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5 Ton Winch

5 ton winch comes in a variety of options to meet your application requirements, such as electric winch, hydraulic winch, slow speed winch and high speed winch. It is capable of lifting and pulling 5 ton weight or less, widely used in construction, mining, factories and marine. Our 5t winch can be adapted to all sorts of situations, and it is able to get the most challenging tasks done efficiently and safely.

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Customer Cases

Two AQ-JM 5-Ton Winches Used in Steel Plant in Lebanon

The two 5 ton electric winches in Lebanon work at the same time and are used in the customer’s steel processing plant for loading containers. According to the customer feedback, the winch operation is good and powerful.

5 Ton Winch for Sale Lebanon
Electric Winches in Lebanon
Customer Feedback

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5 tonne electric winch shipped to Australia

According to customer requirements, the winch Australia is equipped with rope guider, load limiter, pull force display, etc. This 5 tons winch is used to pull heavy loads in the customer’s plant.

5 Tonne Winch Australia

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4 sets of 5 ton electric winches to Indonesia

According to the feedback from the Indonesian customer, the installation and trial operation of the winches are very smooth, and also expressed his willingness to cooperate with us for a long time.

5 Ton Winches For Sale Indonesia
5 Ton Winches Packing
Control Handle for Winch

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5T electric winches to UAE

The electric winches are for marine use. The winch UAE is equipped with manual jaw clutch and brake, the nominal speed is 9m/min and the drum capacity is 18mm×300m (7 layers).

The electric winch machine 5 ton has been assembled and debugged in our factory, so it is very fast and easy to install and use at the customer’s site.

5 Ton Electric Winch for Sale
5 Ton Electric Winch UAE
Electric Winch 5 Ton Price
Electric Winch 5 Ton to UAE
Winch Test Run
Winch Test Run
Test Run
Test Run
Electric Winch Test Run
Electric Winch Test Run

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AQ-JK 5 Ton Winch to Iraq

According to the customer’s request, the AQ-JK 5t winch is equipped with a tension sensor to measure the pulling force.

JK 5 Ton Electric Winch to Iraq
AQ-JK 5 Ton Electric Winch Iraq
AQ-JK Winch Iraq
AQ-JK Winch 5 Ton
Package of Winch
Electric Control Box
Electric Control Box
Tension Sensor
Tension Sensor

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Two Main Types of 5 Ton Winches for Sale Aicrane

There are two main types of 5 ton winches at Aicrane: electric winch and hydraulic winch. For different applications, we have professionals who can recommend the most cost-effective winch equipment for your business. Below are some basic information and parameters of our 5-ton winch for your reference.

5 Ton Electric Winch for Sale

JM 5 Tons Winch for Sale
AQ-JM 5 Tons Winch for Sale

AQ-JM slow speed electric winch

This type of winch 5 ton electric delivers slow speed operations for hoisting, pulling and towing of heavy loads, such as the installation and disassembly of various large and medium-sized concrete, steel structures and mechanical equipment. The AQ-JM winch can also be used on the ship for anchoring, mooring and towing. The working speed is in a range of 5 to 20 m/min.

Model AQ-JM
Load capacity 5 ton
Rope capacity 20~3600m
Working speed 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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JK 5t Electric Winch for Sale
AQ-JK 5t Electric Winch

AQ-JK high speed electric winch

This series of 5 ton winch machine is mainly used for material lifting and towing in building construction. It can also serve as the main hoisting on a crane. The working speed of the high speed winch is 20-35 m/min.

Model AQ-JK
Load capacity 5 ton
Rope capacity 20~500 m
Working speed 20~35 m/min; (single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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Electric Winch Machine 5 Ton for Sale
AQ-JKL Electric Winch Machine 5 Ton

AQ-JKL fast speed electric piling winch

The electric piling winch machine is particularly suitable for vertical lifting of heavy objects in construction, mine and port. It is also ideal for free-falling punching and piling operations of bridge and building foundation construction.

Model AQ-JKL
Load capacity 5 ton
Rope capacity 20~500 m
Working speed 20~36 m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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Other types of electric winch machine 5 ton include mining winch which is used in various mines to lift and pull minerals, single drum electric winch, double drum electric winch, variable speed electric winch, etc. Contact us to learn more about electric winches!

5 Ton Hydraulic Winch for Sale

In addition to electric winches, we also provide hydraulic winches as needed. As one of leading 5 ton winch suppliers in China, we can tailor the winch system to each requirement.

Types and applications: hydraulic winch is commonly used on ships, docks or shores for anchoring, mooring and towing, as well as lifting and pulling heavy objects on board. Common types of marine hydraulic winches include anchor winches, mooring winches, towing winches, anchor mooring winches and capstan winches.

Features: in terms of structure, the winch has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, light weight and beautiful appearance. In terms of performance, it has the characteristics of good safety, high efficiency, large starting torque, good low-speed stability, low noise and reliable operation. In a word, hydraulic winch is ideally suited to the most demanding tasks in marine!

5 Ton Hydraulic Winch Price
5 Ton Hydraulic Winch For Sale
Hydraulic Winches With Pump Stations
Hydraulic Winches With Pump Stations

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Hydraulic Winch vs. Electric Winch, Which Is Right for You?

Electric and hydraulic winches vary largely in terms of power, usage, durability and cost. Here we list their advantages and applications so that you can have an initial judgment on which is right for your business.

Electric Winch

Electric Power Winch For Sale
Electric Power Winch

What is an electric winch?

