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35 Ton Electric Mooring Winch Shipped to Australia

Aicrane 35 ton electric mooring winch is about to be shipped to Australia. This single drum electric mooring winch will be installed on the customer’s boat for mooring. According to the parameters provided by the customer, we designed a customized solution for the customer to ensure that the configuration and parameters meet the customer’s requirements.

35 Ton Electric Mooring Winch to Australia
35 Ton Electric Mooring Winch Shipped to Australia

Details of The 35 Ton Electric Mooring Winch Australia

  • Receive the customer inquiry – we received the inquiry for a 35 ton mooring winch from an Australian customer on our website.
  • Confirm the demand with the customer – after receiving the customer’s inquiry, our sales manager immediately contacted the customer to confirm the parameters, including load capacity, drum capacity, speed, power source, etc.
  • Communicate with the customer and design solutions – in the process of communicating with the customer, the customer hoped we could provide any options that we might have, as well as the price of electric and hydraulic winches, so that he could compare the two types and make the best possible choice. We designed and modified the mooring winch scheme according to the different requirements of the customer to ensure that the customer requirements were fully met.
  • Further communication – during the process of communicating the winch design plan with the customer, we also let the customer know more about Aicrane company and factory in the form of video conference, so as to enhance mutual understanding and trust.
  • Receive the purchase order – after we confirmed all details of the 35 ton electric mooring winch design with the customer and ensured that the customer’s requirements were met, we finally received the customer’s purchase order.
  • Winch production and testing – during production, we regularly updated the production situation to the customer with pictures, so that the customer could keep abreast of the production progress. After the equipment was produced and assembled, it was tested to ensure that it could function properly.
  • Shipping and installation – now the mooring winch is about to be shipped to Australia, and we hope that the winch can be installed in Australia smoothly. During installation, the Aicrane after-sales service team is on call to guide the customer online.

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