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What Winch to Buy

If you need to lift or pull a heavy object, a winch machine can be a great choice. The question is what winch to buy. You should first learn everything about the winch, including its types, applications, working principle, etc. And then according to your actual needs, choose the appropriate winch system.

Types of Winches

A winch is a small and light lifting equipment that uses a drum to wind a steel rope or a chain to lift or pull a heavy load.

According to the power source, the winch is divided into two types: electric winch and hydraulic winch.

  • Common electric winch models are: JM slow speed electric winch, JK fast speed electric winch, JKL electric piling winch, JMM friction type electric winch. These winches are widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, road and bridge, hydropower installation, etc.
  • Hydraulic winch is widely used for the lifting or hauling of materials in marine, construction, water conservancy engineering, forestry, mining, wharf, etc. In terms of performance, it has the characteristics of good safety, high efficiency, large starting torque, good stability at low speed, low noise and reliable operation.

According to the use, the winch is divided into construction winch or engineering winch, and marine winch.

  • Construction winch refers to various electric winches used in all kinds of engineering projects on land and along the coast to lift or drag heavy objects.
  • Marine winch is commonly used on ships, docks or shores for anchoring, mooring and towing, or lifting heavy objects on ships. Common marine winches are: anchor winch windlass, mooring winch, anchor mooring winch, towing winch, capstan, etc.

For more information about each winch product, please click on our product page.

Applications of Winch Machine

The winch equipment is used for lifting, pulling or towing materials or heavy loads in construction, water conservancy engineering, forestry, mining, wharf, etc. The winch can be used alone or as a component in lifting, road building and mine hoisting machinery.

20 Ton Slow Speed Winch For Construction
20 Ton Slow Speed Winch For Construction
5 Ton Electric Winch for Marine Application
5 Ton Electric Winch for Marine Application
30 Ton Tug Winch
30 Ton Tug Winch

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How Does A Winch Work?

Winch is a relatively simple lifting or traction machine. When it works, the motor drives the wire rope drum through the reducer, retracts the wire rope, and changes the direction through different pulleys. The technological requirements for the winch are mainly the speed of the drum, that is, the speed of the wire rope, and the safety and reliability of the braking system.

Winch Selection Guide

When selecting a winch, you need to determine the basic parameters and information of the winch you need, including:

  • Rated load or pull force
  • Drum capacity
  • Working speed
  • Power source: electric or hydraulic?
  • Use and working environment of your winch
  • Single drum or double drum?
  • Other winch options you may need

Buy A Winch From Aicrane

If you are looking to purchase a new winch, buy from Aicrane. The company has more than ten years of experience in the winch industry, producing a wide range of winch products, including electric winch, hydraulic winch, construction winch, mining winch, anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch, anchor mooring winch, capstan, etc.

At present, our products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, and have obtained a stable market in many countries. The company has a strict and perfect product control system and after-sales service system, committed to providing customers with high-quality products and after-sales service. The professional after-sales service team can meet customer’s needs for installation, commissioning, user training, technical consulting and other services, and there are dedicated personnel responsible for customer return visits after service.

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