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Winch Selection Guide

Winch machine is incredibly useful at lifting and pulling heavy loads. It is widely found in construction and installation sites, warehouses, factories, mining areas, steel industry and marine. Some winches can also be installed on cranes and derricks to hoist heavy loads. We supply two main types of winches in terms of motive power, including electric winch and hydraulic winch. Other power winches such as pneumatic winch and diesel winch are also available for you to choose from. According to the working occasions where it is applied, the winch equipment can be classified into construction winch, mining winch, marine winch or offshore winch. Our winches feature superior quality, low cost, great durability and high reliability.

As a well-experienced winch manufacturer and supplier in China, we can help you select the right winch machine for your business based on your specific requirements. In order to select the right type of winch for your needs, you should first familiarize yourself with different types of winches.

Electric Winch for Construction
Electric Winch for Construction
Marine Winches for Sale
Marine Winches for Sale

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Different Types of Winch for Sale

We offer a variety of winch tool to suit different needs of customers. Each style of winch can be designed with unique features and functionality to perfectly match your business demands. Generally, the winch is designed to perform lifting, pulling, anchoring, mooring and towing operations on land and sea. It can get the job done efficiently and safely.

Electric Winch

The electric power winch supplied by our company comes in a few main models, including AQ-JM slow speed winch, AQ-JK high speed winch, AQ-JKL piling winch, AQ-JKD planetary winch, AQ-JMM friction winch and mine winch. It is the most commonly used type of winch onshore and offshore for that it is easy to operate, install and maintain. Besides, it is a cost-effective way to lift and pull heavy goods.

If you are looking for a winch for lifting and pulling, we will recommend electric winch for you first. With our professional technical team, the electric winch machine can also be custom designed and built to meet your special requirements.

Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic winch machine is more often found in heavy duty applications since it can deliver high strength, great durability and high efficiency. According to the functions it performs, the hydraulic driven winch can be sorted into hydraulic lifting winch, hydraulic cable pulling winch, hydraulic anchor winch, hydraulic mooring winch and hydraulic towing winch.

The heavy duty hydraulic winch can be adapted to both onshore and offshore applications. Powered by hydraulic pump, it makes the lifting and hauling of heavy loads much easier and safer.

Marine Winch

Marine winch or windlass is specifically designed for marine duty applications. Specifically speaking, it is extensively found on boats and ships, at the docks and on the shore to anchor, moor or tow a boat. The marine boat winch can also be used to lift heavy loads onto the boat. According to the motive power used, it can be divided into marine electric winch and hydraulic winch. Each type of winch system has its particular features and advantages.

The common applications of marine windlass include boat winch, anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch, capstan winch, deck winch, slipway winch, barge winch and ship winch. For more details of marine winch, call us now or send an email to us.

Winch With A Range of Capacity

According to the winch capacity, our winch products are available with 1 ton winch, 2 ton winch, 3 ton winch, 5 ton winch, 10 ton winch, 12 ton winch, 15 ton winch, 20 ton winch, 50 ton winch, 100 ton winch and more. Whatever your applications and requirements, we can design the most suitable winch machine that helps you achieve maximum in efficiency, durability and productivity.

How to Select The Right Winch

In the selection of a winch, you need to consider the load capacity, working speed and rope capacity. Since the winch machines supplied by our company can overlap each other in capacity and usage, you should choose a winch with the right features and designs so that it can provide maximum efficiency, safety and durability for your winching operations.

  • Selecting the right power source. At Aimix group, the electric, hydraulic and pneumatic winches are available for you to choose from. The selection of motive power is largely determined by your preference, existing infrastructure and financial considerations.
  • Selecting the transmission system. A number of different gearboxes can be used in your winch, such as reduction gear, spur gearbox, worm gearbox and planetary gearbox. You can choose the right type of transmission based on the required efficiency and the amount of torque to be transmitted.
  • Selecting the brake. Three types of brakes can be fitted into your winch, including motor brake, transmission brake and drum brake.
  • Selecting the control system. The winch can be controlled electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically. The selection of control mode depends on the motive power used, your preference and ease of use.
  • Selecting the auxiliary equipment. We offer a range of winch options to make sure you end up with the perfect winch system, such as spooler, clutch, pressure roller and emergency crank.
  • Selecting the safety equipment. It is necessary to equip your winch with safety equipment in order to ensure a secure winching operation. The safety device includes limit switch, load limiter, drum guard and emergency stop.

Whether you desire a construction winch, mining winch or marine winch, you can get the most dependable and affordable winch product at our company. To receive a free winch quotation, contact us today!

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