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Electric Anchor Windlass Mooring Winches Exported To Saudi Arabia

Aicrane 28mm electric anchor windlass mooring winches were exported to Saudi Arabia. This is a combination of anchor windlass and mooring winch that will be installed on ships for a safe and reliable anchoring handling and mooring operation.

Windlass And Mooring Winches Exported To Saudi Arabia
Windlass And Mooring Winches Exported To Saudi Arabia
28mm Anchor Windlass And Mooring Winches
28mm Anchor Windlass And Mooring Winches
Electric Control Box
Electric Control Box
Windlass Mooring Winch Controls
Windlass Mooring Winch Controls

Why Did The Client Choose This Combined Windlass Mooring Winch?

  • The biggest advantage of this combined windlass and mooring winch is that it not only saves manufacturing and installation costs, but also saves a lot of deck space. Therefore, this type of anchor and mooring winch is a good choice when the deck size is limited.
  • The anchor mooring winch combines multiple solutions on a single driven main shaft. In fact, Aicrane combined marine winches can be designed with different combined functions according to customers’ needs, such as anchoring and mooring, or anchoring and towing, etc.
  • This combined anchor mooring winch is suitable for various types of vessels such as tankers, passenger vessels, freight or inland vessels, barges, etc.
  • Aicrane windlass and mooring winch can also provide a variety of special features, such as automatic variable speed control, rope spooling device, emergency release function and drum with rope groove.
Windlass Mooring Winch
Windlass Mooring Winch Design

Customized Anchor Windlass Mooring Winch For Your Ships

At Aicrane, you can customize anchor windlass mooring winches to accommodate your vessel type and deck size. Our windlass mooring winches can be either electrically or hydraulically driven, with one or more mooring drums, and one or more gypsy wheels. Warping end is also available as optional. The mooring drum can also be divided into a working and a storage part according to your requirements.

If you are interested in getting a custom windlass mooring winch solution from us, get in touch with our project consultants today to discuss how we can help with your project.

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