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Customer Review of Bulgarian AQ-JM 6.5 Ton Electric Winch

Aicrane is pleased to receive a customer review of the Bulgarian AQ-JM 6.5 ton electric winch! The customer bought an AQ-JM electric winch 6.5 ton from us in 2019 and was satisfied with the winch machine we produced. Now she contacts us and says she wants to buy more winches.

Rositsa Tomova - Bulgaria

Hello Kim, we hope we find you in good health! We bought an electric winch from you in 2019, and we are extremely pleased with the machine you produce. Now we want to buy more winches from you. We request quotations for the following items...

In addition, we welcome any customer reviews, suggestions or complaints so that we can improve our products or services and give customers a better experience!

How Did The Bulgarian Customer Find Us?

The Bulgarian customer googled into our winch website and found the exact model of electric winch she wanted. After confirming the specific parameters with the customer, we provided the customer with a quotation, and then she quickly confirmed the order.

After this cooperation, the customer is very satisfied with our winch products and services and intends to continue to return orders to us.

AQ-JM 6.5 Ton Electric Winch Bulgaria
AQ-JM 6.5 Ton Electric Winch Bulgaria

What Is The Bulgaria 6.5 Ton Electric Winch Used For?

The Bulgarian customer uses the AQ-JM 6.5t electric winch inside her plant to pull heavy loads. It is a sort of slow speed electric winch with speed 5~20 m/min.

In addition to this, Aicrane AQ-JM electric winches have many other applications, such as the installation and disassembly of various large and medium-sized concrete, steel structures and mechanical equipment. It is suitable for civil construction and installation projects of construction and installation companies, mining areas and factories, as well as equipment installation of various bridges, ports, wharfs and other road and bridge projects.

How to Get A Quote From Us?

If you are from Bulgaria or any other country in the world and would like to buy a winch from Aicrane, simply fill in the contact form below or email us your specific requirements. After receiving your inquiry, we will arrange the staff in charge of your country’s business to contact you and provide suitable solutions and quotations according to your specific needs.

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