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4 Ton Electric Winches Shipped to Singapore

Aicrane AQ-JM 4 ton electric winches were shipped to Singapore. These electric winches will be used in our customer’s plant to pull various loads and materials. The drum capacity is 30m, and the rated speed is 10m/min.

AQ-JM 4 Ton Winches For Sale
AQ-JM 4 Ton Winches
4 Ton Electric Winches for Singapore
4 Ton Electric Winches
4 Ton Winches to Singapore
4 Ton Winches Shipped to Singapore

Features And Advantages of the AQ-JM 4 Ton Electric Winches for the Singapore Customer

  • Compact Structure – The AQ-JM 4 ton winch is built with a three in one reducer, allowing it to fit into tight spaces and reduce the overall size of the winch. This gear reducer incorporates three functions in a single unit, which are speed reduction, torque increase, and directional change.
  • Variable Speed – The AQ-JM electric winch is designed with Siemens inverter that provides precise control over motor speed and torque, enabling operators to optimize the process and improve productivity.
  • Safe Operation – The 4 ton electric winch for Singapore client is designed with pendant control and remote control. The pendant control provides precise control over the winch operations, allowing for safe and accurate load handling. Remote control allows the operator to control winch operations from a safe distance, reducing the risk of injury or accidents.
Three in One Reducer
Three in One Reducer
Siemens Inverter
Siemens Inverter
Pendant Control And Remote Control
Pendant Control And Remote Control

Contact Us For A Custom Winch Machine

Aicrane winch machine can be customized to suit specific winch operations and applications, providing a tailored solution that meets the unique needs of the application. Our winch engineers have a wealth of experience in providing custom winches, and by identifying your needs, including the weight you need to lift or pull, the distance you need to cover, and the environment in which you will be using the winch, they will provide you with a proposal for the custom winch.

Getting a custom winch can be a complex process, so it’s important to work with a reputable and experienced winch manufacturer to ensure that your needs are met. Contact Aicrane today to get custom winches!

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