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Delivery of 30 Ton Electric Winches to Vietnam

Aicrane AQ-JM 30 ton electric winches were delivered to Vietnam. These electric winches will be used for pulling loads in the customer’s plant. Our AQ-JM series winches are very popular in Vietnam. So far, our winch products have been sold to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and other cities, helping customers to lift and pull various loads easily and quickly.

30 Ton Winches to Vietnam

How To Install The 30 Ton Winch in Vietnam?

  • The 30 ton winch Vietnam has been assembled and debugged before leaving the factory, so the customer only needs to do the foundation according to the drawings provided by Aicrane. And after the equipment arrives at the site, connect the winch to the local power source. During this period, the Aicrane after-sales service team will provide online installation guidance at any time.
  • In addition, we have installation teams in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and other cities, and can recommend to customers if needed.
30 Ton Winch Shipped to  Vietnam
30 Ton Winch Shipped to Vietnam
Vietnam 30 Ton Winch For Sale
Vietnam 30 Ton Winch
30 Ton Electric Winches to Vietnam
30 Ton Electric Winches to Vietnam
30 Ton Winch to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
30 Ton Winch to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

What Can An AQ-JM Electric Winch Be Used For?

Aicrane AQ-JM series electric winch is a slow speed winch, mainly used for hoisting, pulling, loading and unloading heavy objects, such as the installation and disassembly of various large and medium-sized concrete structures, steel structures and mechanical equipment. It is suitable for civil construction and installation projects of construction and installation companies, mining areas and factories.

AQ-JM Electric Winch

What Services Can We Provide to Vietnamese Customers?

  • We have a professional team of engineers to provide the right winch solution for customers’ applications.
  • We have local service staff who can speak Vietnamese, so we can communicate with Vietnamese customers without hassle.
  • There is a local installation team that can provide turnkey projects.
  • We can recommend familiar general capital leasing agencies and can solve financial problems for customers.

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