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Delivery of AQ-JM 10 Ton Winch to Kenya

An AQ-JM 10-ton electric winch is about to be delivered to Kenya. The customer’s business needs an electric winch to pull heavy objects, so after communicating with the customer and confirming his needs, we recommended our AQ-JM series to him. This model makes one of our best-selling models, and its price is also within the budget of the customer.

10 Ton Winch Kenya
10 Ton Winch to Kenya
10 Ton Winch for Sale Kenya
10 Ton Winch Shipped to kenya

How Did The Kenyan Customer Find Us?

The Kenyan customer company needs to buy a 10 ton electric winch. He searched on Google and clicked on the search results to enter our website. After browsing our 10 ton winch page, the customer decided to leave us a message and let us provide technical specifications and quotation.

After receiving the customer inquiry, we immediately forwarded it to our sales manager. The manager contacted the customer in time and confirmed the parameters and requirements with the customer.

Due to our quick response and professional service, the Kenyan customer placed the order quickly and also expressed his pleasure in continuing to work with us.

Why Did The Kenyan Customer Choose AQ-JM 10 Ton Winch?

The AQ-JM slow-speed electric winch is one of our most popular models. It is a cost-effective choice for lifting or pulling for many industrial applications. In addition, its stability is impeccable.

While the AQ-JK electric winch is a fast speed winch, which can be accelerated or adjusted during use, saving time and improving work efficiency. However, the price will be slightly higher.

After the customer’s comprehensive consideration of actual needs and budget, he chose our AQ-JM series.

AQ-JM Winch
AQ-JM Winch

Aicrane Winch for Sale Kenya

Looking for a winch for sale in Kenya? Please feel free to contact Aicrane! The company’s business covers various types of winches to meet the lifting or pulling needs of customers, including electric winches, hydraulic winches, construction winches, mining winches, anchor winches, mooring winches, towing winches, capstan winches, etc. According to your specific needs, our professional Kenyan sales managers will recommend the most suitable model for you and help you improve the efficiency of your business!

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