-point mooring winch can be designed as a single drum + single warp head (optional), that is, there are four single-drum mooring winch units on board, or, the 4-point mooring winch can be a double drum configuration, that is, there are only two sets of double drum mooring winches on board. For offshore support barges which are moored in proximity of offshore jackets or platforms, depending on the size of the barge, there are generally 4 or 8 point mooring winch systems. For offshore heavy lifting barges which usually perform heavy lift, there are usually 8 or 12 point mooring systems.

  • Multi-Point Mooring Positioning System
    Multi-Point Mooring System - Hydraulic Mooring Winches
Single Drum Mooring Winch System
Single Drum Mooring Winch
Double Drum Mooring Winch For Sale
Double Drum Mooring Winch

A Project of Multi-point Mooring Winch System in Vietnam

We provided a six-point mooring winch system for a Vietnamese customer’s barge, including six sets of single drum 30 ton hydraulic mooring winches, HPU, local and remote control. The nominal speed of the 30 ton mooring winch in Vietnam is 12m/min (1st layer), the drum capacity is 38mm*1000m (totally 10 layers), the holding load is 90 ton (static, 1st layer ), with hydraulically operated brake and clutch.

6-point Mooring Winch System
6-point Mooring Winch System In Vietnam

Why Do You Need a Multi-point Mooring System?

According to the number of mooring points in the mooring positioning system, it can be divided into single point mooring system and multi-point mooring system. Then, why do we need multi-point mooring system?

One of the most important points is that the existing multi-point mooring positioning system solves the problem of low ship positioning accuracy of the single point mooring positioning winch system in harsh sea conditions.

Using a single point mooring system, the ship is connected to a mooring point on the sea through a mooring cable tied to the bow or stern of the ship. Its working principle is: a single-point mooring ship can change its position with the environment and sea conditions like a weathervane, and uses the tension of the mooring line to resist external interference.

However, single-point mooring operations will become difficult when nonlinear ship wave hydrodynamics are generated by slow-varying drift forces. These forces cause the mooring system to approach the response frequency and generate large swings and high mooring forces, reducing the regularity and reliability of loading operations, also dangerous for loading platforms.

Therefore, when the single-point mooring force exceeds the set value, the ship cannot maintain fixed-point orientation in a certain area, and it is necessary to rely on the ship’s multi-point mooring system to control the ship’s positioning. That is to say, the single point mooring positioning system cannot achieve ship positioning accuracy under severe sea conditions.

In a word, the multipoint positioning mooring system can realize the efficient, reliable and precise positioning of the ship in severe sea conditions.

Multi-point Mooring Winches For Sale
Multi-point Mooring Winches
Multi-point Positioning Mooring Winches
Multi-point Positioning Mooring Winches

Aicrane One-stop Service

We provide one-stop service for the multi-buoy mooring system of global customers, including the design, manufacture, transportation, installation and after-sales service of the multi-point mooring positioning winch system.

Aicrane Technical Team

Pre-sales Service

Professional technical engineers and project consultants fully discuss product requirements and budgets with customers, and provide customers with the most suitable mooring winch solutions.

Under the leadership of our project consultants, customers can visit the Aicrane factory online or onsite.

The Aicrane team, including project consultants, production managers, technical managers, and management will get together to have Zoom meetings with customers to finalize the solution.

Production of Mooring Winches

Sales Service

Our project consultants and engineers will submit and confirm drawings and solutions.

The customer service team will follow up the execution of the order one-on-one, regularly report the production progress, arrange shipping, installation and other work in advance, to ensure that the equipment is completed and delivered to the customer’s site in time.

The shipping and documents team will submit and confirm various documents.

Aicrane Installation Engineer

After-sales Service

The customer-service team will provide installation manual or video.

The installation engineer will provide online or on-site installation guidance to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and also provide operator training services including operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.

The after-sales specialist will pay regular visits to learn about the operation of the equipment.

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