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How Much Does A Winch Cost?

Aicrane has more than 10 years of experience in designing and supplying winch machines for construction, mining and marine applications. We are committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective winch equipment.

How Much Is A Winch?

The type of winch, load capacity, drum capacity, power source and operating environments may increase or decrease the cost of a winch.

If you are looking for the cost of a winch product, here are several things you need to know.

First, understand the factors that affect the cost of any type of winch machine.

What affects the price of a winch? Generally, there are six factors that can influence the price of a winch machine:

The Type of Winch
Different types of winches may differ in structure, configuration and components. A double drum 10 ton winch may cost more than a single drum 10 ton winch.
Load Capacity

Winch capacity is the maximum load which can be applied to the winch, which is one of the main factors that affect the price of a winch.

Our winch experts can calculate the capacity according to the weight of the load you will be lifting or pulling.

Rope Capacity

Rope capacity is the length and diameter of the rope on the drum.

For a JM 12 ton winch, the wire rope diameter is 32mm, the rope length is 300m, the drum diameter is 500mm, and the drum length is 950mm. If the user uses a thicker diameter wire rope, the rope capacity will gradually decrease. In this case, the standard drum can hold up to 200-250 meters of wire rope. If the user wants to maintain the rope capacity of 300 meters, the drum needs to be lengthened, or choose a larger capacity winch. Therefore, the price can vary widely.

Power Source

Winch can be powered by electric, hydraulic or diesel engine.

A hydraulic winch that has a more complex structure may cost much more than an electric winch.

Operating Environments

The operating environments will affect the cost of a winch in many different ways.

For example, marine winch is in an environment with excessive moisture, which requires special metal coating the protect the machine. In addition, the welding and electrical parts of the winch are also very demanding, all of which increase the cost of the winch.

Additional Configurations You Require
The winch can add additional devices according to customer requirements, such as rope guider, overload limiter, tension display, etc., which can increase the cost of the winch.

Second, learn the common types of winches.

According to the purpose, Aicrane winch is divided in construction winch and marine winch.

Construction winch – used for lifting and pulling heavy loads or materials in various construction projects.

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Marine winch – used on ships, docks or shores for anchoring, mooring and towing, and also lifting and towing heavy objects on ship.

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Third, select the right type of winch for your business

To ensure that you get the right type of winch equipment for your business, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is the purpose and working environment of the winch?
  • What load capacity or pulling force is required?
  • What is the drum capacity?
  • What speed is required?
  • What power source is required, electric, hydraulic or diesel engine?
  • Do I need additional configurations, such as rope spooling device, overload limiter, rope length and tension display, etc.?

Finally, ask for a quote from Aicrane!

Now that you have understand the different factors that can affect the cost of the winch and the different types of winches, you can know that we cannot give the exact price of the winch because it can be highly customized.

For example, an AQ-JM series 5 ton electric winch may only cost several thousand dollars, but if you require additional configuration and accessories, such as rope guider, tension display, overload limiter, etc., the cost may be more than ten thousand dollars.

To get a quote from us, you can either fill out the contact form or send an email to us to let us know your specific requirements. According to your needs, we will offer you the best possible plan and quotation!

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