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Where to Buy A Winch

If you’re looking to buy a winch, come to Aicrane. The company focuses on the design, manufacture and service of various winches, including electric winches, hydraulic winches, construction winches, mine winches, marine winches, anchor winches, mooring winches, towing winches, etc. We can also custom design and build the winch equipment for your special requirements.

The winch machine can lift loads vertically, or pull horizontally or inclinedly. It can be used independently or as a component in lifting, road construction and mine hoisting machinery. The machine is widely used due to its simple operation, large capacity, and convenient displacement.

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Things to Consider When Buying A Winch

When buying a winch, you need to consider a few things in order to identify the right one for the job.

First of all, you need to consider the purpose and working environment of the winch. Will the winch be used on the ship, port, land, or mine. What is the winch used for? Horizontal pulling, vertical lifting, or used on ships or in ports for towing, mooring or anchoring?

Second, you should determine the rated load or pulling force of the winch you want to buy.

The third is to determine the drum capacity of the winch, including rope length (m) and diameter (mm).

The forth is to determine the winch speed (m/min). The price of the winch machine of the same lifting tonnage will be much different due to different lifting speeds.

The fifth is to determine the power source of the winch. Winch equipment can be driven electrically, hydraulically or by diesel engine.

You will also need to consider winch options to make sure you get a perfect winch system. The winch manufacturer can provide you with a range of winch options, including single drum and double drum, grooved drum, rope spooling device, load limiter, limit switches, band brake, clutch, etc. For more information, please contact our winch professionals.

Why Buy A Winch From Aicrane

Our company has a wealth of winch production experience, and always provides customers with superior quality and cost-effective products. We also offer a wide range of after-sales service to make sure our customers go smoothly during the installation and operation of the winch. Our after-sales service includes: installation and commissioning of the equipment, staff training, free technical advisory service, 12-month warranty, etc.

If you want to buy a new winch with good quality and affordable price, simply contact Aicrane sales team!

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