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Installation of 60 Ton Slipway Winch in Indonesia

Aicrane AQ-JMM 60 ton slipway winch has been installed in Indonesia. According to customer feedback, the light load and heavy load tests also went smoothly. From the initial order communication to installation and after-sales service, Aicrane sales and technical staff responded quickly, so the customer trusts us very much and is very satisfied with our products and services.

60 Ton Boat Slipway Winch in Indonesia
60 Ton Slipway Winch in Indonesia
Slipway Winch for Sale Indonesia
Slipway Winch for Sale Indonesia

Details of Indonesia 60 Ton Slipway Winch

The Indonesian client needed a slipway winch to pull the boat ashore, so he googled and landed on our website. After seeing our slipway winch products on the website, the customer was very interested and sent us an email requesting a quote.

After receiving the customer’s inquiry, we immediately arranged for the Indonesian sales manager to get in touch with the customer to confirm his needs. According to the parameters and working conditions provided by the Indonesian customer, and after full communication, our professional engineers provide the customer with complete slipway winch solution.

The customer appreciated our solution and decided to place an order with us.

AQ-JMM Slipway Winch

Video of AQ-JMM 60 Ton Slipway Winch Installation in Indonesia

After installation, our Indonesian customer sent us a video telling us that the winch installation went smoothly. After the ship is launched, the equipment operates normally under light load. And then after a heavy load test, the winch also works well.

The customer expressed his satisfaction with our winch product and also thanked our technical staff for their support and cooperation.

Test Video of AQ-JMM Electric Slipway Winch Indonesia

In the video below you can see the slipway winch Indonesia being tested at our factory to make sure it functions properly:

Contact Us For The Right Slipway Winch Solution in Indonesia!

If you want to get a slipway winch solution in Indonesia, you need to provide some information about the winch you need, such as the maximum deadweight of the ship, the slope of the slipway, the planned pulling distance of the ship, the type of slipway (airbag/rail trolley), the required pulling speed, etc. Based on the information you provide, our professional engineers can provide you with design plans and quotations. Contact us today for the right Indonesia slipway winch solution!

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