The electric winch, as the name suggests, is powered by electricity. It is a cost-effective option for occasional or light duty lifting and hauling work.

Advantages of using electric winches:

  • Easy to install and
  • Require minimal maintenance work
  • Simple operation
  • Large capacity
  • Convenient displacement
  • Wide applications

Applications of electric winches:

The electric winches are commonly used in construction, water conservancy projects, forestry, mines, docks, etc. for lifting and pulling various loads or materials.

Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic Winch For Sale
Hydraulic Winch

What is a hydraulic winch?

Hydraulic winch is powered by a hydraulic system, suitable for onshore and offshore operations. The installation of a hydraulic winch will incorporate some additional components, such as hydraulic motor, pipe and fittings, thus it requires more costs and maintenance work than an electric winch.

Advantages of using hydraulic winches:

  • More reliable and durable in dealing with tough tasks
  • Compact structure
  • Designed for heavy duty work
  • Can be used continuously

Applications of hydraulic winches:

Hydraulic winch is suitable for the most demanding tasks in marine and offshore applications. It is more often found on boats, docks or shores for anchoring, mooring and towing.

How to choose the right winch?

Knowing these differences is very useful for choosing the most suitable winch for your applications. In general, you need to consider the following points when choosing a winch:

  • Power source you prefer
  • Winch working environment
  • How hard is the job?
  • How long will the winch be used?
  • Your budget

If you have any questions, please call us and we will help you determine the right winch for you.

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Winch Videos

Electric Winch In Aicrane Winch Factory

3D Video of Electric Winch

Watch More

How to Control The 5 Ton Winch?

The electric winch is typically controlled by a pushbutton control box installed on or near the winch. It can also be operated by means of remote control that is connected to the winch control box. The remote control allows the operator to stand clear of the rope when operating the winch, thus ensuring the safety of the operator.

Cam Controller
Cam Controller
Inverted Switch
Inverted Switch
Electric Control Box
Electric Control Box

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Why Buy A Winch 5 Ton From Aicrane?

Looking for reliable winch machines? You can buy a winch from Aicrane, a well experienced winch provider in China:

  • We have over 10 years of experience in the winch industry incorporating the winch design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • We offer a wide range of winches catering to various application requirements.
  • All of our winches are manufactured in line with national and industry standards.
  • With excellent winch experts in our company, we are able to custom design each and every aspect of your winch equipment ranging from the capacity, weight, size down to the paint color for your specific needs.
  • We also provide customers with high-quality and fast after-sales service to ensure their smooth installation and use of equipment.
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How Long Is The Warranty Period Of Your Product?

The warranty period is 1 year, and if any parts are damaged or malfunctioned due to quality problems within 1 year, we will provide free replacement parts. However, damage caused by man-made or force majeure is not within the scope of our quality assurance.

What Are the Optional Control Methods for A 5 Ton Winch?

Our 5-ton winch is provided with local control by default, and the control button is outside the electrical box. In addition, according to different customer requirements, we can also provide remote control, console operation, etc.

How to Install The 5 Ton Winch?

The winch has been assembled and debugged before leaving the factory, and customers only need to make the foundation according to the drawings provided by Aicrane. And after the equipment arrives at your site, connect the winch electrical appliances to the local power supply.

What Brand of Electrical Appliances Is Used?

We generally choose Schneider, Siemens, ABB, etc., because the quality of these brands is guaranteed, it is easy to find an after-sales service center in the local area, and replacement parts are also easy to buy.

What Is The Voltage of the Winch?

The default voltage of our winch is 3phase 380V 50hz. But according to the requirements of different countries, 220V-480V, 50hz/60hz can be customized. Customers need to inform our engineers about the applicable voltage.

How Do You Provide After-sales Service?

We can provide 7*24 online service, and our engineers can provide remote guidance. If the problem cannot be solved, we can send engineers to the site.

Exactly How Much Is A Winch?

5 ton electric winch price offered by our company is very favorable since we can offer you a winch with factory price.

The electric winch cost is largely determined by the winch configurations and specifications you choose.

Typically, the cost of an electric winch is much lower than a hydraulic winch given the same application requirements.

If you would like to know your winch price, specify your lifting and pulling requirements and then discuss with our sales manager. We are more than happy to help you select the most affordable and powerful winch solutions for your business.

What Is 5 Ton Winch Operation?

5 ton electric winch is very easy to operate. It is a simple lifting device composed of a drum on which the cable or rope winds. For single drum winch, it enables the rope to leave the drum at any angle. To ensure a safe operation, you should leave several wraps of rope on the drum to achieve the rated load.

Here are some tips for operating a winch safely:

  1. Take operator training. It is very important to educate and train the winch operators regularly of safe operation.
  2. Read the operation manual. Be sure you use the equipment properly.
  3. Choose the correct machine. Make sure you select the right type of winch for the job and it is in good mechanical condition.
  4. Conduct periodical inspection and maintenance. Check some critical components of your winch to ensure they are in good working conditions.

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Interested in our 5 ton winch or do you want to know the price of the winch? Please feel free to contact us by filling out the contact form or sending us an email with your specific requirements. After receiving your inquiry, our professional sales manager and engineer will provide you with the most cost-effective solution according to your needs.

Here is some basic information you need to provide:

  • Load capacity: ton?
  • Drum capacity: m?
  • Speed: m/min?
  • Electric or hydraulic drive?
  • What is the winch used for?

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