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AQ-JK 3 Ton Winch Was On The Way To Zimbabwe

The AQ-JK 3 ton winch was on its way to Zimbabwe. The 3 ton electric winch is a double-brake winch with frequency conversion speed control according to the request of the customer from Zimbabwe. The customer uses the winch 3 ton in the mine and installs it in the mine vent for lifting underground materials.

3 Ton Winch Zimbabwe Specifications for Your Reference

Model AQ-JK
Load capacity 3 ton
Drum capacity 220m
Working speed 3-30m/min variable speed
Brake Double brake
AQ-JK 3 Ton Winch to Zimbabwe
AQ-JK 3 Ton Winch to Zimbabwe
3 Ton Electric Winch for Sale Zimbabwe
3 Ton Electric Winch for Sale Zimbabwe
Double Brake
Double Brake
Electric Motor
Electric Motor
Electric Control Box
Electric Control Box

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Zimbabwe Customer Feedback

According to the customer feedback email, the customer expressed his pleasure and satisfaction over the received 3 ton mining winch, and decided to continue to cooperate with us, and would like to purchase more winches.

Norest - Zimbabwe

I would like to express our pleasure and satisfaction over the received mining winch you supplied us. Therefore we have decided that we partner with you in providing the winches. We would like to purchase some winches of the same quality.

How to Install The 3 Ton Winch Zimbabwe?

The 3 ton mining winch Zimbabwe is very easy to install. It has been well assembled and debugged before leaving the factory, and the Zimbabwean customer only needs to make the foundation according to the drawings provided by AICRANE. And after the equipment arrives at the site, wire the winch 3 ton to the local power source.

If customers encounter any problems during the installation process, they can contact us at any time, and our engineers can assist and guide the installation online.

Advantages of Aicrane 3 Ton Winch for Mining

  • We have optimized the double brake structure, which is more suitable for mining with higher working level and can improve the safety factor.
  • All electrical components are sourced from reliable and reputable brands, which has high quality and long service life.
  • Our warranty period for main parts is one year, and we provide permanent technical guidance and after-sales service.
  • We provide accessories for one-year use.

AQ-JK 3 Ton Electric Winch Design to Your Specs!

Aicrane AQ-JK series fast speed electric winch is suitable for lifting in construction and mining areas, civil construction of factories, and installation of small equipment. It is also a special hoist winch for derrick, gantry crane and hoisting trolley.

We can design and manufacture different configurations of winches according to customer requirements, and also provide a range of options to ensure that customers get the most suitable winch system for their applications, including variable frequency speed regulation, rope spooling device, rope length and tension measurement devices, load limiter, etc. To learn more about Aicrane winches, contact us now!

Aicrane Electric Winch Design to Your Specs!

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