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Slipway Winch

Slipway winch is designed to move boats to and from the water by the slipway. It is widely used when the boats or vessels need to be carried out for repair or maintenance. This type of winch is also ideal for launching and retrieving ships and boats. Our winch for slipway comes in a variety of options: electric and hydraulic slipway winch, single drum and friction type winch. We also provide the necessary accessories to pull the boat through the slipway: airbags, moving and fixed pulleys, guide wheels, etc.

Boat Slipway Winch Supplier
Boat Slipway Winch

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Pulling Ship Ashore Using The Boat Slipway Winches

There are generally two ways to pull the large ship ashore: use airbags or rail trolley. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Using Airbag to Pull The Boat Ashore

Airbag pulling boats is the most commonly used pulling boat scheme. The winch can adopt a single drum or a friction type, which can make full use of the slipway. The same slipway can pull multiple ships ashore.


  • Airbag landing is an innovative way for ships to land ashore.
  • The flexibility of the airbag allows the hull to pitch freely during landing, so that the hull structure is not damaged.
  • The equipment is simple, the construction cost is low, and the maintenance and management are convenient.
  • It is suitable for the landing of different types of ships.

Parameters that customers need to determine for the airbag towing plan:

  • Determine the type of winch: friction type or single drum, electric or hydraulic
  • The weight of the largest ship pulled
  • Ramp angle
  • The speed of pulling boat
  • The length of pulling boat
  • Accessories (wire rope, moving and fixed pulley sets, guide wheels, etc.)

2. Using Rail Trolley to Pull The Boat Ashore

Compared with airbag pulling boat plan, the construction cost of the slide is high, and the flexibility is not as good as the airbag landing.

Parameters that customers need to determine for the rail trolley pull ship plan:

  • Determine the type of winch: friction type or single drum, electric or hydraulic
  • The weight of the largest ship pulled
  • The weight of the rail trolley
  • Slope of the slipway track
  • The running speed of the rail trolley along the track
  • The length of the slipway

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Customer Cases

60 Ton Slipway Winch In Indonesia

60 Ton Slipway Winch For Pulling Large Boats

50 Ton Slipway Winch For Pulling Boats

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Different Types of Slipway Winch For Sale

The slipway winch type can be a friction type or a single drum, and the drive type can be electric or hydraulic.

Friction Type or Single Drum Slipway Winch

Friction Type Winch for Sale
Friction Type Winch

Friction Type Slipway Winch

The friction winch uses the friction between the wire rope and the drum to generate tension.


  • Friction type winch has no deflection angle of steel wire rope because the position of the rope is unchanged, which reduces the wear of the wire rope and increases the service life of the wire rope.
  • The pulling force and speed of the rope are constant, so the whole machine runs stably and the impact force is small.

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Single Drum Winch Price
Single Drum Winch

Single Drum Slipway Winch

  • According to the height of the fixed pulley, the single-drum winch can be made into an upper rope or a lower rope. The single drum slipway winch mostly adopts the lower rope.
  • When the number of layers of the wire rope exceeds 7 or the deflection angle of the wire rope is greater than 3°, the single drum winch will add a rope arranging device.
  • The distance from the single-drum winch to the fixed pulley is about 10 times the length of the drum. Therefore, the layout of the single-drum winch takes up more space.
  • The working speed and pulling force of each layer of the electric drum winch are different. The first layer has the largest pulling force and the slowest speed; the outermost layer has the smallest pulling force and the fastest speed.

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Electric or Hydraulic Slipway Winch

Boat Slipway Winch
Boat Slipway Winch

Electric slipway winch

  • In the selection of a winch, we will first suggest you to try electric since it delivers safe and reliable operation.
  • It also costs less than a hydraulic winch.
  • The slipway electric winch is very easy to install and maintain.

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Hydraulic Slipway Winch
Hydraulic Slipway Winch

Hydraulic Slipway Winch

The hydraulic powered winch can be designed for the most challenging job onshore and offshore.

