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Heavy Duty Boat Winch

Heavy duty boat winch is installed on ships, docks or shores, mainly for anchoring, mooring and towing, as well as lifting and pulling heavy objects on the ship. The common boat winches are: anchor winches and windlasses, anchor and mooring winches, mooring winches, towing winches, capstans, etc.

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Anchor winch windlass: used for ship anchoring. There are two types: anchor chain winch and anchor rope winch. The speed is generally about 10m/min. When buying an anchor winch, you need to know the anchor weight and chain diameter and length, or the wire rope diameter and length.

Anchor and mooring winch: equivalent to a combination of windlass and mooring winch. There are mainly two types: electric and hydraulic winch.

Mooring winch: used to moor a ship. That is, a ship is anchored to the shore and needs to use a winch to stabilize the parking. So mooring winches are usually fixed on the shore.

Towing winch: installed on a boat to tow another boat. The towing winch generally has a larger pulling force (10T-200T), and the speed is generally 10m/min. It can be electrically or hydraulically powered as per requirement.

Features of Heavy Duty Boat Winch

  • Compact and robust structure
  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • Single or double drum
  • Fail-safe motor brake
  • Band brake
  • Manual emergency release
  • Clutch
  • Central remote and local control

Winch Safety

Selecting the right winch

Considering your current demand and possible capacity increase in the future, select a winch with the right load and speed. Make sure the winch is suitable for the environment it will operate in. If you have any special requirements or operating conditions, talk to Aicrane professionals, who will help you select the perfect equipment for the job.

Selecting the right safety equipment

To meet the increasing demands of marine and offshore operations, several safety equipment is necessary to be fitted for improved work safety and operational efficiency, including spindle limit switch, load limiter, over speed warning, drum guards, emergency stop switches or cut off valves.

Inspection and maintenance

Inspecting and maintaining the winch periodically is critical to keep the equipment safe and efficient. Make sure the equipment in inspected and maintained by qualified people.

Staff training

Make sure all staff involving in operating, inspecting or maintaining the equipment is properly trained and instructed.

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To get the price of a heavy duty boat winch, you need to provide the following basic information about the winch you need:

  • Where is the winch used? On a ship or dock?
  • What does the winch do? For towing on ships, mooring or anchoring?
  • What rated load or pulling force is required?
  • What drum capacity is required?
  • Speed requirement?
  • Single drum or double drum?
  • Electric or hydraulic power?
  • Do you need a rope spooling device?
  • 3-phase voltage (v/hz)?
  • Is classification society certification required?
  • Other special requirements

The above information is very important for the proposal. Please fill out the contact form or send an email to us, so we can provide you with right quote.

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