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Anchor Mooring Winch

Anchor Mooring Winch For Sale
Anchor Mooring Winch

Anchor mooring winch is a combination of anchor windlass and mooring winch. It is an ideal choice to perform both anchoring and mooring functions in various types of vessels.

The winch can be electrically or hydraulically driven depending on the existing infrastructure, your preference and financial considerations. It can be designed for any type or size of mooring line and any chain size to suit your winching requirements.

The anchor and mooring winch can pull up to 100 tons. We offer a variety of optional features to make sure you end up with a perfect winch system.

With highly efficient, safe and reliable operation, this equipment can bring value to various ships, like barges, passenger vessels, tankers, multi purpose vessels and inland vessels.

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Types of Anchor Windlass Mooring Winch

Electric anchor mooring winch

Electric Anchor Mooring Windlass
Electric Anchor Mooring Windlass

Brief Overview

Electric powered winch is a cost-effective option for marine and offshore applications.

If the electric power is available at the work site, you can try electric first since it delivers safe and reliable operation, low operating costs and simple maintenance.

Technical Parameters

Load capacity 1~100 ton
Rope capacity 100~1000m
Working speed 9 ~ 15 m/min
Drum single or double
Driven type electric

Electric Anchor Mooring Winch in Our Factory

Electric Anchor Mooring Winch Supplier
Electric Anchor Mooring Winch For Sale
Electric Windlass And Mooring Winch For Sale
Electric Windlass And Mooring Winch

Applications of Electric Anchor Windlass Mooring Winches

Double Gypsy Windlass Mooring Winch

Electric Winch For Anchoring And Mooring Ships
Electric Winch For Anchoring And Mooring
Winch For Anchoring And Mooring

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Hydraulic anchor and mooring winch

Hydraulic Anchor And Mooring Winch
Hydraulic Anchor And Mooring Winch

Brief Overview

Driven by hydraulic power, the hydraulic winch provides high strength, efficiency and durability for anchoring and mooring operations. It is especially suitable for heavy duty applications to get the big job done quickly and safely.

It is much complicated to install a hydraulic winch for that it requires additional equipment, such as hydraulic pump, pipes and fittings. It also requires more maintenance care.

Technical Parameters

Load capacity 10~100 ton
Drum capacity 100~1000m
Dia of anchor chain  ø12mm – ø128mm
HPU provided as client’s requirement
Driven type hydraulic

Hydraulic Winch Options

  • Hydraulically operated clutch
  • Hydraulically operated fail safe brake
  • Band brake
  • Local or remote control
  • Automatic mooring control system
  • Rope guide
  • Drum guard

Hydraulic Anchor Mooring Winches in Our Winch Factory

Hydraulic Anchor Mooring Winch Manufacturer
Hydraulic Anchor Mooring Winch
Hydraulic Mooring Winch And Windlass For Sale
Hydraulic Mooring Winch And Windlass

Applications of Hydraulic Powered Anchor Mooring Winches

Double Gypsy Hydraulic Anchor Mooring Winch For Sale
Double Gypsy Hydraulic Anchor Mooring Winch
Double Gypsy Hydraulic Windlass Mooring Winch For Sale
Double Gypsy Hydraulic Windlass Mooring Winch

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Features of Aicrane Anchor Mooring Winch

  • Electric or hydraulic driven
  • The winch is built with high quality steel for sturdy construction.
  • Gears and shafts are made of high quality cast alloy steel that enables them to withstand the harshest conditions in marine.
  • The compact design combined with an integrated cable lifter makes it easy to handle the anchor or to moor a ship.
  • Fully sealed transmission housing allows for safe operation, long life and less maintenance.
  • The winch is coated with marine grade paint system for excellent corrosion resistance.

Information Required for Quotation

  • What is your required motive power, electric or hydraulic? If electric: what are the volts, Hz and phase of the power? If hydraulic: do you require hydraulic power pack?
  • What is the load capacity or pulling force?
  • The chain size and grade
  • Warping drum: line type, diameter and length
  • Warping head: line type and size
  • The required line speed
  • Single drum or double drum?
  • Is the rope guide required?
  • Other configurations you require

You can fill out the contact form or send us an email to get a free quote. Our sales manager will reply to your inquiry soon.

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Single Gypsy Anchor Mooring Winch Manufacturer
Single Gypsy Anchor Mooring Winch

Details About Marine Winches

Winch Drum
The winch can be configured with single drum or double drum design. Grooved drum is available to help spool the rope better on the drum. The drum is built with quality steel for high strength and durability.

Depending on your requirements, there are various types of rope for you to choose from. The length and diameter of the rope are determined by the designed load capacity.

Braking System
The winch is fitted with a fail-safe brake. Band brake is used for applications where a drum brake is required.

Claw clutch and friction clutch are available for you to choose from. Clutch is for pulling winches only.

The speed is designed according to the purpose of the winch. Variable speed is available.

  • For electric winch, a frequency inverter is fitted in the control panel for a full variable drive.
  • For hydraulic winch, the variable speed is achieved by using a proportional control valve.

Winch Controls

The selection of winch controls is largely determined by the motive power used, client’s preference and ease of use.

  • Controls electric: typically there are three methods for controlling your winch, including pushbutton control box, pendant control and wireless remote control. The control box can be mounted onto the winch frame or near the winch. Frequency inverter is available for variable speed control. The panel can be IP55 or IP65 protected, or designed depending on your requirements.
  • Controls hydraulic: the winch can be controlled from central control location or by wireless remote control. It is able to afford more control and accuracy in movement. According to your special requirements, a hybrid control system is also possible.

Reliable Anchor Mooring Winch Manufacturer – Aicrane

Our winches can be built to withstand the harshest marine conditions. Each type of winch can be designed and arranged to suit your specific needs and fit almost any type of vessel. In addition, we offer various automation and remote control options to achieve optimal performance.

If you are buying a winch machine from us, you can also enjoy a factory price. Our winches are competitively priced, aim to bring maximum value to your business.

What’s more, you can enjoy a complete after-sales service at our company, such as the winch installation, commissioning, maintenance and free technical advice. We have 8 service networks worldwide with over 60 professional after-sales service engineers to solve any problem you have.

Looking for a reliable and cheap anchor mooring winch? Contact us at any time!

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