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20 Ton Hydraulic Positioning Winches Delivered to Australia

Aicrane eight 20-ton hydraulic positioning winches were delivered to Australia. These winches will be used on marine work boats for boat positioning. Using wireless remote control, 8 sets of hydraulic positioning winches can be operated by one person at the same time.

20 Ton Hydraulic Positioning Winches Australia
20 Ton Hydraulic Positioning Winches Delivered to Australia
20T Hydraulic Positioning Winch to Australia
20T Hydraulic Positioning Winch to Australia

Configuration of The Australia Hydraulic Positioning Winch

The Australian client had high requirements for hydraulic positioning winches, so they adopted fully imported configurations.

  • 1. 20 ton single drum
  • 2. Wireless remote control
  • 3. Fully imported configurations: Cummins diesel engine hydraulic pump station, Rexroth hydraulic pump, Parker hydraulic valve group, SAI hydraulics motor and Schneider Electric.

Features of Aicrane Hydraulic Positioning Winch

  • The hydraulic positioning winch has stepless speed regulation, and can realize remote centralized control.
  • According to the positioning requirements, the positioning winch can be four-point positioning, six-point positioning and eight-point positioning.
  • The positioning winch can be equipped with rope length display and tension display device, and the tension can be adjusted.
  • The positioning winch can be single drum or double drum, and the double drum positioning winch is generally a waterfall structure.

Positioning Winch Design

Types of Aicrane Marine Winches For Sale in Australia

We offer various types of marine winches for boats and marine platforms in Australia, including boat anchor winches, mooring winches, marine towing winches, capstan winches and more. These winches can be electrically or hydraulically driven according to customer requirements. If you are looking for a marine winch in Australia, contact Aicrane to get a custom winch solution for your boats and marine applications!

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