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Electric Winch Operation

Electric winch is motorized machine for lifting or pulling heavy loads with less effort. If used properly, it can greatly improve the efficiency of lifting or pulling operations. The following are some issues that users should pay attention to when using winches:

  1. The wire rope on the drum should be arranged neatly. If the wire rope is overlapped or slanted, stop the machine and rearrange it. It is strictly forbidden to pull and step on the wire rope during rotation. The wire rope is not allowed to be fully released, and at least three turns should be retained on the drum.
  2. The wire rope is not allowed to be knotted or twisted. When the wire is broken more than 10% within a pitch, it should be replaced.
  3. No one is allowed to cross the wire rope during operation, and the operator is not allowed to leave the wire rope winch after the object is lifted. Objects should be lowered to the ground during rest.
  4. During operation, the operator and signalman must maintain good visibility with the hoisted object. They should cooperate closely and obey the unified signal command.
  5. In case of a power outage during operation, the power supply should be cut off and the lifted objectshould be lowered to the ground.
  6. Obey the signal of the commander during the work. If the signal is unknown or may cause an accident, the operation should be suspended. It can be continued after the situation is clarified.
  7. It is inevitable that the steel wire rope will be worn with the machinery during use, so it should be brushed with protective oil at intervals.
  8. Overload use is strictly prohibited.
  9. Do not directly hoist high-temperature objects. For objects with edges and corners, add a protective plate.
  10. The steel wire rope should be checked frequently during use, and it should be scrapped immediately if it reaches the scrap standard.
Electric Winch Operation
Electric Winch

Scrap Standard of Winch Wire Rope

  1. Diameter reduction: the steel wire rope with diameter wear exceeding 40% should be scrapped. If it does not exceed 40%, the coefficient should be reduced for use.
  2. Surface corrosion: when the surface corrosion of the entire wire rope is visible, the wire rope cannot be used.
  3. Structural damage: if the whole strand of the wire rope is broken, it should be scrapped, and the wire rope with broken wires should be used with a lower coefficient.
  4. Overload: wire ropes that have been overloaded shall not be used.

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