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JM 8 Ton And 10 Ton Electric Winches to UAE

Our customer in UAE has ordered 8 ton and 10 ton JM series winches. These winches have been packed and are about to arrive at the customer site. We design and manufacture the winches according to customer requirements and strive to satisfy the customer. JM winches are Aicrane’s best-selling products and are well-received by customers with their reliable performance, large load capacity, wide application range and simple operation.

JM 8 ton and 10 ton electric winches

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JM winch is a slow speed electric winch the characteristics of small size, light weight, large capacity, flexible operation, safety and reliability, and durability. The winch is mainly used for hoisting and pulling heavy objects, such as the installation and disassembly of mechanical equipment. If it is used for lifting occasions with short lifting distance and high accuracy requirements, a slow winch should usually be selected.

Electric winch with free spare parts

10 ton electric winch package

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