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Electric Winch Rope

Electric winch is a sort of cost-effective lifting device that uses a drum to wrap a steel wire rope to lift or pull heavy loads. The steel wire rope has the outstanding characteristics of high strength, excellent wear resistance and long service life. There are three types of steel wire ropes: hard, semi-rigid and soft wire ropes.

Hard steel wire rope: it is made of 6 steel wire strands twisted around one steel wire strand core. The oil-free hemp core is the hardest wire rope, which has the strongest strength, but is inconvenient to operate.

Semi-rigid steel wire rope: it is made of 6 steel wire strands wrapped around a hemp core. It is softer than the hard steel wire, and the operation is more convenient.

Soft steel wire rope: it is basically the same as the semi-rigid steel wire rope, but there is a hemp core in each strand of steel wire, a total of 7 hemp cores.

The functions of the hemp core: plays the role of liner, reduces internal friction; increases the softness, making it easy to operate; prevents internal corrosion; plays the role of lubrication.

The softness and rigidity of the steel wire rope are not only determined by the hemp core, but the toughness and structural form of the steel wire.

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Matters Needing Attention When Using The Electric Winch Rope

  1. The wire rope on thedrum should be neatly arranged. The wire rope is not allowed to be fully unwound, at least three turns should be kept.
  2. The wire rope is not allowed to be knotted or twisted.
  3. During the operation, no one is allowed to cross the wire rope.
  4. Since the steel wire rope is inevitably damaged by abrasion and natural corrosion, it should be painted with protective oil regularly.
  5. The steel wire ropes should be checked frequently, and scrapped immediately if it reaches the scrapping standard.

Scrapping Standard of the Steel Wire Rope

  1. The diameter is reduced.

If the diameter wear exceeds 40%, the wire rope should be scrapped. If it does not exceed 40%, the wire rope should be used with a reduced coefficient.

  1. The surface is corroded.

When the corrosion of the entire wire rope surface is obvious, the wire rope cannot be used.

  1. The wire rope structure is destroyed.

The broken wire rope should be scrapped, and the wire rope with broken wire should be used with a reduced coefficient.

  1. Overload

Wire ropes that have been used for overloading must not be used.

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