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AQ-JMM 60 Ton Electric Winch Shipped to Malaysia

Aicrane AQ-JMM 60 ton electric winch is about to be shipped to Malaysia. This electric winch will be installed on the shore for pulling large boats. In addition to the 60 ton winch, we also provide accessories such as movable and fixed pulley blocks and guide wheels for the Malaysian customer.

AQ-JMM 60 Ton Electric Winch Malaysia
AQ-JMM 60 Ton Electric Winch Shipped to Malaysia
60 Ton Electric Winch for Sale Malaysia
60 Ton Electric Winch Malaysia

Details of The AQ-JMM 60 Ton Electric Winch Malaysia

The Malaysian customer needed an electric winch machine to pull boats ashore. He googled and entered our website, found the exact winch product he needed, and then left us a message on the website.

After receiving the customer’s enquiry, we immediately forwarded it to our Malaysia sales manager to get in touch with the customer and confirm his needs.

By communicating with the customer to confirm the parameters, including the ship’s own weight, ramp angle, rope speed, ship moving speed, drum capacity, the distance from the fixed pulley to the winch, etc., we provided the most suitable winch solution for the customer.

Ultimately, the client was satisfied with the 60 ton winch solution and price we offered, so he decided to purchase from Aicrane.

AQ-JMM Electric Winch Design
AQ-JMM Electric Winch Design

The Advantages of Using AQ-JMM Electric Winch 60 Ton

  • The AQ-JMM electric winch Malaysia uses the friction between the wire rope and the drum to generate tension, the position of the wire rope does not change, and the deflection angle of the wire rope is not generated, so it can reduce the wear of the wire rope and increase its service life.
  • The rope pulling force and speed are constant, so the whole machine runs stably and the impact force is small.

Various Types of Winches for Sale in Malaysia

We provide different types of winches to Malaysian customers, including electric winches, hydraulic winches, construction winches, mining winches, anchor winches, mooring winches, towing winches, capstan winches and more. Our goal is to provide customers with the most suitable winch equipment for their lifting and pulling needs. Contact us now to get the latest winch prices in Malaysia!

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