In addition, these winches can be configured in many different ways. For example, you can configure your winch with grooved drum for the intention of spooling rope better on the drum. The clutch can be fitted on pulling winches to release the drum.

Contact our sales manager for more info!

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Slipway Winch Design

We can custom design and build various slipway winches according to your specific requirements.

Slipway winch capacity

The winch capacity is determined by several factors: the deadweight of boats or vessels, slipway slope, etc.

If you provide the necessary information, our professional winch engineers will help you calculate the required pulling force.

Power source

As for the motive power, it largely depends on the technical preference and actual working conditions. The selection of motive power is also based on its advantages and disadvantages.

If you are not sure, please consult an Aicrane winch expert!

Winch options

The slipway winch supplied by our company is available in a range of design options to make sure you end up with the most suitable winch system:

  • Single or double drum
  • Grooved drum
  • Local or remote control
  • Rope guide
  • Band brake
  • Emergency crank
  • Spooler
  • Hydraulic brake and clutch
Slipway Winch Manufacturer

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Features And Advantages of Aicrane Boat Slipway Winch

As a well-experienced winch manufacture, we offer the most durable and reliable slipway winches to provide proper balance between cost, suitability and efficiency. Our winch machine is made of heavy duty materials, which is designed to withstand the harsh marine environments.

Great durability – The boat slipway winches are made of high quality materials so that they can last in harsh marine conditions.

Reliable operation – We offer a variety of control options to ensure a safe and reliable winching operation.

Wide applications – The winches for slipway can be adapted to both land use and water use.

Little maintenance and long life – Our winch machine can be designed with epoxy zinc rich primer marine coating to prevent it from corroding in salt-water environment.

Reasonable cost – We offer our customers the most competitive price of winch.

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Electric Slipway Winch
Electric Slipway Winch

Why Choose Aicrane?

A wide variety of winch products

As one of leading slipway winch manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can design and build each winch to suit your individual needs.

The slipway winch we offer is ideally suited to slipway and boat ramp, making the pulling operation much easier and faster.

Superior quality

We offer a series of robust marine winches which can last in the harshest conditions.

The drum and frame are made of quality steel in order to achieve maximum in strength and durability.

Our winch also delivers safe and trouble-free operation.

Full range of service

Engaged in the winch industry for decades, we have had a wealth of project management experience, ranging from winch design, fabrication, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss with one of our experts.

Aicrane Winch for Boat

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Surface Protection of Slipway Winch

Slipway Winch for Sale
Slipway Winch for Sale

Since some winches are used in environments with high humidity, it is crucial to take surface protection measures in order to prevent it from corroding in harsh marine environments.

When it comes to corrosion protection for the winch, the most common form we take is paint system. Or you can choose to galvanize or construct your winch with corrosion resistant steels.

According to your specific applications and requirements, you can determine a proper type of paint as well as the final layer thickness.

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Operation of The Marine Slipway Winch

As the winch can pull small to large boats to and out of the water efficiently and safely, it is increasingly popular in ports, shipyards or dockyards. The slipway is usually the inclined surface on which the boats are moved by way of slipway winch. Before the movement, the vessels’ hull is coated with grease, and then the winch pulls the ship to “slip” off of the ramp and progress safely into the water.

How does a friction winch work?

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Winch control options

We have two main control options for your choice, including electric and hydraulic. They vary widely with respect to cost, ease of use, safety and durability.

For electric control option, it usually takes the basic form of push-button control box, which incorporates up-down and emergency stop. It can be installed on or near the winch. Another popular option is remote control which will be connected to the control box. This form of control allows the operator to stand well clear of the load and rope.

Hydraulic control usually takes the form of a hydraulic valve. It controls both speed and direction of the winch. The hydraulic valve can be fitted on the winch or in a suitable location.

The selection of winch control is largely determined by your preference, financial reasons and ease of use.

To learn more about Aicrane slipway winches, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Electric Winch for Slipway
Slipway Winch for Sale

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