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Double Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winch Shipped to Indonesia

Aicrane double drum hydraulic mooring winch was shipped to Indonesia. It will be used for the customer’s workboat in Indonesia. According to customer requirements, the hydraulic mooring winch adopts a double drum and split drum structure.

Double Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winch Indonesia
Double Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winch Shipped to Indonesia
Hydraulic Split Drum Mooring Winch to Indonesia
Hydraulic Split Drum Mooring Winch to Indonesia

FAQs About Indonesia Hydraulic Double Drum Mooring Winch

What Is The Purpose of Split Drum Structure on The Indonesia Mooring Winch?

When mooring, since the rope of the non-split drum mooring winch released directly from the drum, the last turn of the outer layer tends to bite the lower layer under tension. This can cause damage to the rope and difficulty in releasing the rope. To avoid this problem, non-split drum winches should be kept a sufficient distance from the gland to ensure that the rope can be wound properly.

While a split drum winch can solve this problem perfectly because most of the rope is stored in the storage section and the tension part will hold the tension.

Exactly What Is Split Drum Mooring Winch?

Split drum mooring winch is a winch with a drum that is divided into a tension section and a line storage section by a notched flange.

What Are The Advantages of Indonesia Hydraulic Mooring Winch?

  • The hydraulic system can work under a lot of pressure, so the hydraulic transmission system can easily obtain large torque to meet the various needs of modern large ships.
  • Hydraulic transmission can realize a wide range of stepless speed regulation.
  • Compared with the electric winch, the hydraulic mooring winch has the advantages of small size, light weight, smooth movement and automatic overload prevention under the same power.

3D Video of Double Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winch

We have created a 3D video of the double drum hydraulic mooring winch to help users better understand the structure of the winch and how it works.

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